Sometimes I Wonder About Life’s Unanswered Questions…….Like………….

Like who in their right mind comes up with those names for prescription drugs?drugnames1

For instance, Xanax, an anxiety pill is really Alprazolam.

Sooooo, what…..they can’t call it Al or Proz or whatever, they have to call it Xanax?

WTF does Xanax have to do with how ya spell Aprazolam?

Is there like some guy locked up in a padded room somewhere whose sole job is to come up with shortened names for drugs because they think we consumers wouldn’t be able to spell their real names because we’re all stoopid…….or are already wasted on those drugs.

'A-ha, They spelled 'Kloprinol' with a 'c''

Hey….think I’m nuts? Watch those prescription drug commercials on TV and pay attention to the generic name and the real name. Blows your mind.drugnames2

However, there is one drug that I have no problem with. Their ads are as plain as day with no long clinical type prescription drug manufacturer gobbledygook name.

AKA: Intercourseprazolam

AKA: Intercourseprazolam

And, while I’m on those names, what the hell is it with names like Xerox, Xylophone, Psalm, Phoenix, Phobia, Psychic, and my favorite Tsunami.

No wonder I flunked spelling.

Tell me to spell Xerox and I’m gonna spell it Zearox. Xylophone, Zylophone. Pslam, Saaaaam. Phoenix, Feenix. (maybe that’s how Kleenex got its name) Phobia, Fobia. Psychic, Siekick, and that Tsunami, Suenamie. WTF! How simple is THAT.


Why I didn’t last long at my first job

Speaking of flunking in school. Can someone, anyone puleeeeese tell me why TF I needed to learn the square f**king root of ANYTHING? Or why algebra was even taught in school.

Like was I gonna be a rocket scientist or something? Or figure out the square root of whatever. Let me tell ya something. Not once….not once have I ever in all my years here on earth ever wondered what TF the square root was of ANYTHING!!!

My thinking when it comes to square roots…………………..

Makes sense to me

Makes sense to me

And algebra, unless it’s some hot Italian chicks name….forget it.

Why is it when you’re watching TV and the announcer says, “next” it doesn’t mean next. Like in, “Next, Videos of Hot Babes On Spring Vacation.”

So, thinking “next” means “next” you wait, with baited breath, and several commercials later, after you’ve changed the channel, from watching annoying toe fungus commercials, they finally get to the video.

If you were in line and they said, “next” wouldn’t that obviously mean you were “next?” WTF!

The key to that is NEVER fall for the “next” tactic. Next is never next. Instead, “now” is the REAL next.

I know its confusing but trust me, you’ll figure it out eventually. Or next. Maybe even now.

My guess would be several commercials

My guess would be several commercials

Why is it 99.9% of the time when you’re nice and comfy and you drop something on the floor it ALWAYS rolls under a table or chair beyond your reach. It’s never in plain sight. AND ya have to get a freakin’ flashlight and crawl on your knees to find it WTF!

However, the exception to this rule is socks. You KNOW you put them in the dryer, BUT, where they go afterwards is a complete mystery. I’m still searching.lose1

You knew at some point, having three cats, that this next one was coming.

Why is it cats always cough up hairballs 1. While you’re eating. 2. On the rug and not on a hardwood floor. 3. Mysteriously cough one up that ya can’t find until you get up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning and step on it. And 4. What’s with their butts in your face all of the time. WTF!

An oldie but goodie

An oldie but goodie

You probably think I have waaaaay too much time on my hands to be thinking about all this stuff. You’re right.

But I’ll bet ya you’ve, at one time or another, thought the same exact things.

Which brings me to my last final unanswered question……………………

Was I dropped on my head as a child and THAT’S why I think the way I do?

Um....ok....that explains it....

Um….ok….that explains it….

Just sayin.’

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1 Response to Sometimes I Wonder About Life’s Unanswered Questions…….Like………….

  1. katydidknot says:

    There was a character in “Survivor” by Chuck Palahniuk who had trademarked all the likely names of medications – terms that sounded simultaeously happy and helathy and vaguely Greek or Latin. So when someone came up with a medicaiotn and wanted to use one of these names, they’d have to buy it off of him.

    I don’t have the answer to anything, though. I am trying to stay drunk enough that the only question I ask is “How did I get here?”

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