UFO’s? Are They Really Out There? Then Again, The Political Campaign Season Is Starting.

“Take me to your leader.” Which is a line used in many UFO movies when an alien spacecraft lands and the little green guy gets out and stops some guy walking his dog.

I’m pretty sure aliens are all green, but um, I’m not too sure about the dog.ufo3

Now, according to an article in “Express” by peter Sheridan which is published in the UK, that line might not be so funny as it seems. Especially to former President Ronald Reagan. Who, according to Sheridan, is said to have met extraterrestrials.

None of which were members of Congress.

As the story goes, actresses Lucille Ball and Shirley MacLaine were once at a party with Reagan on the night that he had an encounter with an alien. Apparently Reagan was late attending the party and told Ball and MacLaine that a UFO had blocked his path.

Gawd, I HATE when that happens….don’t you.

THEN, Reagan said that the alien walked up to his car and specifically told him to, “Leave acting and go into politics.”

And, as we all know, the rest is history. Reagan eventually did leave acting, went into politics and became President of the United States.

Which proves one thing. Aliens must be Republicans. My guess anyhow.

Ah, don't worry Znork. I know you've never had to face the press back home, but, just act normal.

Ah, don’t worry Znork. I know you’ve never had to face the press back home, but, just act normal.

Now before you form a conclusion that Reagan was nuts, consider that other presidents as far back as FDR were into UFO stuff. Roosevelt firmly believed that alien life existed and once said in a memo, “Our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life in the universe.”

Excluding Texas of course. (sorry Texans, but I’m thinking of Rick Perry)

Then there’s Arizona…………..ufo4

FDR went on to say, “We will take advantage of such wonders that have come to us.”

Guess he meant taxing the bejesus outta them aliens. HEY! Fair is fair ya know.

“Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources that are in all probability of interplanetary origin,” wrote US Army chief of staff general George C Marshall to president Franklin D Roosevelt in March 1942, according to a recently leaked memo.

This is all highlighted in a new book, “The Presidents And UFOs: A Secret History From FDR To Obama.” by Larry Holcombe.ufo book

President Obama once said, “I come in peace,” after landing at Roswell, New Mexico back in 2012 which, as most of us know, is supposedly the site of that infamous extraterrestrial spaceship landing back in 1947.

When someone asked him if he knew about the existence of alien bodies reportedly recovered from the wreckage of that space craft, the president responded, “If I told you I would have to kill you…..we’re going to keep our secrets here.”

Which either means we actually do have aliens bodies, they visited Earth, and that we have spaceship debris, or……might explain the existence of Donald Trump.

Trump with and without makeup. The resemblence is striking isn' it....

Trump with and without makeup. The resemblance is striking isn’t it….

Ya know that scene in the movie “Independence Day” where they have a secret underground facility and they actually have an alien spaceship, and some dead aliens……well, it’s still rumored that Area 51 in Nevada really has alien corpses.

I would think, and this is just my guess, the reason they still have corpses is that the U.S. Government doesn’t wanna foot the bill for an alien funeral and THAT’S the reason for all of our space exploration. Not to only discover if there is alien life on other planets, but to get someone to pay for those alien funerals. Makes complete sense to me.ufo7

Then there’s former President Jimmy Carter who said that he witnessed a bright green light in the sky fly towards him in 1969. He described it as changing from blue to red and then white before racing away. And he was quoted as saying, “It didn’t have any solid substance to it.”

Kinda like Jello I guess.

Ya gotta admit, Jello strangely resembles an alien

Ya gotta admit, Jello strangely resembles an alien

President Harry S. Truman kept the Roswell crash of an alien spaceship a biggggg secret. Along with a second crash some 140 miles away on the San Agustin Plains.

And if ya think HE was nuts, then why did he create a secret committee called, “Majestic 12” in 1942 which was made up of military personnel and scientists.

Yeah……SEE! And you we’re thinking Reagan was nuts too. But WAIT!

I know Reagan was a Republican, and we all know Republicans always speak the truth, so, it’s gotta be for real.

Um….WAIT! Somewhere in this mix has to be a Democrat.

Oh yeah, Truman was a Democrat so that kinda balances things off. HEY! If both Republicans and Democrats say they saw aliens, then it’s gotta be true….right!

Um….anyone else?

OMFG! President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Winston Churchill to discuss the RAF’s encounter with a UFO. And President John Kennedy demanded that those spooks, (the CIA) hand over secret files. Even President Bill Clinton said that he tried to get UFO information but that it was withheld from him.  Bastards.ufo6

According to the article, “”Extraterrestrial investigations in the US are controlled by a powerful and secretive scientific and military-intelligence committee answerable to no one.”

Probably the “Woman’s Liberation Movement.” You know how women do not like to share things with us men.

Lest we leave out President Richard Nixon. Yep, Nixon authorized a UFO documentary using secret footage of an alien craft landing during his re-election campaign in 1972 because he believed that it would ensure his place in history.

BUT…those SOB’s in the intelligence community axed his plan.

I think he got re-elected anyhow without the help of aliens, but, later had to resign his office, most likely because of that Watergate Hotel break in was actually done by aliens and if THAT came out the whole UFO existence theory would have been exposed. My theory anyhow.

I mean, come on for cripes sakes. Do you actually believe that story that the Watergate Hotel break in was done by a bunch of bumbling idiots working for Nixon.

Bullshit! It was aliens out to destroy Nixon because he wanted to use them to get re-elected. (aliens are not into politics)

Grosdrn, Znorker, quick...beam me up to your planet before I have to resign.

Grosdrn, Znorker, quick…beam me up to your planet before I have to resign.

While running for President, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton demanded that the government open up all the secret files on UFOs. But, once they became president, they shut the “f**k up. Which makes sense to me. Why look like a complete loony toon when you’re a President saying that aliens exist. Again, unless you’re talking about Congress.

Holcombe, in his book, says he found evidence suggesting that several alien bodies have been studied by the U.S. military and alien technologies copied.

Which, again, makes complete sense to me if ya think about it for minute. I mean, how else can ya explain iPhones, smart watches, USB ports, which I’m sure all alien spaceships had, and Twinkies. Waaaaay advanced technology for us to have invented.

Actually it was Bill Gates, who, at a very young age, came upon the inspiration for USB ports.

Actually it was Bill Gates, who, at a very young age, came upon the inspiration for USB ports.

Holcombe goes on to say that, “I don’t think Britain or the U.S. is going to admit that alien life has been visiting Earth for some time. But they may be forced to admit it if extraterrestrials, (excluding Donald Trump and perhaps Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin) make their presence known.

NOTE: ALWAYS make sure you ask for identification if a suspicious looking green Avon lady with antennas on her head knocks at your door.

Further quotes from Holcombes book:

“Many laws have been broken to keep this secret.”

Cept for the one a Victoria’s Secret consumer admitted to.ufo15

“It’s been the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind.”

With the exception of the JFK Assassination….my thought anyhow.

“But all it takes is one alien spaceship over London or Washington, D.C. and the world will never be the same again,” says Holcombe.

Which basically means that when UFO’s eventually land in London or Washington, D.C., all hell will break loose because then parking spaces will be at a premium. So much for finding a really good parking space at a WalMart.

Um....been there, wished for that....

Um….been there, wished for that….

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to UFO’s? Are They Really Out There? Then Again, The Political Campaign Season Is Starting.

  1. katydidknot says:

    I would hope that if some life form from another world got here, they’d be smart enough not to immediately get all wrapped up in our government.

    They should hang out, go to a concert, and stay away from our leaders entirely.

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