I’m (reluctantly) Going To Chime In On Religion. (anyone got a biggg bell)

Yeah, I know, I’m opening a can of worms……..

Controversial, yet tasty

Controversial, yet tasty

But…I’m a bit sick and tired, or tired and sick, (not sure which order that goes in) about religion being shoved down people’s throats in the name of God.

For instance, and I really love this guy from, of all places, Texas, Douglas Hamby, who posted this on his Facebook page. religious liberties cartoonI think Doug’s post (above) nails it.

Me, personally, sure, I believe in God, but, I’m not a radical nutcase over what I believe in or do not believe in. Would “I” try to shove MY religion or beliefs down anyone’s throat?


Um….with the exception of this blog, which, I’m not shoving down anyone’s throat, but attempting to make a point.

Which is……………….pay attention here fanatic religious people and politicians jumping on the Kim Davis bandwagon. (Huckabee, Paul, Walker, Cruz) to name a few.

AHEM…….RELIGION IS A PRIVATE ISSUE. IT’S MY CHOICE AND NOT MY JOB TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN MY CHOICE OR BELIEFS OR HOW I THINK YOU SHOULD BE LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“OMG…you’re gay!!! Oh…oh….ah think ahm havin’ a stroke…oh…oh…..Gawd help me in mah time of need.”

Foolishly, I am under the assumption that here in America we can worship any God we choose to worship, or, not worship any God at all. I could be mistaken, but, until thy haul my ass off to jail for not choosing a particular God, I’m sticking with my choice.

That said, which I just did, with regard to Kentucky Town Clerk Kim Davis, sure…..she has the right to worship whatever God she chooses to worship. BUT…….she crossed the line when she denied a gay couple a marriage license based on her religious beliefs. Shes a public servant for cripes sake!

Did God actually say never grant marriage licenses to gay couples?gawd1

Read my lips here. Or my computer keys. SHE’S A “TAXPAYER” FUNDED PUBLIC SERVANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What part of that do some of you not get?

You can’t pick and choose who YOU feel shouldn’t get a marriage license because YOU do not believe God would approve. WHAT! Did ya call God and ask him? Or, is it your belief.

What this boils down to simply is one person telling another person, or persons, how they should be running their lives. Back in the old days, because I’m old, we used to call them “busybodies.”

Today they’re called, “God’s Messengers.”

Guess what God’s Messengers. You and I and a verrrrry large percentage of people on the face of the Earth think if you’re getting messages from your God, we have messages from our God that sez keep your messages from your God to yourselves as we keep ours to ourselves and, if you’re a public servant, do your freakin’ job or resign and go stand on a damn street corner spreading your word.


Me thinkith that last guy may be right however

Yes, ya wanna spread the big guys word according to your beliefs, fine, go ahead. But don’t think everyone else is gonna join in. Do I believe the end is near, as many religious preachers and followers think?

Well, only this one……………….

Which I DID see outside of a WalMart today.....and I was a believer

Which I DID see outside of a WalMart today…..and I was a believer

Ya know, everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But NOT to the point of refusing someone, or anyone for that matter what a federal, state, or town law states is a legal right. PERIOD!  You don’t get to choose which laws YOU don’t like because your religion sez it’s bad. Soreeeee…………………it’s the (gasp) law. Follow it or, again, resign.

I hate wearing seatbelts. But it’s the law. Where the hell do ya think my ass would be if a cop stopped me and I said, “But officer, it’s against my religion to wear a seatbelt.”

Yep…….sitting next to a big 350 pound guy named Mongo in a jail cell.

“Hey Mongo, what you in for?”

“Me Mongo get fined fer talkin’ to God on cellphone while driving.”

“Ohhhhh. You some kinda ballistic religious person.”

“Um….no, but Mongo think if use God as an excuse for talkin’ on cell phone while driving me get off with warning.”mongo1

Soooo………….I disagree with a lot of laws. But, rather than have to go to jail or be fined, I obey them. Cept for jaywalking which I do on occasion just to be defiant. Um….only when no one’s looking.

Kim Davis, you need to chill out a bit my dear. So does your son who’s also in contempt. As God would say on judgement day………………………….gawd2

Damn…oops….sorry Kim……..just think of what you’re missing out on sitting there in that cold dark damp jail cell.

Re runs of Honey Boo Boo and all those Christian Mingle ads.

Um…..well, maybe not those ads. I think, (being married 4 times already) God may have sent her the wrong message. Which is also why her butt is in jail.

Just sayin.’

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4 Responses to I’m (reluctantly) Going To Chime In On Religion. (anyone got a biggg bell)

  1. garym6059 says:

    This women is an idiot, the back story on her makes it even more hysterical. Seriously though that is how a majority of people think in that ass backward state.

  2. katydidknot says:

    I wish she hadn’t gone to jail. Now we have to hear ted Cruz say that people in this country are being jailed for practicing their faith.

    But Ms. Davis did not leave the judge much choice. He said she could stay out if the OTHER people in her office could issue the licenses, and she said she wouldn’t allow that to happen.

    It’s one thing to work at a grocery store and ask for an acommodation so you don’t have to touch pork. It’s another thing not to let anyone else touch pork, either.


    • misfit120 says:

      Well Katy, those two guys who were denied a license stated they also did not want her to be jailed, but the judge made that ruling himself. That said, just watch how politicians jump on the bandwagon and will seal their fate when it comes to EVER standing a chance of being elected president. I’ve always said religion and politics do not mix. Not EVERYONE is religious and everyone has their own God and beliefs. It should be a personal and private thing.

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