WTF? I Guess I’m NOT The Brightest Crayon In The Box. Go figure.

(sob) Guess not.....

(sob) Guess not…..

Or my lightbulb is not screwed in all the way. I shoulda planned ahead

OK…OK…so I shoulda planned ahead

Or I’m nine cents short of a dime. Or my deck only contains 51 cards, etc, etc, etc, etc.


Now I’m assuming all this because I sent reporter Ann Werner a tweet on Twitter in response to a story she wrote for “Liberals Unite” about Bernie Sanders kicking Hillary’s butt (my choice of words) in a recent poll taken in New Hampshire.

BUT….omitted that in South Carolina it’s reversed. Hillary has a huge lead in the polls in that state. Which I thought was rather odd. I mean, if you’re gonna write a story about a huge lead Sanders has in New Hampshire, and people read it, many would naturally assume, “Hey, that’s it…..Sanders is kicking butt, wow, Hillary’s all done.”

Because we all know that if you have a lead in New Hampshire in the polls 14 months before election day you’re definitely gonna win………….in New Hampshire.

Maybe all the rest of the states too.

Not that couldn’t happen…but…..personally…I thinkith not.

Anyhow, polls (which to me only count on election day when voters vote) amount to squat.



Soooo, in all fairness I thought Ms. Werner should have mentioned the South Carolina poll. Just to balance things off and put things into perspective a bit. Like………ho hum. It’s 14 months till election day.

So, (silly me) I sent her this tweet:


MisfitWisdom   @MisfitWisdom
Sep 11
@MsWerner Shame you were selective when reporting Bernie was ahead in NH but failed to mention the S. Carolina polls where Hillary rules
 And, her reply………………………….
Ann Werner
Sep 11
@MisfitWisdom Or NH? I was merely writing about his pulling ahead where he had been behind.

Okaaaaay…..and with regard to you NOT mentioning South Carolina……

Again…my tweet…………….

MisfitWisdom   @MisfitWisdom
Sep 11
@MsWerner Shame you were selective when reporting Bernie was ahead in NH but failed to mention the S. Carolina polls where Hillary rules
 And her second reply………………….
Ann Werner
Sep 11
@MisfitWisdom What does SC have to do with Iowa? What shame? Grow up!

Did I miss something here? (Checking my tweet)

Nope….I never mentioned Iowa. BUT….I especially like the “grow up” comment considering I really didn’t think I was being snarky but just said it was a shame she failed to mention SC.

Do ya think SHE was being snarky because I (gasp) asked her a question?

After all, who TF am “I” to be questioning a prominent reporter.

Ya think?

Now, in all fairness to Ms Werner, I DO appreciate that she at least did respond to my tweet. And in all fairness, here is her article on Bernie Sanders which was on the website “LiberalsUnite.” Enjoy.

(Now you’ll have to excuse me….I need to grow up)ann7


Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead Of Clinton In Iowa


Bernie Sanders speaking at the Iowa State Fair, August 15, 2015.

“It was just a matter of time, and the time has arrived. Bernie Sanders is now neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in Iowa. A new Quinnipiac poll has Sanders leading the Democratic front-runner by one point.

Granted, one point is miniscule and well within the margin of error, but taken in the context of when Sanders declared his candidacy and that Clinton enjoyed a monstrous lead, it is nothing less than astonishing that in just a few short months, with a war chest that is less than one quarter of Clinton’s, Sanders has shown it isn’t about money, but about the change we have all been waiting for since Barack Obama told us that Hope Is On The Way. It is about a true revolution.

In an echo of the youth vote that helped put Obama over the top, Sanders earned a whopping 66 percent of the 18-34 crowd. Of that demographic, only 19 percent chose Clinton. Hillary is still leading Sanders with women by 14 points, but likely male Iowa caucus goers are in the Sanders camp, giving him a 21 point lead.

It isn’t that voters don’t like Hillary Clinton; it’s that they prefer Sanders’ message. Iowans have joined a growing number of people in the country responding to the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist’s call for universal healthcare, free public college education, a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall to break up the too-big-to-fail banks, no to job destroying trade deals, a definitive no on the Keystone XL Pipeline and a path to rescuing the middle class before it completely disappears. It should also be noted that Sanders is the only candidate to include the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in his campaign platform.

Although Hillary supporters don’t like to hear it, the flap over her emails on top of the unending Benghazi hearings is hurting her. The fact that she did nothing wrong in using her private email server, although she has admitted it was a poor choice; the fact that Benghazi was not her fault and was just another thing that happened in a long list of things of that sort that have happened over the past several decades, including quite a few during the presidency of George W. Bush, doesn’t matter. Those things, like Jessica Flowers, Vince Foster, Whitewater, Monica Lewinski and the cattle futures investment will always be there, and Republicans will pick at those bleached bones until the sun goes nova.

When Bernie Sanders says enough is enough, he means income inequality and the damage done to the working people in this country. He means the crazy decisions made by an activist Supreme Court that declared corporations are people and opened the floodgates for vast amounts of anonymous cash inserted into our political system – thereby giving an advantage to the super rich and giving the shaft to the middle class. But there is also a sense that the American people are sick and tired of the endless attacks and smears. Oh sure, Bernie will get plenty of flack from the GOP for being a socialist, and they will make no differentiation from Democratic socialism vs. hammer and sickle communism, or even fascism, which is an entirely different construct. Those on the GOP side can’t be bothered with the truth and are only interested in inflaming their base. But you know what? The American people, for the most part, know the difference. They aren’t as stupid as the GOP thinks they are. That is why, even with dark money in the hundreds of millions poured into the 2012 election, Barack Obama still won by a majority.

With the gradual but steady erosion of Clinton support, Democratic Party officials are looking at alternatives to a Clinton candidacy.

It is a shame that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are so incestuous that they can’t see the forest for the trees. On the GOP side, the monster they created by bowing to the Tea Party, Trumpenstein, is running the show. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is fast becoming a real threat and because he isn’t a registered Democrat, the Powers That Be in Democratic politics refuse to acknowledge him – despite the fact that in his state of Vermont, there is no party registration.

We’ve got a long way to go before the last primary ballot is cast, and it remains to be seen who will be the victor. My money is on the Senator from Vermont, who has high favorability, low negatives and a message that captures the hearts and imaginations of those who hear his message.”

Sorry if I offended you by wondering why you never mentioned the South Carolina poll showing Hillary ahead thereby giving your readers the view from both sides of the polls in both states.


Pay no attention to the dog Ann.

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2 Responses to WTF? I Guess I’m NOT The Brightest Crayon In The Box. Go figure.

  1. katydidknot says:

    I believe the media’s sudden fascination with sanders (after completely ignoring him during his rise) is sort of a “man bites dog” thing.

    “Hillary ahead in most states and in national polls is “Dog bites man.”
    “Socialist ahead of party favorite” is “Man bites dog.”

    But Werner probably could have said something closer to what i just said rather than have that little fit.

    • misfit120 says:

      I agree Katy. And, when she told me to “grow up” geez….Bernie is 74 and I’m 73……how much more do I have to grow up in order to comment on something she wrote. All I did was ask her why she never mentioned Hillary’s lead in SC and she goes into a tizzy about Iowa…….WTF!

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