Deer MisfitWisdom…um…sorry, that should read, “Dear MisfitWisdom

In my next life..........

In my next life……….

Yes, today is MisfitWisdom reprise day. Meaning once again I was too freakin’ lazy to write a blog so I went back into my archives to find one “I” personally liked and never got any responses from.

My motto…..if at first you don’t succeed, give up for cripes sake.

Which, as you can see, that advice I didn’t follow.

Soooo, once again………………………..

What Does It Take To Be An Advice Column Writer?


Hey....sounded like good advice to me

Hey….sounded like good advice to me


For years I’ve read various advice columns in the newspapers. Dear Abby is one that immediately comes to mind.  I’ve often wondered what it would take to write one myself.  After all, I’ve been around long enough to offer advice to the lovelorn.  In fact, I’ve been around long enough to offer advice on just about anything.

Problem is, no one ever listens to me.

Somewhere out there in Internet land are people in need of advice. So I’ve decided to offer my expert advice on anything that’s gnawing at your mind.  Unless you’re in the woods and some animal is doing the gnawing. Can’t help ya there.

For instance, the other day someone asked me the best way to avoid divorce. My advice, don’t get married.  Sounds pretty logical to me.life2

So I’m looking for some challenging questions which may be bugging you, and you simply do not have the time to write to Dear Abby. Or your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or the bartender simply can’t be bothered. Or you’re locked up in an institution somewhere and have nothing better to do than ask me some stupid question.

This service, of course, is absolutely free, so whatever advice I pass on to you I do so with no guarantees.  Hey, whadda want for nothing anyhow?

At great risk, I am staking my reputation on giving out good sane advice.life3

(actually I’m not really going to give anyone good sane advice. It’s just a cheap ploy to use my blog readers for the sake of a good chance to use humor in place of seriousness.  Hey, if ya want a serious answer, go see a shrink)

Any of you stupid enough to actually ask me a question will find your answer in the comments section of this blog.

Unless you happen to be so clueless that you ask me something like, “What is the meaning of life?”  At which time I would simply respond, “There is no meaning to “Life” because they only publish the magazine a few times a year.”

(sorry, but that’s the kinda stuff I do)

Actually THIS is the meaning of life

Actually THIS is the meaning of life

Just today, someone in my travels asked me if I knew the secret to successfully losing weight.  With my expertise on dieting, I was able to advise them to simply stop eating.  Once again, a sincere and logical conclusion.

So, if there are any of you with burning questions, simply drop me a line stating your concern in the “comments” section of the MisfitWisdom blog and I will do my best to answer you post haste.

(I’ve been waiting for a long time to use that word, “post-haste” and finally got to use it)

NOTE: I originally wrote this back in May 2010 and one person did reply, but, because no one EVER comments in the comment section, (excluding Katy from Texas)so I never saw that question. BUT…if it’s any consolation, I did respond to the guy today. Better late than never.

Soooooo, In the event no one responds to my offer, I’ll just go back to my usual locations and scribble down my advice to people as I’ve done in the past with much success.

On various restroom walls.Misfit was here bathroom graffiti

Works for me.

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