The “Going Bra-Less Movement.” FINALLY!!!!! A Cause Worth Joining.

Now here’s my kinda movement. Whatever political party or candidate steps forward to promote THIS cause, I’m voting for him….or her.

It’s “The Going Bra-Less Movement.” Or, as reporter Emily Shire from the “Daily Beast” entitled it in her recent article,

“Cast Off That Double-D Cup: Why Going Bra-Less Feels So Good”

Emily Shire. Unfortunately with an "above the boob line" photo

Emily Shire. Unfortunately with an “above the boob line” photo

Emily’s article opens with, “Suddenly going without a bra and risking a nip-slip or a side-boob is socially acceptable. But it shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for only those with small boobs.”

Um….Emily, ya had us men at “nip-slip” and “side-boob.”

She goes on to say that it was “nothing short of vindication when I saw a photo of Colbie Smulders, (How I Met Your Mother) strolling through New York City sans bra. Here was a fellow bra-less warrior in arms, I thought, who was giving a good face, and even better tatas, to the good fight.”

As a public service I searched the wonderful world of Disney, um….sorry, I meant the wonderful world of the Internet and found what might be the outfit Emily was referring to:

Colby Smuthers. Nip-slip? Maybeee.....Side-boob.....definitely

Colby Smulders. Nip-slip? Maybeee…..Side-boob…..definitely

Now ask ANY red-blooded alive and breathing male if he would object to women going bra-less and what do ya think his response would be……boob3

Cept for this idiot.......

Cept for this idiot…….but we took care of him……

Continuing on, Emily sez………..

“It was refreshing to see praise for the bra-less look. I’ve long been a proponent of ditching the bra, but I do so less than I would like out of fear of being branded at best a hippie and at worst trashy or, more realistically, slutty.”

Emily……..Emily………….for cripes sake, who in their right mind would EVER brand you as a hippie, or trashy, or slutty for ditching your bra?

Ok....I stand corrected

Ok….I stand corrected

“Showing your nipples is the trend of summer 2015,” a co-worker tells me when she hears I am working on an article about going bra-less. “Just walk around Brooklyn.”

Ya gotta love this woman guys. Sniff……brings a tear to my eyes. To think, a woman all for going bra-less. Further proof there IS a GOD.

Now personally, speaking as a male of course, I see nothing wrong with freedom for the girls.  Let me clarify that with this………………….

Thanks Maxine

Thanks Maxine

Ya see, it’s my thinking that, other than the extra skin, women’s boobs are no different from men’s boobs. So whats the big deal?

YEAH!!! Ya made my point Steven Tyler

YEAH!!! Ya made my point Steven Tyler. BTW…..nice pair of “moobs.”

“The rise of the hippie counter-culture did a lot for women to step away from constricting clothes,” Patricia Mears, the Deputy Director at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Museum, told the Daily Beast. “Not only going bra-less, but seeing breasts was something you saw on the runways.”

On runways? Ya mean at airports? Geez….the things ya learn on The Internet.

Oh….WAIT! I think I may be wrong on that one. Soreeeee. I think it refers to the runways models walk on at fashion shows.

Example of a model on a "runway." Um....and I guess a "side-boob, nipple-slip and the whole ball of to speak

Example of a model on a “runway.” Um….and I guess a “side-boob, nipple-slip and the whole ball of wax…so to speak

And more from Emily’s article quoting Patricia Mears……………..

“Yves Saint Laurent was experimenting in the 1970s with going bra-less and exposing the nipple,” said Mears. “He was young and had his finger on the pulse. He surrounded himself with cool, hip young women who were part of larger social changes, pushing the envelope.”

“Saint Laurent, as well as Halston, specifically designed dresses where women couldn’t wear bras and purposefully exposed the nipple, said Mears.”

Heyyyyyyyyyy. Let’s hear it for Saint Laurent! As she said, “he was young and had his finger on the pulse”……and I betcha a few other things as well. My guess anyhow.

And it was “pointed” out that if you look back at that famous poster of Farrah Fawcett you can (gasp) clearly (gasp again) clearly see her (OMFG) breasts and nipples.


OMFG!!!!!! I’m scarred for life!!!!!

Now according to this article, “Yet, despite four decades of political and social changes, the bra-less trend of today appears to largely follow one of the 1970s pre-requisites for the look: the bra-less breasts have got to be perky—and as a result, relatively small—to pull it off.”

Um….okay……like how small and perky?

Um.....ya mean like "Twiggy?"

Um…..ya mean like “Twiggy?”

Yep….Twiggy  could pull off the bra-less look. Or…”I knew I should have eaten my green peas when my mom told me to.”

But, small boobs aside, the article states that some women with bigger boobs can also pull it off without being small and perky. Noted was Scout Willis. (no relation or association with the Girl Scouts of America) taken.

OK…points….um….point taken.

Emily continues…………..
“If 2015 is the summer where we (re)embrace the bra-less trend, it’s about time we make it acceptable for all women.”

“That may make me sound like the hippie I was once accused of being, but there is something innately liberating about not wearing a brassiere.”

“Physically, it is certainly more comfortable, but it is also a bit of a “screw you” to pervasive norms about how a woman is supposed to shape or censor her body.”

GO GIRL! You’re right. It’s far time we ditched the bras. It’s 2015 for cripes sake. I, for one, support, (as in bra support) you 100%.  Free the girls. If it’s ok for Steven Tyler to walk around topless, hey, rock star or not, go for it.

And in conclusion, I leave you with these words of wisdom from Emily.

“I call on my sisters of all breast shapes and sizes, throw off your bras. As Karl Marx would have said, had he ever had to entomb his tatas on a hot summer’s day: You have nothing to lose but the chains of your 36DD bra.”

(sigh) A woman after my own heart.

Thanks Emily…..for bringing hope to every mans ultimate fantasy. Unrestricted boobs.

And, I, will leave you with this………..

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