Are There Any Investigative Reporters Out There Interested In Stuff Other Than Benghazi?


Now if someone wrote a really inspirational story about some guy in a foreign country named Ben Ghazi, I might be inclined to read it. But, that said, which I just did, I think I’ve had it up to my eye balls in Benghazi stories.

Yes, I do understand the political aspect of continuing to harp on Benghazi. Works for anyone who absolutely is terrified of  Hillary Clinton becoming the next president of the Yew United States.

My thinking….if that’s your thing….go for it.

But…..that said, which I just did again, I’m wondering why I can’t seem to find an investigate reporter to take on a company that, (if Hillary Clinton owned) would be all over these scammers like stink on dog doo doo.

The company I am referring to was once known as “Publish America” and is now known as “American Star Books” and most likely will be known as something else once people catch on how they run their scam operation.books1

A few years ago I bought into their, “Hey pal, we’ll publish your book for nothing, zilch, nada, zippo, and all ya have to do is sign this here contract for seven years and we’ll do the rest for ya.”

Yep…we’ll design your cover, get you all the necessary do dads like your ISBN number and stuff and, get this, promote your book EVERYWHERE!!! How great is THAT!!!!

So, being the innocent naive stupido that I was, I bought into their offer.

Subtitled: "Dead In The Water"

Subtitled: “Dead In The Water”

My book, “The Covert Chamber,” a 302 page softcover book was now finished and ready to be published. Soooooo. I figured, “Hey, a 302 page softcover book should sell for, say, anywhere from $9.95 to, at the most, $10.95.” Which I thought was quite reasonable.

So what do these idiots price it at? Read my lips……..$29 freakin’ five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who in their right mind is gonna pay THAT for a 302 page softcover book? I wouldn’t even buy my own book at that ridiculous price. Unless it had some really great nudity stuff in it. Neither did anyone else.books4

Soooooooo. What has “American Star” books done for me to promote my book over the last 3 years. NOTHING!!!!!!!! Or….zilch, zippo, nada.

Cept……yes……..except for sending me e-mails every single freaking day about how they’re gonna promote my book to God and everyone else in the publishing business.

Um……did I mention for a fee?

Oh yes…..for a mere few dollars. Like anywhere from $99  and up….BUT…….(always a but) no guarantees that when you fork over that money that anyone, other than the guy who cashes your check, will ever know who TF you are or that you wrote a damn book.

Here’s one of their liar liar pants on fire e-mails:Pants+on+fire+Truth-o-meter

America Star Follow Us OnFacebook Twitter
Filling up rapidly: only room for 7 more authors. THREE Hollywood talent and literary agents have agreed to look at your work, all three in Beverly Hills.
On Thursday I was excited to announced that 1: Al Pacino‘s agency (also Erin Brockovich‘s, Richard Dreyfuss‘s, and Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s) has agreed to read your book. They even want a hard copy of the book, which is very unusual. Then on Friday we learned that 2: the agent who represents writers for movies such as The Lion King, Armageddon, Batman Returns, Little Nemo, Outbreak, and Millennium also wants to see your work. They were additionally involved with the screenplay for Tom Hanks‘ movie Sleepless in Seattle, and other top films featuring Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, and Denzel Washington. I talked to Alex at their Wilshire Boulevard office who was very helpful.
Then 3: Molly at a third agency, also at Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, asked me to send them a well-packaged presentation of your book. They go back a long time, to when their agents represented the likes of Ronald Reagan, Grace Kelly, and Julie Andrews. Once they represent a writer, they tend to stay with you for the duration of a career. More recently they were involved with A&E’s Manhunters.
What an opportunity you have here! Not one but THREE talent and literary agents in Beverly Hills will take a look at you and your book. Read back what I wrote on Thursday about the rapidly changing landscape in Hollywood. Studios are starving for new stories because the demand for new feature films, TV series, and documentary films is bigger and more urgent than ever. Book authors are in high demand today as they are the creators of the movies of tomorrow.
Your book goes to Beverly Hills, 3 times.
Go to to activate for $99. Use coupon code 3BeverlyHills to reduce your fee from $299 to $99. We can accommodate only 7 more authors/books. I will carefully follow each agency’s guidelines and package your book’s submission for their review. As soon as we get a response from any of these 3 talent and literary agents in Beverly Hills about you and your work, you will be the first to hear it!
If you already signed up for your book’s submission to Al Pacino’s Hollywood agency, we’ll call you to see if you want to be reviewed by the other two Beverly Hills agencies as well.
–Kerrin Wuchter,
America Star Books Special Services
phone: 240 285 9638
DISCLAIMER: America Star Books has no affiliation with any literary agency in Beverly Hills or elsewhere, and/or Al Pacino, Richard Dreyfuss, Judy Collins, Erin Brockovich, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Julie Andrews, and/or media productions such as The Lion King, Armageddon, Batman Returns, Little Nemo, Outbreak, Millennium, Sleepless in Seattle, and/or any of their sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations and/or individuals. No endorsement of any kind is suggested or implied. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion.


Did ya read the #*^%$#!!! disclaimer? If ya did, then ya get my point.


Subtitled: “50 Shades of Hay”

So my challenge to anyone who has investigative reporting skills is this. Why TF aren’t you investigating THESE people on behalf of all authors who have been taken in by these scammers? Get off your damn asses and do something for mankind other than ramming Benghazi down our throats because you can’t think of anything else to write about.

Now I’ve done my part by sending e-mails to “60 Minutes,” (no response) to a fellow reporter on my Facebook page who writes for the Providence Journal, (no response) and to many others, (no responses) WTF!

Do some research. Check out complaints on the web on these people. And go ahead, write a really great expose’.


I restith my case.

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