I Miss Louis Prima, Flower Power, Peace and Love and Being Stupid

AND.....I DO resemble that remark

AND…..I DO resemble that remark

I think I liked it better when I was young and stupid rather than old and…um…..ok…ok….I’m still stupid but smart enough to know that, 1. Politicians are a bunch of freakin’ assholes in light of some of the recent comments made after the Charlestown, South Carolina shootings.

I’m NOT going to name those jerkoffs.  You can, if you’re smart enough, figure it out.

But I will give you one clue. This was a racist based hate crime and had nothing to do with RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think otherwise and haven’t seen the quotes by this nutjob as to why he did it, then you’re watching waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many idiotic news outlets.

I write comedy. And it’s hard to write comedy when you see senseless acts of violence such as what happened in Charlestown. Makes me wanna go back in time when I WAS really stupid and didn’t have a damn clue about anything. And didn’t give a rats ass either.

In fact, I was so bummed out over this horrific act, I blew my cork over the NRA’s response which blamed the pastor of the church for fighting against allowing church goers to carry arms.

I absolutely refused to watch anymore idiotic assholes speculate as to the gunman’s motives, how it could have been prevented, and then throw religion into the mix. (Governor Bobby Jindal for one)

AND.....Jindal DOES resemble this remark

AND…..Jindal DOES resemble this remark

Sooooo, I popped Louis Prima into my CD player and went back to being dumb again. Yep, it took Louis Prima and Keely Smith along with Sam Butera and the Witnesses to soothe me. Baaaaaaaack I went to a more peaceful time in America.prima3

Listening to Louis and Keely belt out “I’m Just a Gigolo” and “That Old Black Magic” with that screaming Sam Butera saxophone and Louie’s gravelly voice did it for me. Give a listen…….jussssssssssssst in case I pissed any of you off.

Now, see what I mean, how can ya not get into a better frame of mind going back and watching Louie.

Ok….one more in case you’re a borderline case…………….

Louie died in 1978 and his headstone says it all

Louie died in 1978 and his headstone says it all

Now, considering you MAY be a bit calmer, as I was after playing those two songs, I ask you to consider this. Wasn’t it a better life when we were all basically stupid and never worried about terrorism, mass shootings, 24 hour in your face doom and gloom he said she said news. Wasn’t it a lot better when someone handed you a flower in the name of peace and love.flower power2https://youtu.be/P9dwcZ5MjHg

Hmmmm. You should be a bit calmer now remembering what it was like waaaay back when.

Now I’m NOT saying there weren’t problems back then. There were. It’s just that it was not in your face as it is today. And, I may be wrong, but I personally do not recall shootings taking place, in what it seems like, is a weekly basis.

Yes, there were problems, but in my opinion, nothing like what is happening to our society today. Brother against brother. Hate spewing vitrol on the Internet, talking heads everywhere spreading hate and discontent. WTF!

Here’s an example of what we worried about back then………..and, some reflections on today, kinda timely considering this song is from 1965……………..

Yes, as I said, we did have our problems. Vietnam, Ohio State, Tricky Dick (Nixon) and racism. But honestly, how many stories did you read about senseless shootings in schools, churches, movie theaters, and then have it shoved in your face, for the sake of reporting the news “as it happens” and, oh yeah, RATINGS.

So, give me flower power, Louie Prima, Scott McKenzie, and maybe a bit of Barry McGuire to balance things off, but by all means remember THIS………………………………….

My deepest condolences to the people of Charlestown, South Carolina and the Emanuel African-American Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Former disc jockey, (Dick Jones) 30 years, and author of, "I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Love & Life Got In The Way" available at Amazon.com books, & Kindle, "The Covert Chamber" a mystery novel available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and "Forgotten" the story of two WWI pilots who were forgotten for over 70 years available on Amazon.com and Kindle
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4 Responses to I Miss Louis Prima, Flower Power, Peace and Love and Being Stupid

  1. mndave says:

    Great article. I can feel your frustrations with the media and politicians. How can anyone see this for what it was – a hate crime and terrorist act! Thanks for your view on the subject. I love Louis Prima and Keely Smith. She always reminded me of Virginia O’Brien with her dead pan look. lol

    • misfit120 says:

      Thanks mndave. I might also “point” out that one of the “perks” of watching Keely Smith was those pointy type bras she wore as observed in both videos. For the longest time I actually thought boobs were that pointy.

  2. katydidknot says:

    I’m probably never going to kill anybody, but if I do, it’s going to be someone I know. Someone I’m mad at.

    That’s not a good thing, but it’s something I can relate with. Being mad at a loved one you believe hurt you.

    This crap where your politics and internet surfing habits so brainwash you that you believe you need to start acting out violently against imagined enemies is completely foreign to me. And there are SO many sites that specialize in a constant drip-drip-drip of hate that this isn’t going to be last time we see this happen.

    I don’t know what to say or do with this sort of thing…

    • misfit120 says:

      Katy, what works for me is not turning on the boob tube to ANY news media outlet unless a major story is breaking. THEN….after the facts, immediately turn it off because for the next gazillion days they will pound the story into the ground. What works for me, and this may sound strange, is watching Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. I get the best of both worlds. Humor and what’s been going on in the news. Works for me.

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