Beam Me Up Scotty. Um……..WAIT!!!!!

To set the tone for today’s blog:life1

Along with a lead in to this joke…………….life8

Jack walks into a bar and spots his friend Mike sitting at the bar having a drink with his head hung down and looking kind of despondent.

“Hey Mike ol buddy, how ya doin. Great to see ya, but why the long face?”

“Well Jack, let me tell ya. You know me, I have a lot of talents. Why just last week when ya asked me to fix your motorcycle, I found the problem in five minutes and it runs great.”

“Yeah thanks, I appreciate that.”

“And that same week Mrs. Gravenferk asked me if I could build her a nice outdoor patio. I did and she loved it.”

“Wow, great work Mike.”

“And then my uncle asked me to fix a leak in his sink, and I did that too.”

“Geez, I guess with your knowledge you’re really in demand.”

“Yeah, and then to end the week I help my friend Joe rewire his entire house.”

“Wow! So you’re all hang-dog sitting here because you were asked to do all those things.”

“No…no….that’s not it. You know me pretty well Jack. We’ve been friends for years. You know I can do a lot of stuff and I don’t mind helping people out.”

“Yeah….soooooooo what’s the problem then.

“Well, I can work on any vehicle. Do ya think they call me Mike the mechanic? No!”

I can rewire an entire house. Do ya think they call me Mike the electrician? No.”

I can fix any leak in ten minutes. Do ya think they call me Mike the plumber. No.”

And give me a pile of lumber and I can build you anything you want. Do ya think they call me Mike the carpenter? No.”

“But……………….suck one cock.”

Now the point to all this is death.life2


Because one of my fellow bloggers, Damyanti, who writes a blog called, “Daily (w) rite wrote about “Do You Ever Think About Your Own Death,”and invited her bloggers to comment. Great blog too if ya wanna check it out. Especially that one.

Here’s the link to her blog site:

Makes sense to me....

Makes sense to me….

Sooooooo. I of course responded to her post, as did a lot of people when she posed that question, and this is was my comment on her site with regard to ever thinking about dying:

” Great thoughts. I used to think about dying. And, that said, had a greater appreciation for life such as in the life of an animal or even an insect. After all, they are alive and if you take a moment to think for a few seconds before you kill something, especially something that may seem insignificant, like a bug, you might take a step back and think to yourself, “I control this bugs fate.” And then perhaps ponder your own life and not kill it. About thinking about my own demise, not too much now that I’m waaaay over the hill. Why? Because I’ve lived a life of many paths and I’m content with what I’ve done. I’m ok with the fact that I could die at any time. Which is fine with me, at the age that I am, and………that in the last 6 years I’ve only managed to accumulate 300 blog followers. So WTF….beam me up Scotty.”

I of course was kidding on the wanting to be beamed up because I only have between 250 and 350 hits per day on this inane blog. I was just making a point that at my age if Scotty (God) decided to beam me up, hey I’ve lived a good life, so “Follow the bright light Misfit!”

The joke was because through my entire life I myself have done many things like that guy Mike in the joke.


Yep….I “ALWAYS”  resembled that remark

For instance, (in no particular order) Worked as a hamburger flipper at a Burger King; Watched thread go onto a spool at a spandex factory; Drove a taxi; Drove a limo for a casino; Worked in a call center at AAA; Worked at a TV station in the operations department; Worked for the USPS doing everything; Spent a few months working at an institution for the mentally challenged; (I fit right in there) Worked at the phone company as both an operator and then as a line assigner; Almost set myself on fire a few times as a sub welder at Electric Boat; (any subs missing?) Was a sales representative for four different record distribution company’s; And, between all those (cough) occupations, spent thirty years as a professional radio disc jockey. 30 YEARS!!!!!

So, do they call me, Misfit the DJ?


What the hell do they call me?


That old guy.life6

But, that said, thank Gawd I never sucked a cock.

Thanks Damyanti.

I had almost forgotten that path I followed.

So Scotty (God) if ya wanna beam me up soon, Puleeeeeeeeeeese do it before I do something stupid and they’ll remember me for THAT!life7


Oops…..too late. I write this dumb blog.

Just sayin.’

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3 Responses to Beam Me Up Scotty. Um……..WAIT!!!!!

  1. Damyanti says:

    This post made me laugh and tear up in equal amounts. I’m happy that my post inspired yours. You seem to have such a varied and interesting life, and must have some very interesting tales to tell. I would ask Scotty to hold on up there, and let you tell your tales for many many years to come. Leaving your audience with a link to my post which you refer to:

    Thanks once again, for your post and this comment. Look forward to chatting with you on your blog, and mine.

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