NESN: Otherwise Known As “New England Stupid Network.”

Don Orsillo

Don Orsillo

NESN….Once again, “New England Stupid Network.”

NESN had decided to let announcer Don Orsillo go at the end of the season. This is an example of what happens when new management takes over at NESN and they think they need to make changes.

HEY NESN MANAGEMENT…..YOU’RE A BUNCH OF FREAKIN’ IDIOTS!!!!! As someone on Twitter so aptly put it…..”YOU SUCK.”

I’ll go a step further…………

Shove it NESN

Shove it NESN

I’ll echo what a lot of sport writers are saying today after the announcement that NESN will not renew Don Orsillo’s contract. “WHADDYA F**KING nuts!!!!!”

My sentiment, expressed rather graphically considering those sports writers have to use a bit of restraint, considering the politically correct crowd who scan each and every daily newspaper for something they can bitch about might go bonkers should any sports writer use an obscene word.

Hey politically correct idiots, this is a blog….so screw all of you idiots.

NESN management brainiacs are a bunch of a**holes. Specifically the new head of NESN who obviously has HIS head stuck up where the sun doesn’t shine. What a freakin’ idiot.head up butt

NESN management obviously has no clue as to why loyal RED SOX fans continue to watch the team even though they are in last place.

It’s NOT because we love to watch a bunch of bumbling fools attempt to play baseball. It’s NOT because we think they’re gonna all of a sudden make a miraculous comeback and take over first place in the standings.

And it’s NOT because everything else on cable TV sucks.

It’s because the duo of Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are a show in itself. Get that NESN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don and Jerry

Don and Jerry

They entertain us with their banter back and forth during the game and prevent us from crying as we see our team lose yet another close game or get our assses kicked by the dreaded evil empire…the (gasp) Yankees.

Hey! Would ya break up this duo too?

Hey! Would ya break up this duo too?

Can any of you remember the famous pizza incident? When the guy in the stands gets pissed off and throws a pizza at another fan and Don and Jerry give us a play- by-play description of that encounter.

Or Don flailing like a pussy in an attempt to avoid a baseball that’s heading for the announcer’s booth.

Or, and I swear the entire camera crew does this, when the camera’s zoom in on some hot babe in the stands and Jerry sez, “Hey, how ya doin.'”

Or just the way Don and Jerry could actually be Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, Stiller and Meara, Rowan and Martin, etc, etc, etc. Can ya imagine braking those duos up? Can ya punk.

Punk being the NESN CEO.

Oh yeah…. Red Sox management are just as freakin’ brain dead. They own a sizable percentage of NESN and apparently are going along with this decision to dump Orsillo.

Ok….shall we give the bird (literally) to them as well…..


Suck my beak Red Sox management

Now I’m NOT going to go on and on and on about NESN’s stupid decision to alienate every single viewer in New England. It’s useless trying to make a point with idiots. I know that from sending e-mails to NESN to which they never respond.

Why they have a place to contact them on their site is beyond me.

But, in conclusion, I’ve dealt with management people all my life while I was in broadcasting, and, as any radio or TV personality will attest to, THEY, (management) always know what’s good for business. Don’t they?

Which is one of the main reasons I bailed out of the business. Too many assholes…….and boy could I name a gazillion of them.

And this week top NESN management proves yet another point when they decided not to renew Don Orsillio’s contract.

That not only cockroaches will be on Earth till the end of time, but so will assholes.

Aren’t they the same?


NESN Management considers changing their names for a better public perception of them

I restith my case.

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