Damn! I Got Infected By Yet Another Musical *Ear Worm

“Ear Worm” – A song that gets stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of it.earworm3

I have no freakin’ idea why certain songs get stuck in my head. Now here’s how it happens.

The only time I EVER listen to music is in my truck when I’m driving, which sometimes is very difficult considering my other half never sez a word to me until I turn on the CD and attempt to listen to some songs.

Yep…..complete silence until I hit that play button.

Like this………

“Hey….did ya hear what I said??


“I SAID, did you hear what I just said to you.”

“Um, wait a sec and let me turn off my CD. Ok, now what is it that you said?’

“I SAID, isn’t it funny how those ferns grow out of rocks on that hill over there and you can’t get grass to grow in our yard.”

“Um…THAT’S what you wanted me to hear?”

“Well, I was just making conversation and you had that damn CD blasting.”

“I HAD that damn CD blasting because you weren’t saying anything so I figured I listen to some of my oldies.”

“FINE……….turn the damn thing back up.”

(NOTE) It is a proven scientific fact that if you drive any distance with a woman in a car she will not say a word the entire trip until you attempt to play a music CD.

So, anyhow, I proceed to listen to some of my favorite oldies that I personally recorded from my vast collection on 45’s which I transferred to CD so that I could listen to them in the truck, between those important comments made by my other half.

Now each CD contains 20 songs. Most of which I put on each CD because I sold all of my 45’s some years ago because I had no need for them once I transferred them to CD.

However, some songs I really didn’t want on CD, BUT, put them on just to save them because I wanted my entire collection to be saved on CD.

Henceforth and forsooth some songs I really don’t like, but saved them anyhow.

Sooooo, what happens? Yep, one of those songs pops up that I’m not too crazy about and THAT SONG is the freakin’ one that gets stuck in my head for days on end……otherwise known as an ear worm.


Example of a verrrry contagious ear worm song

So, I figure it this way. If “I” get stuck with THIS ear worm song, I’m gonna try to make the rest of you suffer as well by loading it up in this blog and see if it gets stuck in your head.

Warning. This song is a simple catchy tune, BUT, it is completely possible that you too may become infected. You have been warned.


So, if you think you can listen to it without becoming infected, go ahead, listen to it. But don’t blame me if it gets stuck in your brain for the next week or so.

So here ya go……do you feel safe….do ya punk?

In the meantime, I have surgery scheduled to try to get this one that’s locked into my head removed.

Gawd knows what ear worm song I’ll become infected with next.


Thank GHawd Doc....that damn Eddie Hodges song was drivin' me nuts!

“Thank Gawd Doc….that damn Eddie Hodges song was drivin’ me nuts!”

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6 Responses to Damn! I Got Infected By Yet Another Musical *Ear Worm

  1. santostom says:

    Thank you Misfit, my mind was clear (knock knock) now I have this stupid song playing. By the way, what’s a 45? I am not old enough to remember that. Also was this Eddie Hodges song a hit? Or just something you got out of an old bin? I’ll bet you are an old person.

    • misfit120 says:

      From one dinosaur to another, I’m surprised that “YOU” of all people do not know that Eddie Hodges song reached # 12 on the charts in July 1961 and stayed on the charts for 12 weeks. I’m now glad you’re infected with an ear worm.

  2. misfit120 says:

    (digging out hex doll of Santos and inserting pins)

  3. katydidknot says:

    I just inherited a (fully operational) record player from my great grandmother that can play records at 33, 45, 78, and 16(?). This is great news, because I’ve always wanted to know what Led Zeppelin IV sounded like when played at 16.

    Sponge Bob Square Pants had an encounter wiyh an ear worm once. I wish I remembered how that episode ended – I might be able to give everybody some tips on how to fight them.

    • misfit120 says:

      There once was a 78RPM record by two guys who called themselves “Buchanan and Goodman” and they did a lot of comedy records using cut ins from 45’s. On one record they had a song called “Crazy,” which was released at 78RPM speed but was recorded at 45rpm. Drove me nuts. But, it actually sounded better as a 78. Anyhow, good luck with that Led Zeppelin test. Then again, depends what you were on when you listened to it at 16. As I recall, when I was a DJ in my 20’s things sounded great, but I smoked weed then too, and now years later, they sound not so great. Go figure.

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