How To Not Be A Professional Baseball Team

The answer. Call yourselves “The Boston Red Sox.”


Oops….tooooo late John Henry

Now I could sugar coat this years flailing Boston Dead Sox team like a lot of the on air commentators do, excluding Dennis Eckersley. Who, in my own humble opinion tells it like it is.

But, sugar coat I’m not.

This team really looked good, lineup wise during the first few weeks of the season. Then…..well…..then they stopped playing baseball. When they were hitting, there was no pitching. When there was pitching, (very rare) there was no hitting. Ho hum.

Let’s look at their ace (cough) pitcher, Clay Buchholz. Or, as we here in the outer limits refer to him as, Clay F**hholz. Is he a great pitcher or what!


(how long before they use the 15 day DL on Buchholz as an excuse for his bad pitching)

Does the front office have a freakin’ clue?

Oh yeah, I forgot, John Henry and the rest of the management brainiacs are waaaaay to busy with soccer and managing their recent acquisition, “The Boston Globe” newspaper to notice what the hell is going on with their (cough) team.

Ya think?

Ya think?

Ya know guys, this may sound weird, but, it takes big bucks to get some really great pitchers, which, you don’t have any of. (that would be a subtle clue)

Now if I were on a team that scored a bunch of runs and still lose the game because pitching sucks I’d be totally pissed off at those pitchers as well as management.

What would I do. I’d say f**k it” and give up.

Oh yeah. Sign Dustin Pedroia to a biggggg long contract and what happens. SHAZAM! He hits into what his initials stand for 90% of the time. DP = double play ball. OR….tries to play every position by chasing after balls that clearly should have been caught by other players out on the field but they couldn’t because Petey f**ked up the play.pedroia1

Now I could rant on and on about why this team really looks bad. But I’m not gonna go there.

WHY? Because my opinion doesn’t matter. Neither does yours.

When will it matter. Probably never.

Unless attendance drops considerably, which is highly unlikely because Boston Red Sox fans are always hoping for a miracle.

So, that said, that allows management/owners to take that $$$$$$$$ you fans pay to watch a game at Fenway and spend it on soccer and that newspaper.

Instead of really great pitchers. Like (cough) Buchholz.

What I meant was reallly great pitchers, (NOT Buchholz) that they could have had if not for spending $$$$$$$$ elsewhere.

But…WTF do I know. I’m only a frustrated fan that they could give a rats ass about.

Because I for one, DO NOT go to Fenway Park to spend my hard-earned dollars so that John Henry and the gang can find other ways to spend what bucks I contributed to maybe buy something else.

Like maybe a bigggggg yacht.


They already have one from the one time I did go to Fenway Park and dropped over a hundred bucks.

DAMN!red sox bad cart

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