Happy Mother’s Day To All Of You Mothers………or borderline ones too.



The “17th” is the norm here on Mother’s Day and every other day as well

First of all, MisfitWisdom wishes every mom a Happy Mother’s day.

That said, I go through the awkward position of trying to figure out if I should wish my other half a Happy Mother’s Day, because, according to the rules, I guess, you actually have to be a mother to be wished a Happy Mother’s Day.

Seems logical to me. md2But…..that’s kinda a slippery slope there.

I mean if Bambi calls her mother, then lets just suppose cats could also call their mothers. In this case, our cats. Which, considering my other half feeds them, pets them, provides a lap to sit on, and picks up disgusting hairballs, they most likely consider HER their mother.

Again….if “I” were a cat, obviously that’s the way I’d look at things. And, again, it makes complete sense to me.

md4So, I decided to wish my other half a Happy Kinda of A Mother’s Day. After all, she IS kind of a mother. To the cats.


Translated: MEOW!

Now that I have that figured out, I also want to remind the rest of you that have mothers, which I assume you DO have, providing they are still alive and kicking, that you better get on the phone and give her a call, or visit her, or at least have sent her a card. NO EXCUSES!


Plenty of cards out there for EVERY situation…..md8Yep….that should cover it all.

Now to clarify things, neither myself or my other half have living mothers. BUT……..


Which I suspect she’s thought about on occasions living with yours truly

Lest we also not forget, (shiver) mother-in-laws.

They too deserve a card, a phone call, or at the least a nice house plant to show that you think about her and that you care.



And on mom’s special day, if you’re like me, and simply want to honor your spouse, there’s always this touch……………..


Sniff…..sooooo touching……ya think

Finally, if you fondly recall those days, as I do, when your mother took care of your every need, and long for the days when she was there for you, caring, loving, providing, supporting and…………….MD1

Um….on second thought, give her a call or just send a card.

And for MY other half kind of a mother……….her children…………..

Olivia, aka DiNozzo….

Happy Mother's Day mommy...(burp) um....er....sorry I feel a hairball comin'.....

Happy Mother’s Day mommy…(burp) um….er….sorry I feel a hairball comin’…..hack….hack

Spencer, aka, BooBoo, Spencil, and Sylvester.

Yeah, ditto, whatever, now gimmie my freakin' snacks

Yeah, ditto, whatever, now gimmie my freakin’ snacks

Cassie…….aka Cassandra

Happy Mother's Day mommy. You can now lean over and kiss me cause I'm so beautiful and I'm your favorite because I'm a Princess

Happy Mother’s Day mommy. You can now lean over and kiss me cause I’m so beautiful and I’m your favorite because I’m a Princess

As for myself to my other half…….HEY! At least I don’t cough up hairballs for cripes sake!!!!

Just sayin.’

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