My Philosophy. If It Doesn’t Affect Me Personally, I Don’t Give A Rats Ass

Yes, in the scope (not the mouthwash) of life, if something in the news doesn’t affect me personally, yep……I don’t give a very big rats ass. Even a small rats ass.

rats ass

Now you may be saying to yourself, WTF! Is this guy totally insensitive?

Well, the answer would be a big resounding NO!

So let me clarify my statement. I care about people in need. Charitable causes. Animals, and all that sort of stuff. What I’m talking about is things like this big flap over Planned Parenthood.

Yes…I realize that there are people who are going totally ballistic over “claims” that PP is selling baby parts etc, etc, etc. And pro-life activists are seizing this opportunity to push for defunding PP. Let’s see where that goes.PP3

But does it affect ME? No. Do I give a rats ass what the hell PP is doing. NO! You wanna get all bent outta shape and spend your life on these righteous causes. Good luck pal.

Let’s put this in perspective. I think the late George Carlin put it very well. And……if the shoe fits….wear it.

But like I said. I don’t give a flying f**k who does what to their bodies or attempt to tell other people what to do with their bodies. And I sure as hell know a bigggggggggggggg political football when I see it.

Ya know what! I care about what affects ME and MY life personally. And I care so much about MY life that I spend considerable time worrying about MY life rather than WTF other people are doing with their lives. As long as it….and I will repeat this…………….as long as it DOESN’T AFFECT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which basically means the rest of you who care what other people do if it doesn’t affect your lives, are a bunch of busy bodies who have nothing better to do than worry about WTF everyone else is doing. Get a freakin’ life for cripes sake!nosy1

Now here are some examples of news (and I use the term “news” loosely) that were on the Internet today. Should I care about……………..

“Yes, I said it: Donald Trump supporters are living in a childlike fantasy land”trump1

Yep….biggggg news. Do I care. f**k no!

“Rolling Stone trolls Mike Huckabee: GOP candidate admits he won’t rule out sending in federal troops to stop abortions” huck1

Well, they’re aren’t any abortions going on in my town, and if there were, none of my damn business, so do I give a rats ass what the hell lame brained idea Mike F**kabee comes up with? NO! Besides…….ya really think this would ever happen. If ya do, seek help immediately.

“Obamacare is (still) working: California puts the lie to right-wing horror stories” obamacare1

Ok….this doesn’t affect my life either. I have coverage. It works. And I’m content. The only lives this affects are the people who detest Obamacare because it’s “Obamacare.” Period.

Now to give you an example of what I DO care about, but, still, doesn’t personally affect my life, but only makes me wonder how people who kill innocent animals live with themselves, is this headline:

“Cecil the Lion’s Brother, Jericho, Shot and Killed, Says Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force”cecil2

Yes, I know there are reasons to humanely kill animals for food. I DO understand that. But for sport! My thinking is that if you love to kill animals for sport, then you could also be capable of killing a person. Just sayin.’

And one last one to sum all this up. I am classifying this one as, “OMFG I Have Nothing Better To Do With My Life Other Than Worry About How Other People Live Their Lives.”anti-gay-billboard

(quote from the story) “Some people just can’t let sleeping dogs lie. Or in the case marrying same-sex couples. One couple – the very straight and very Christian Oklahoma couple Betty and Dick Odgaard – are so offended and bothered by the prospect of same-sex marriages that they not only shut down their one-stop wedding venue, but they are planning to put up 1,000 antigay billboards.”


So what DOES affect ME personally. Unlike things that do not affect me personally.

THIS is what you do gooders should be worrying about:

“The Biggest Computer Hack Attacks of the Last 5 Years”hackers

Yeah…I worry about that because my secret recipe for Italian meatballs could be compromised.

And THIS next one is NOT what you should be worrying about, but paying more attention to if only to get your hands on one, go out tooling down the highway, and REALLY not giving a rats ass WTF anyone else is doing or saying…..

“Dodge’s most extreme Viper, the 2016 ACR, is here”

I rest my case...

I rest my case…

In conclusion, if half of you worryworts spent as much time concerning yourselves with things that YOU CAN do something about that is worthwhile and isn’t about trying to run other people’s lives and the decisions they make, the world would be a much better place.

