SOB…..TV Land Will Never Be The Same. No More Dukes Of Hazzard.


TV Land, the network that gives you stuff from TV land that you’ve seen a gazillion times over but watch it because you like watching stuff you’ve already seen a gazillion times over, and can’t get enough of watching things a gazillion times over, and because the rest of TV programming sucks big time, decided for us TV addicted people that the “Dukes of  Hazzard” should not be watched a gazillion times over by everyone in the Yew United States because….(gasp) that “General Lee” car is verrrrry offensive.flag8

YES! The car…(gasp) bears the (gasp) Confederate flag on its roof and as we all have learned the past week or so the flag is bad, bad, bad, and therefore and forsooth should be banned as well. And if it’s on a car, like the (gasp) General Lee, even more reason to ban it.

Um….the flag as well as the car AND the TV show reruns of  The Dukes of Hazzard.

Maybe even General Lee himself.flag2

But let’s take a long look at this. Eons, if not more and more eons TV Land has aired the Dukes of Hazzard. Did it bother them that the Confederate flag was on top of the General Lee THEN? Nope.flag10

So now that idiot kid who took the lives of innocent people was seen in a photograph with the Confederate flag, all of a sudden….SHAZAM! Ban the flag. Yes….the giant crusade to ban the flag has gone ballistic.

Why….well not only because he was pictured with the flag, which, as we all know, may have caused him to commit that horrible crime, (so say those who are hell-bent on banning the flag) but because it’s the “politically correct” thing to do.

You find something that YOU think makes sense, like blaming a flag, and run with it. Yep….the flag was the reason that idiot committed that horrible crime.

Not because he was already filled with hatred and was most likely unbalanced or something else may have influenced him, but only because of the flag.

Hey, perfect opportunity to finally once and for all get rid of that flag before it contributes to more crimes.

Or another TV show with THAT horrible disgusting flag.

Oh yeah, by the way, that photo also show the kid with some plants. Shouldn’t we be inquiring as to what kind of plants those were and banning those as well. Suppose one of them was a Venus Flytrap. You know what those plants are capable of.flag4

Now I completely understand how that flag is linked to racism. I also completely understand that young Confederate soldiers died for that flag whether or not they believed in “racism” or simply because that’s what they were told to fight for.

Maybe a lot of them didn’t have a choice. But either way, they still fought and died for what they believed in. Many of them are buried at Arlington National Cemetary. Should we move them out because they fought and died in the name of that flag?

History is history.You can’t erase the past. As many would love to do.

So is the flag to blame for that horrible crime? NO! The kid is.

Cripes, I’m not alone on this issue. Agree or disagree with my stand. Or agree or disagree with the CNN poll that found 57% of Americans feel the flag is a symbol of southern pride, while 33% feel it is a symbol of racism. Pick your side folks.

But consider this before you think TV Land was correct in dumping the Dukes.

There are over 250 Confederate soldiers buried in a special section of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia which originally was the place where Confederate General Robert E. Lee resided. The government confiscated his estate and created the cemetery.

Confederate Memorial Day 2014 at Arlington national Cemetery

Confederate Memorial Day 2014 at Arlington National Cemetery

There are 2 Italian POW’s buried there along with 1 German POW and 60 foreign nationals who were allies.

Confederate graves at Arlington

Confederate graves at Arlington

Erase history? Deny those who gave their lives for what THEY believed in by banning the Confederate flag? IT’S A FLAG FOR CRIPES SAKE!

I’d be willing to guarantee you that there are collector stores where you can buy a damn Nazi flag. Now THERE’S one that should be destroyed. Yet we make movies like “Inglorious Bastards, ” “The Monuments Men” and Hollywood profits over THAT history.

But TV Land……..oh yeah….a feather in their cap for banning the Dukes of Hazzard. Gimmie a break.  REALLY! Over a flag on a car named the General Lee.? Really!

Ok…ya wanna take it down from the State house. Fine.

