It’s “Instrumental Freak Out Day.” (only old dinosaurs will get this one)

NOW THAT scares the hell outta me!!

NOW THAT scares the hell outta me!!

“The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.

There’s also a negative side.”

Hunter Thompson


Doing my best to die like a good dog. (WPRO Radio, Providence, R.I. 1969)

First, to set the tone for today’s blog, those great sounding radio jingles stations used to play to promote on air personalities and their stations………….

Every so often I go into a 50’s, 60’s and 70’s  musical time warp. All it takes is one person to set me off and SHAZAM! I’m back to old-time radio, (before FM) and writing a stupid blog on music.


My first encounter with that cruel and shallow money trench. (WRIB, Providence, R.I. 1963)

Now all this began when John Waggoner and I taped a TV show for a local cable channel promoting efforts to raise funds for a memorial for two pilots killed over our town in 1944. As well as my book “Forgotten” which will be released by Amazon sometime later this month. Here’s the video of the show should you wish to view it.

Sooooooo, Tom Santos, who does the show “Books and Things,” along with John and I after the taping were discussing oldies. There was….the ignition switch that got me on today’s blog. Specifically we were talking about instrumental oldies which all three of us were into.

Soooooooo. Here’s a collection of instrumental oldies you may have forgotten, or were just a gleam in your parents eyes to ever remember.

First, The Ventures and “Walk Don’t Run.”

No Walking Down The Street Singing, 'Doo-Wah-Ditty, Ditty-Dum, Ditty-Dum'!

Now being into oldie instrumentals, I personally collected a lot of them, and, some were big hits while others were, what we called in the broadcasting industry, “fillers.” Fillers were instrumental records that we used to lead up to the news on the hour. So, here are a few of those that were big hit records and others that are pretty obscure, but great songs.

“Gale Winds” by The Egyptian Combo

Great for playing during a hurricane I guess…….R&R3

I always loved this next one simply for the name of the song. “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman,” by Whistling Jack Smith,which never mentions Kiaser Bill, whoever he is, or Batman.

Now it takes a lot of gonads to go on TV doing that last song considering all Whistling Jack Smith does is whistle and dance around. Geesh.

Wow....look at the humps on that babe!

Wow….look at the humps on that babe!

If you recall the advent of satellites, you’ll no doubt recall this next instrumental, “Telstar” by the Tornadoes.

Now for another obscure one. “Stranger From Durango,” by Richie Allen.

All I can think of when I listen to that song is Clint Eastwood in one of those spaghetti westerns riding up on a horse verrrry slowly. “What, ya think I don’t have a fast horse…….do ya punk.”

Clint Meowwood

Clint Meowwood

As long as we’re on kind a of western kick, Duane Eddy had quite a few rockin’ guitar screeching’ records, but I particularly like this one which seems like it could be the music for an opening western movie. “Because They’re Young.”

My motto....

My motto….

The Royaltones were good at this one. “Flamingo Express.” Have no idea what this has to do with flamingos, but hey, it’s their song.

Perv flamingo

Perv flamingo

To honor hardworking bumble bees B. Bumble and The Stingers recorded this next one, “Bumble Boogie.” Gets those bees moving in your backyard when their collecting pollen.

You may recall that a lot of TV shows also used instrumentals when the shows first came on as the credits rolled over the screen. This one is by Henry Mancini from the TV series, “NBC’s Mystery Movie.”


Um…just one more thing………….

Even TV commercials led to some great hit instrumentals. Like this one that spawned from an Alka-Seltzer commercial by the T-Bones, “No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In.” 12

Remember hating organs when you were a kid. No you idiot, not sex organs, but the ones you had to endure on Sundays going to church. Gawd I hated those things. UNTIL….until Dave Baby Cortez, who most likey figured organs were getting a bad rap, cut this huge instrumental, “The Happy Organ.”

Had Dave Baby Cortez not found another church to play in we'd be listening to "The Happy Kazoo."

Had Dave Baby Cortez not found another church to play in we’d be listening to “The Happy Kazoo.”

Then there was another guy, Van Doren who went entirely berserk when he cut this instrumental, “Huntington Beach,” and then disappeared into oblivion never to be heard from again.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

If you were into playing cowboys and Indians, (no disrespect to any Indians) actual ones, not the Cleveland Indians, you might have liked this one by Jorgen Ingmann, “Apache.”

Great wasn’t it….Kemo Sabe.R&R17

And the last two are pretty well-known as both were gigantic hits. The first by Bill Doggett, “Honky Tonk.” Parts 1 and 2.

What happened to one of the Waltons

What happened to one of the Waltons

And of course “Topsy” Part 2 by Cozy Cole. (No relation to Nat King Cole, who I think never cut an instrumental)

The Owen Bradley Quintet had one of my favorite instrumentals called “Big Guitar.” I especially liked the sound of what, to me, sounds like a dog yelping midway through the song. Yes, I know it’s not a dog.

Then again, I could be wrong

Then again, I could be wrong

And FINALLY………….to end today’s blog, for those of you who own cute little furry kitty cats, Mongo Santamaria’s, “El Pussycat.” (equal time for cats)

Doesn't everyone have one of these.....

Doesn’t everyone have one of these…..

Soooo, that’s all folks……….back to reality…….damn!

Which includes watching

Neither is watching TV news

Just sayin.’


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