You Know Things Are Bad In America When Some Jerk Kills A Robot


WAIT! They only used one piano key on some 50’s oldies…..kid…ya got a future.

OMFG…….look ma…..a dead robot!

(Caution) The following photo contains a graphic image which may not be suitable for viewing by little children, animals, or anyone who is in an intimate relationship with a robot.

The dismembered body of "hitchBOT" the robot

The dismembered body of “hitchBOT” the robot

Terrible isn’t it.

An innocent robot tours the world only to meet his demise in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

(note to self) If I’m ever looking for a hug, do not visit Philadelphia.

You would think that if someone hated robots that much they would have attacked Mitt Romney or something. After all, he did kinda remind me of a robot and he did make that statement in defense of robots when he said, “Robots are people too.”romney robot

I’m tellin’ ya, if I were looking for the dastardly criminal type person who committed this despicable crime I’d be lookin’ for someone carrying a lethal can opener. Which we all know is the weapon of choice for robot killers.

Now surprisingly, the relatives of hitchBOT say they have no interest in pressing charges.

Obviously they are overcome with grief and are not thinking logically at this time.

If it were me and a family member had been assaulted, murdered and dismembered, I’d be sure as hell be pressing charges.

But, that’s just me. And only because I once had a deep relationship with a “Cootie” toy I got one Christmas and it met its ultimate demise when my uncle Giovanni accidentally sat on it and crushed it to smithereens.cootie

Gawd I miss that Cootie…….(sob)

In a statement issued to the media, the parents of hitchBOT said, “We have no interest in pressing charges or finding the people who vandalized hitchBOT; we wish to remember the good times, and we encourage hitchBOT’s friends and fans to do the same.”

Hmmmm. Very unemotional if ya ask me.

Anyone check to see if there was a sizable insurance policy on hitchBOT? Maybeeeee THAT’S why they’re not too upset.

BUT….if the family doesn’t care, who am I to question them. WTF is one dead dismembered robot.

Besides, I guess they could always build another one and send it out to tour the world…..excluding Philadelphia of course.

And, maybe this time arm the robot with a Uzi or something.

Or… least give it its own lethal can opener.


Hey! Ya want a piece of me? Do ya punk!

Or, better yet, send out a female hitchBOT to tour the world, (including Philadelphia) with interchangeable parts that will appeal to even the most hardened criminal.

What red-blooded criminal would EVER harm a female robot and pass up an opportunity for some really heavy metal sex………literally.

Heyyyy baybeee. Want a piece, or um, part of me, or whatever...your choice honeeeee.

Heyyyy baybeee. Want a piece, or um, part of me, or whatever…your choice honeeeee.

Just sayin.’

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