I KNEW IT! FINALLY! Proof That The CIA Uses Cats To Spy On Americans.



Where the hell was Edward Snowden when the CIA began using cats to spy on all of us? Yeah Eddy, how come ya didn’t know THAT bunky?

Rare photo of an actual CIA cat

Rare photo of an actual CIA cat

Well, in an apparent CIA goof, they let the, so to speak, “cat out of the bag” when they posted THIS photo on Twitter in honor of celebrating their first year on Twitter.

Seeeeee. It’s a damn cat using a CIA computer for cripes sake!

How much more proof do ya need.cia1Probably a direct descendent of 007’s Pussy galore. Ya think?

Catty Honor Blackman as "Pussy Galore" in the 007 movie

Catty Honor Blackman as “Pussy Galore” in the 007 movie “Goldfinger.”

Now it all makes complete sense to me. Yep….why cats are so inquisitive. Why they’re always in your face, or, at least their butts are.

And also where that old phrase came from. “Curiosity killed the cat.”cia11

It wasn’t necessarily because cats are curious, it’s because cats are CIA operatives and THAT’S the curiosity part that gets them knocked off.

Oh sure, you’re saying to yourselves. Cute little lovable furry creatures, how could they possibly be working for the CIA.

Well think about this for a sec. Why is it cat photos outnumber dog photos on Facebook?

Cept for this one.....

Cept for this one…..

I’ll tell ya why. Because the CIA knows you’re gonna click on “like” when you see a cat photo and then they can track you from that point on. Makes sense to me.

Same works for all those porno sites you go on, some of which have cats of a different nature if ya catch my drift.

So, ya better be very careful if your cat is anywhere near you if you’re a spy, a terrorist, a bank robber, or a politician. Say something sensitive, and before ya know it, your cat is blabbing it to the CIA in “meow speak.”

AND…..NEVER leave your computer on when you’re not home.


“Meow Speak.”

I, for one, know an awful lot about “meow speak.” Which is why I NEVER say anything the CIA may be interested in whenever there is a cat around. And I have three of those sneaky SOB blabbermouths.

This the Gawd honest truth. One of my cats slipped and actually spoke English a few months ago and since then I’ve been on to her.

We all talk to our cats, and when I was dishing out their food, the tiny Calico looked at me as if the say, “WTF, where’s mine?” So I looked at her and said, “Where’s your food?” And she plain as the big nose on my Italian face said, “I don’t know.”

And if ya think I’m freakin’ nuts, well my other half heard that cat say the same words. SO THERE!!!

She's a freakin' cat lady

She’s a freakin’ cat lady

So take heed feline lovers. You have been warned. NEVER….I say NEVER talk about sensitive stuff in front of your cat. Or in the rear of your cat, if their butt is in your face, which is usually 90% of the time.

Screw the CIA. They ain’t gettin’ nothin’ outta my cats. I’m onto them bastards.

Oh yeah, one more thing here. NEVER allow a cat to watch you while you’re undressing or having sex.

Only because you know what a bunch of pervs those CIA guys are.

Do it in front of a cat and the next thing ya know a bunch of CIA spooks are downloading your cats info onto their laptops so they can get their jollies.

No wonder a lot of guys wanna join the CIA. While the rest of us slugs come up with some really great ideas in the name of the CIA.


Um…..let’s start with this condom I have in my pocket baybeeee

I sense we have some doubters out there in Internet land. Well, I submit this, as Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone” used to say, “for your consideration……………”

The curiousity factor would be my guess

The curiosity factor would be my guess

Just sayin.’

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