*Considering That……………………..(part 2)



*Considering that its been over a week since I grovelled for donations so that I could make it possible to publish my book, (Forgotten”) on those two pilots who were killed in my town back in 1944, and have received two donations, both through through my PayPal account…..I’m reposting this blog once again from July 19th.

From this point on, should you care to donate to help make this book a reality, while at the same time helping to fund a permanent memorial to these two pilots, I’ll simply post the PayPal link at the end of each blog.

So, here’s the original blog.

My first option was to sell my body. However, at my age, that shouldn’t have even been an option considered. (sigh)

Exactly my point

Exactly my point

My second option was to stand on a street corner with a sign begging for donations. However, there were no available street corners in my town that were available due to the various hot dog vendors, homeless people, Girl Scout’s hawking their cookies and one old guy with a dog asking for donations. And…..one hooker jumping from corner to corner which pissed me off. Hooker street corner hog.

Then I thought about calling one of my credit card companies begging them to extend my credit. So I called, and by the time the guy got through laughing, I figured that was a clue that they weren’t gonna extend me any more credit. Bastards.fund9

I then considered making my own donation jars and placing them in stores. Cept I only go to two stores so what are the freakin’ odds of making enough cash to publish a book. HEY! I live in a damn rural area where if ya plug in your electric razor all the lights in town dim.

Now you all know I also posted those newspaper articles that my local newspapers published on the crash site, our trek up to the crash site, us fighting off gnats and my encounter with a damn snake. Yep….posted them on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, The Publishers Clearing House site, and on that Christian Mingles dating site.

No….I don’t belong to that Christian Mingles site, but I figured, what the hell, Christians are a giving people and if any of them couldn’t find their matches, and are sitting home alone with pockets full of money that they would have spent on a date, had they found one, what the hell, send some my way.

That didn’t work either. Must be a lot of Christian’s out there who found their matches. Or, not being able to find their match, subscribed to Playboy Magazine….if ya catch my drift.fund2

Then I started to get desperate.

Hmmm. How about I rent my cats out to people who have no cats. Then I realized that the world is inundated with cats, so why in the hell would anyone want to rent one.

Then I thought about saving up enough from my next SS check and going to the casino and playing a progressive slot machine and winning gazillions and that would solve all of my problems. However, considering I’m only able to save twenty bucks out of my check every month, I figure the odds of hitting a machine are zilch.

So there were not too many options left for me to consider.

Other than bank robbery, and that was out because my truck is old and can barely get out of its own way. Besides, it’s a stick shift and by the time I get through all the 5 gears a police cruiser, or several, would have nailed me before I ever got out of the bank parking lot.

Might make for a nice YouTube video however.

This guy beat me to THIS idea.....

This guy beat me to THIS idea…..

Oh yeah, I DID call my bank and whined to them about needing funds for my book and I swear they sounded like the same guy at the credit card company. Don’t ya just hate it when ya ask a serious question and people laugh at ya.fund10

I also considered holding myself hostage until enough funds were received, but, the last time I attempted that tactic, I let myself go because my other half bought a box of chocolate covered donuts and didn’t wanna miss out on those.

So, I said to myself today, “Self, post one more blog on my fund-raising efforts and perhaps THIS TIME people may come through. Hey….nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Not that I’ve EVER ventured and gained anything.

Including this tactic....

Including this tactic….

So, today is my last on-line blog plea asking for donations to publish my book on the lives of the two pilots killed in that air crash in 1944. All donations can be made by accessing the “PayPal” link at the bottom of this page. ALL donations will be put towards publishing this book and ALL proceeds above what it costs me to publish, will be donated to the memorial fund to erect a permanent monument to those two pilots.

Anyone donating will have their names printed in the book as having made publication possible.

Should the memorial fund goal not be met after my book has been published, all proceeds from my book will be donated to the memorial fund as well until the monument is erected.

So that’s it for today’s grovelling folks.

Cept for the grovelling I do on a constant basis at home for you know what.


Sorry, I’m you’re typical male slug. (sigh)

The donate link to PayPal for donations is :https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QQST38XT3YK78

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