Remembering Gene Pitney. Why? Because….that’s why.

Same for me pal.....

Same for me pal…..

I’m not quite sure how this blog came about because my mind works in strange ways.

So, as I recall, I was surfing Facebook because I was in one of my extremely bored moods, which is usually when I surf Facebook, and came across a post by Donna Loren.

Who? You ask.

Well, Donna Loren was a recording artist waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 60’s and appeared on the TV show “Shindig” as well as being the spokesperson for Dr. Pepper. AND…because my brain is still stuck in the 60’s, when I saw her briefly on a Facebook “friend” clicky thing, I obviously friended her.loren1

(UPDATE) Donna was nice enough to leave a message on my Facebook page after this blog was posted, thanking me for mentioning her and that reminded me that I should have included one of her songs as well.

From the 1964 movie “Bikini Beach,” here’s Donna……………..

Donna Loren today

Donna Loren today. Lookin’ good Donna : )


Anyhow, I then went to Donna’s site and looked at all her photos from her career to the present and then read her bio and noticed she was originally from Boston, Massachusetts, which then triggered my mind to Rockville, Connecticut where Gene Pitney was from.

See. I told ya my brain is screwed up.

I have no freakin’ idea why I thought of Pitney, other than somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I connected Loren with Pitney because they were both from New England. Makes sense to me.pitney2

So, I then went to Pitney’s site and read his bio, which I actually had read before, and of course, knew that he had passed away in the UK back in 2006 at the age of 66. BUT….I didn’t know that he was laid to rest in Somers, Connecticut.pitney4


The inscription on the memorial bench at Pitney’s grave site reads:

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.”

So then the little voices in my brain reminded me that Somers, Connecticut is a few miles from Enfield, Connecticut where a friend of ours lives. Who most likely has no idea who Gene Pitney was or that I was a huge Gene Pitney fan.

So what does all this mean in the scope of things?

Um…..absolutely nothing other than an excuse to post now and then photos of Donna Loren and my favorite song by Gene Pitney.


It’s my damn blog so if I wanna post a Gene Pitney song and Donna Loren photos, I’m gonna do it.

So there!

Besides, there really wasn’t anything else worth posting today anyhow.

And I conclude this with my all time favorite Gene Pitney song:

Just sayin.’

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