Religion and Politics. (subtitled) God Told Me To Run.


First of all let me state that I for one do believe in God. BUT…that said, I am totally against ANY politician using God’s name for whatever reason. Such as stating, “God told me to run.”

Ok…which God told ya to run?

I mean there are several gazillion religions out there and every one of them worships some sort of God. Soooooooo, is “your” God better than my God, or, anyone elses God, and while we’re at it, what political party does “your” God belong to?

Kinda a slippery slope there if ya think about it.rel3

Now the reason I’m harping on all this God stuff is because to me it seems a lot of politicians are shoving religion down our throats. Do ya really think that playing the religion card is gonna get ya votes pal? REALLY!rel7

Let me clue you in.

Everyone worships God in their own (private) way and that’s how it should remain. PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me repeat that…..P-R-I-V-A-T-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rel6

If any of you politicians think you’re gonna get the “mainstream” voter to vote for you because “God told ya to run,” you better see a freakin’ shrink and ask him why you’re hearing voices. Might not be God’s ya know. How can you be sure?

Religion is fine and believing in God is ok too. The problem is, and politicians don’t get this, there are a lot of Gods out there. Do a search on the Internet and you’ll find from 72 of the most popular names for God and many, many more.

Cripes, I’d have to have God produce some sort of ID jussssst to make sure I had the right guy.rel8

And we all worship a variation of some God depending on our religion. So, is one God’s religion better than the other God’s religion?

And is there a bad God? I mean, look at what’s being done in the name of religion and God in some societies across the world.rel13

I for one am not quite sure if God is into politics either.

I mean, come on, the guy has his hands full as it is what with wars, and climate problems, poverty, hunger, earthquakes, locusts, and avoiding Donald Trump’s prayers asking him to send him a message to run for President. And reporters constantly hounding him for the answer to life’s most baffling question………………………..

At last............

At last…………

AND…considering a number of politicians have said God asked them to run, WTF!

Personally I think God has a sense of humor by telling politicians to run.rel9

“Hey St. Peter. Come here a sec.”

“Yeah, what’s up Big Guy.”

“Well, ya gotta watch this. I just told a bunch of politicians to run for President just to have some fun.”

“Oh cripes. Now ya went and did it. How many did ya tell?”

“Ohhh, about three or four.”

“OMG…um….sorry God, but jeeeez, oops, sorry again, but, you know what happened the last time you told a politician to run.”


“Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry….that’s what.”

“Hey…….I’m God for cripes sake. Not everybody’s perfect ya know.”

Like God said....nobody's perfect.....

Like God said….nobody’s perfect…..

So I’m not buying into the “God asked me to run” tactic.

Not that I’m not religious, but I’m not THAT religious.rel24

Besides, if God actually talks to politicians, then why not the rest of us. I mean anyone could get a message from God to run for President.

Even I could get a message from God to run. Problem is even if God told me to run, I couldn’t. Takes a lot of cash to run for President.

HEY! Maybe that’s it. God only talks to people with cash. And, of course, during election season. Otherwise God isn’t talking to politicians on off election years.

Hmmm. Which also raises the question. Is God a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

I’m sooooooooooooooo confused. Just like these guys………….

OMFG!!! Oops....sorry God.

OMFG!!! Oops….sorry God.

Anyhow, I’ll conclude this blog by again stating that religion has no place in politics. That’s MY personal opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have to run to the store and get a lottery ticket.

God specifically told me to play a certain set of numbers tonight.


Which is a good thing because I have 3 cats

Unless……..I imagined God told me to play those numbers. Which is highly likely.

Because, as we all know, God only speaks to politicians.rel11

Just sayin.’

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