But would you deny the relatives at Arlington the right to place the Confederate flag on their ancestors who fought for…….WHAT “THEY” BELIEVED IN?



In conclusion…..look at this idiots photo. Look reallllll close.


Dylann Roof

Shall we identify those plants that surround them and say they are a symbol of his hatred?

Ok……that’s it….I’m officially cancelling my subscription to “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.

Hey…if it’s good for TV Land, it’s good for me too.

Just sayin.’

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14 Responses to SOB…..TV Land Will Never Be The Same. No More Dukes Of Hazzard.

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    Reblogged this on ButchCountry67 and commented:
    Everyone has lost their ever lovin’ minds over a damn flag! leave it be, good or bad, it is a part of your history, …. it’s perfectly acceptable to arm yourselves to the teeth with high powered assault rifles,…. but god forbid you dare own a damn flag! ….. makes perfect sense! jeezus H Keyrist on a pogo stick, y’all really are insane!

  2. garym6059 says:

    Don’t be planting any seeds with Venus Fly Trap! I could watch WKRP in Cincinnati reruns until the cows come home! Spot on with everything else, county is gone to hell.

    • misfit120 says:

      Gary…….be verrrry careful. The next thing ya know Venus Fly Traps will be demanding the show is biased against Venus Fly Traps and TV Land will ban it. Thnx for the comment

  3. Actually out of the things he is holding in the picture, I think the gun may have gotten my attention as the problem just a little wee bit more than the flag.

    • misfit120 says:

      Correct….but do ya see these politically correct idiots like WalMart rushing out to ban guns in their stores. Or Congress screaming we should ban guns. Nooooooooo….it’s the flag that’s to blame. Not the freakin’ gun. Gawd bless the wonderful NRA. I believe Americans have the right to arm bears, um, bear arms, whatever, but at least be man enough to admit the GUN was the reason those people lost their lives and not the flag. Like I said, suppose he were holding a Venus Flytrap plant. OMFG! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Maybe they should worry more about how a kid was able to get a gun and leave the house with it to take it to school or even pose for this picture with it…than how the flag may have been an evil influence. And yes….I think some of those plants might be satanic or something ….they must be whispering evil things to him backwards, like those rock albums that we listened to as kids …LOL

  5. misfit120 says:

    Yes…….those rock albums surely made ME evil. Considering my era was Little Richard, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and the evil evil Chuck berry.

  6. I care nothing much for the flag’s symbolism of the south. To me, it is ugly and needs to be kept in the Smithsonian somewhere along with the rest of the Civil War and pre-Civil War memorabilia. I have family that lives in the South (LA, TX, GA, SC, etc.) and there are plenty of other things that remind me of the South itself- the food, the hospitality and the culture itself that says, “Yes, I’m here.”
    To me, a modern woman- a modern African American Woman, the confederate flag is kind of a reminder of evil. For most of the powerfully negative things that occurred- especially around the time leading up to the Civil War, happened in the presence of this flag. It’s how it became symbolic of those events. A lot of black men who died unjustifiably saw that flag as they took their last breath. To the point where that flag invoked fear within the whole race.
    To me the marking of the graves sites of Confederate soldiers is just that: they were Confederate soldiers, no denying that.
    Fast forward to Hollywood.
    The Dukes of Hazzard is a show that represents rebellion within the Confederate Flag. In many cases they stood up against bad guys and foiled the plans of many who were intending to do wrong. They were the good guys. Perhaps there is some symbolism within that show that I will attempt to look up to verify. Why they would pull the plug on that which is in good cause is beyond me… I guess I could be put in the ‘mixed feelings’ category. LOL.

  7. adamjasonp says:

    Of course Roof—who is in his early twenties (not a child)—is the one directly responsible for those deaths.

    I’ve ONLY called for the flag to be taken down from the State house/capitol, as it’s not representative of the current day states. …And I’ve only called for it on twitter.

  8. Red-panda says:

    I think the confederite flag shouldent be banned because its not racist to anyone

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