Can A Kinda Chunky Cute Blonde Woman Tug At Your Heart….Welllllllllllllllllllll

The answer to that question would be…….YES……if her name is Amy Schumer.

Awwwwww Misfit....thank're sooooo cute

Awwwwww Misfit….thank Yew….you’re sooooo cute

Now Amy, 33 ,has been around for a while, but I was completely oblivious to her existence until I stumbled across this video clip courtesy of “YouTube.”

Yep….she stole my heart right then and there…..sooooooo innocent while being surrounded by Patrica Arquette, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Tina Fey.

Take a look

Seeeeeeeeeeee. Farting, burping and f**kable stuff going on and cute innocent Amy is all in awe at who she is talking to.

How cute. Is she innocent looking or what.

Like this image…..

Awwww. Now how cute is THAT! Ya gotta love someone who loves cats

Awwww. Now how cute is THAT! Ya gotta love someone who loves cats

And she even plays with boy toys too…………..

OMG How cute

OMG How cute

Yep. A pure and completely innocent down to earth girl. My kinda woman.

And ………huh?

“What are you writing on your blog honeeee?”

“Um……nothin’ really. Just giving my readers a heads up on comedian Amy Schumer.”

“AMY SCHUMER!!!!!! AMY SCHUMER!!!!! That foul-mouthed bimbo blonde that spews out all that nasty sex stuff and whips out her boobs any old time…..tell me you’re NOT writing about HER!”

“Um…well…..I think she’s funny and she DOES have nice boobs.”

“Ya know…you’re a damn perv.”

“Wait a sec. Watch this video with Amy and Julia Louis Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette and Tina Fey… watch it.”

(she watches the video)

“Ohhhhh. That was sooooo funny. And all that f**kable, farting and burping stuff was all with the other girls. Amy kinda looked innocent.”

“Seeeeeeeeeeeee. That’s what I told ya! And she never once whipped out her boobs!”

“Ok……I guess you can finish the blog then. But….no boob photos.”

(I inserted the boob photos AFTER she read the text part. I ain’t stoopid ya know.)

So, in conclusion, I just thought Amy deserved some credit for really being funny.

And having a great sense of humor while looking innocent.

And having her own stint on “Comedy Central.”

Oh yeah………….

And a great set of boobs.amy5

Just sayin’ from a perv’s point of view.

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