Example. (humbly) Many of you know I spent 8 months writing my book “Forgotten” about two WWII pilots who were killed over my town in 1944. Both young, 20 and 22. Their lives ended in an instant. And for 70 years, and I have to use my favorite term again, no one gave a rats ass. UNTIL……until our local VFW erected a temporary memorial plaque in their honor and are now trying to raise funds to build a permanent memorial.

My part. I wrote the book to tell the story of these two pilots. For profit? NO! I wanted to learn about who they were, their lives, dreams and who they left behind.

Now I’m not a Donald Trump here. I have limited funds available to me to publish this book. So I’ve created a “gofundme” account to ask for donations so the book can be published. Do people care? Well, two people do. That’s the number of people who have donated. Sad isn’t it. We worry and stick our noses into everyone’s problems, such as the stories above, but for something we CAN do something about we don’t.

No, for the record, I will not make a profit from this book as all donations FIRST go to getting it published. All sales derived from the book will go directly to the VFW until they reach their goal and have enough funds to erect that permanent memorial. Once that memorial is erected and people still buy my book, then and only then will I make a profit.

So, there ya have it. My rant for today.

Beats the f**k outta me

Beats the f**k outta me

Go ahead and worry about things you can’t do anything about whether it be Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, Clinton, Huckabee, Trump, whatever, and spew your hatred and disgust all over the Internet. If that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and THAT’S what your life is all about……good luck being uptight all the time.

Me……….I don’t give a rats ass. But I DO give a rats ass about what I can do and accomplish without worrying about what everyone else in the world is doing with their lives.

Doesn’t affect me. Can’t change it. Don’t care.

Just sayin.’

DONATE to the Misfit Wisdom memorial book “Forgotten” for two WWII pilots who were killed in 1944. This book honors their sacrifice and tells their story: Here is the PayPal donation link:

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Former disc jockey, (Dick Jones) 30 years, and author of, "I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love & Life Got In The Way" available at books, & Kindle, "The Covert Chamber" a mystery novel available at and Barnes & Noble, and "Forgotten" the story of two WWI pilots who were forgotten for over 70 years available on and Kindle
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4 Responses to My Philosophy. If It Doesn’t Affect Me Personally, I Don’t Give A Rats Ass

  1. katydidknot says:

    There are a lot of people in the world doing things I don’t know anything about, and a lot of those things are things I might not approve of.

    It’s maddening.

    • misfit120 says:

      True Katy. But, speaking as a person who grew up prior to the Internet and did not have 24/7/365 access to Internet trolls or an array of news channels, I was quite content. The problem today is that everyone, (with or without a brain) has the ability to create hate and discontent on the Web and fire up people who have nothing better to do than worry about what other people are doing. I worry about me and it seemed to work out fine for the first 50 years of my life. As I said, if it doesn’t affect me directly, I’m not gonna get all bent outta shape over it. I only concern myself with the things that do affect me personally or that I can do something about, such as making a difference in helping someone or a charity. Works for me…..and I very seldom get uptight. With the exception of those blogs that I write on occasion about customer service, or my town officials.

      • katydidknot says:

        Defionitely. I kid (I am terminally sarcastic in my comments), but the fact is, I believe that these stories are just like soap operas to a lot of people. POlitics definitely is.

        When it comes right down to it, I’m in a conservative state and yet most people I know don’t care at all about, say, who is gay. Nobody is going to treat me any differently. It’s only some weird people on the internet and a few state legislators who really concern themselves with what everybody else is doing.

        I hope.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Yeah, I hear ya Katy. I for one have always been of the mind set that whatever one chooses in their life, it’s “their” decision and not mine to question or challenge. A touchy subject, “abortion” for instance. Who am I to tell a woman WTF she can do with her body. Yet the bandwagon rolls on in the name of saving unborn children even to the point of killing a doctor who perform abortions.Does that make sense? If you have a cause or concern and it affects YOUR LIFE personally, then take action respectively. On the other side of the coin, if it’s NOT your life and YOUR life goes on regardless of what some woman chooses to do with her body, why should you try and dictate her action or anyone elses for that matter. For every cause there are nut jobs and for every cause that makes the news……if there is a political gain to be achieved……..politicians jump on the ol bandwagon. I’m not nor will I EVER be a politically correct person. And…..I’m perfectly happy and content. I think you are as well.

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