If Bees Are Collecting Pollen, Why Do “I” Have So Much Of It EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pollen 3

A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page yesterday:

“Fact – It’s only takes approximately three days, of open windows to pollinate the entire house.”

Ah feel yer pain Barb.pollen1

My red truck is greenish yellow. The glass-topped dining room table I can write my name on, and also see how many (greenish yellow covered) cats walked across it. And I’m sneezing like crazy.

Yep….SPRING is in full bloom along with all those invisible things that float through the air and into my nose. Pollen included. pollen11

Now as I understand it, bees are supposed to collecting this stuff and take it someplace else to do whatever it is bees do with pollen. Pollinate stuff I would assume. Which in turn makes other things grow and for which bees get paid a really good salary to perform. I think.

Otherwise why would they spend their entire existence collecting pollen. Makes sense to me.pollen10

BUT……apparently some of these bees have taken it upon themselves to slack off a bit by not collecting all of the pollen that they should be collecting.


Cripes. All they have to do is land on the hood of my truck and they could gather a years supply of pollen in one fell swoop. Maybe even have some extra left over for a really good bee party.

Now I know from reading a few articles that bees this year have been having some serious health issues. Some colonies actually dying off. Experts are trying to discover the reason why this is happening.


Excluding of course bad advice from bad bees to other bees

So, that may bee, um, be, the reason so much pollen is around this year. Not enough bees to handle the work load.

Which totally supports those who say that letting illegal immigrant bees into the country will help the economy.

So, in conclusion, I guess we have no other option but to just deal with that excess pollen for the time beeing.

Could be another reason there's so much pollen around

Could be another reason there’s so much pollen around

Unless, you really are overwhelmed by this over abundance of pollen and just can’t take it anymore.

In that case, you might wanna consider bee adoption.

Yes, adopt a hive of pollen collecting bees to work on your pollen problem in your yard.

Um, no, I have no freakin’ idea if you actually CAN adopt a bee, or a hive of bees, but, what the hell. Nothing bee ventured, nothing bee gained. So might as well give it a shot.

Unless bees multiply like rabbits and ya can just find one male and one female bee and let them have a go at it. Like throw a pollen party or something and serve honey on the side. Might work.


HEY! Worked for Adam & Eve…um, once they got over their allergies

It’s either that or deal with your pollen problem this Spring by just accepting that its gonna be a heavy pollen season and try to come up with some novel ways to use pollen in your daily recipes.

Or just say f**k it and take advantage of all that pollen dust to leave cute notes for people you love who live in pollen covered glass houses.

To Bee or not to Bee, that was the question…..I think.

AND…..with all this pollen stuff around, there has to be a bright side to it…………….

From a bees viewpoint of course

From a bees viewpoint of course

Just sayin.’

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