Days You Should Be Celebrating In June. (especially if your life really sucks)

Can’t begin listing these wonderful celebrations without first reminding all of you that in the month of June we celebrate “Flag Day, “”Ramadan,” and “Father’s Day.”

And….a reminder that June also brings us these……………………


And verrrry tasty with A1 Steak sauce

OK…now that you’re all squirmy and feeling itchy, before I list the days you should be celebrating, the entire month of June is also “Dairy Month,” (hug a cow) “Gay Pride Month,” (when you’re done hugging a cow, hug a gay person) “National Accordion Awareness Month,” (pause for a moment in memory of the late Lawrence Welk) and “National Adopt A Cat Month.” (if you can’t afford to adopt one, but wanna honor cats, borrow one till July 1st)

Ok….now some really special days. You’ll probably have to flip a coin to decide which one of these days you want to celebrate.

Hmmmm. How Ironic, June 1st is “Flip A Coin Day.”coin1

Also on the 1st is “Dare Day.” This also applies to “Double Dog Dare Ya.” As in, I Double Dog Dare ya to stick out your tongue on a cold winter day and touch that metal pole. We all know where that’s going.dare1

June 2nd is “National Bubba Day.”


Eat your hearts out ladies

And for those of you who immediately thought of another Bubba…..


June 3rd is “Repeat Day.” Um, June 3rd is “Repeat Day.” Did I fail to mention that June 3rd is “Repeat Day?”


The 4th is “Hug Your Cat Day.” Which in a lot of instances should be followed by “Buy A Box Of Band Aids Day” if your cat has some really big claws and does not liked to be hugged. Trust me on this one, I have some hugging cat scars.



June 4th is also “Old Maid’s Day.”


“National Donut Day” is celebrated on June 5th. Cut all police officers some slack on this day if you see a lot of them hanging out at a donut shop.DSCF0667

And, a moment of silence for all donuts who will ultimately make the supreme sacrifice………………………………..donut jelly

June 6th, for you people who have a lot of ups and downs in your life, is “National Yo Yo Day.” (this has nothing to do with cellist Yo-Yo Ma)



Lest we forget on this day, YO YO Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (video below)

June 8th is “Name Your Poison Day.” Which I assume means that you don’t have a really good choice to select from, but either way you’re screwed. Like when your other half says, “Broccoli or artichokes for dinner.”poisonNow this next one I never knew existed. But, I thought I’d list it because someone out there is sure as hell gonna celebrate it. The 9th of June is, “Donald Duck Day.” Go figure.don duck1

Now this next one is one of my favorites. “International Panic Day” on the 9th. I’m a basically calm type of person while my other half goes into a state of panic over just about anything out of the norm. Things like dust bunnies, watching the Red Sox lose, when I forget to replace the bathroom soap, ants, if I so much as come in from outside and bring a stray leaf with me, my driving, (all women panic if a man is driving) and anytime I attempt to take on a plumbing repair in our house.

Um….she may have justification on that last one considering the last few times I attempted a plumbing repair it eventually involved either the fire department or ServiceMaster. Ok…ok…..a few professional plumbers too.plumbing1June 18th is “National Splurge Day.” The one day it is completely acceptable to go shopping and splurge your heart out. Like the one time all of us got stimulus checks from the government and we all went hog wild……splurge2AND….some of us even had enough money left over to shop at those high-priced stores…………splurge1My second favorite day is on June 22nd which is “National Chocolate Eclair Day.” Only because eclairs are my all time favorite desert. Along with still having vivid memories of the one time that celebrity chef Paula Dean showed us how to make eclairs at home and then….slowly….verrrry slowly…..ate it.

Women were thinking yum, yum yum. Men were thinking….sex.


Need I say more………….

June 26th is “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” (this has nothing to do with the slang term for a butt ugly woman)

The proper attire if you take your dog to work

The proper attire if you take your dog to work

And finally, on June 28th we celebrate “Paul Bunyan Day.”


It was then that Mr. Finkleman realized he should have opted for that Paul Bunyan homeowners policy

Well folks….that’s it. All the days I chose that you might want to celebrate.

Now, that said, June also reminds me of that old tune……………..june 1And, because June is also a woman’s name, AND because I have a demented mind, AND connected “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” with 1960’s actress and Playboy model June Wilkinson (pant) I’ll leave you with THIS “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over” (literally) celebration…………………….wilkinson

You guys can thank me later,

Just sayin.’

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  1. dawnspitfire says:

    Funny! And good timing… just sayin

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