Do You Remember What News Was Like Before Fox News?

To set the tone for today’s blog, jussssssssssssst in case you Fox New addicts care to bail out…….fox toilet

Soooo, another bigggggg news story about how Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. OMFG!

But, I’m NOT gonna debate all this broo ha ha over edited videos, false statements, he said she said and Fox News slants on this story. You sort it all out if you’re smart enough to actually do some factual research on this story.

Which is doubtful, considering, as I like to say, “facts” tend to cloud up the issues.

That said, which I just did, can any of you remember the good old days when news was actually news and we actually (gasp) trusted news commentators to tell it like it was. What a freakin’ concept.

Imagine. Actually reporting the truth in the news.

BUT……along came Fox News and political agendas and that all went down the ol tubes.

Now, it’s anything goes for the sake of who you can get to believe what you’re reporting and who will buy into you’re bullshit.

BUT (again) there WERE “so-called” news outlets that preceded Fox News waaaaaaaaaaay back when we were all so naive and innocent, but smart enough not to believe everything we read. Well….at least some of us.

Here’s some examples of stories we laughed at, (cept for the brain-dead zombies) and what perhaps led up to what Fox News does today.


Husband immediately kills her

Now if MY wife gave birth to ANYTHING at age 70 I’d be screaming out what Redd Fox used to yell out: “Elizabeth, ahm comin’ to join ya…I’m havin’ the big one!!!!”redd foxx
Now you all know as well as I do that if this next headline were broadcast by Fox News sure as hell a lot of people would actually believe it. Because, as we all know, if it’s on Fox News, it’s gotta be the truth.


And the birthers would say it was Obama


OK…..This next one says Abraham Lincoln was a woman.

Yeah, right, if Abraham Lincoln was a woman Caitlyn Jenner used to be a guy.

Um….wait….Caitlyn Jenner was a guy.

Ok…..I’ll cut this one some slack here.


Abby Lincoln

This next one is kind of believable. Only because I’ve met a few women who wore wigs and I think it is possible to sneeze and blow their hair off.

Might have to contact Dolly Parton and see if that EVER happened to her.



Now if Fox News reported this story today it could be a bit deceiving. Considering the Yankees and Mets are from New York, so what are the odds of a “bat boy” being sighted in a NYC subway. Might cut Fox some slack on this one too.


Actually I’m a bat boy for the Red Sox

This next one most likely is an optical illusion. I figure the person was lying on the beach next to a dead fish and the top of the person’s body is obscured by the fish. But, for the sake of a really good sensational story, WTF, go with the half-human half-fish angle. Hey…sells newspapers.


Sounds kinda fishy to me

And lastly, if Fox News reported this story I’d have to believe it.

Only because I own, or they own me, three cats and at times I actually feel they could kill me. Ever try to pick up a cat that has bigggggg claws and they don’t wanna be picked up.


I’m innocent I tell ya….innocent!!!!

So, in conclusion, when ya watch Fox News, think of days gone by eons ago when those newspapers tried to get us all fired up with the headlines I just posted. And before ya go ballistic, go,on social media sites and go berserk, might wanna do some fact checking.

I know that’s a unusual concept to consider, but give it a shot. Otherwise you tend to look like….um….er…….(thinking)

Oh yeah……………………

Why there are so many....

Why there are so many….

Just sayin.’

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