“Balling” Their Eyes Out In Celoron, New York……..Literally….well…..kinda.



Lucille Ball

“Mommie……mommie….OMFG….what is that….mommie…..mommie…..I’m scared!!!!!”

“Calm down Herman for cripes sake, it’s only a statue of Lucille Ball. Now stop acting like a damn two-year old…..you’re 78 for Gawd’s sake.”

Yes folks. Some residents of Celoron, New York, (ya can’t get there from here) are totally bent outta shape over this statue of comedienne Lucille Ball.ball1Ooooooooooo……………..scary. No wonder residents of that town are up in arms…..or “balling” their eyes out. (sorry)

Michael Walsh, of “Yahoo News,” (no relation to that guy over in Israel, Netanyahu) brought to our attention the plight of these poor people who think the statue is not only frightening, but um, er, ok…..it’s frightening.

Unless you’re a dentist and think it’s great that Lucy’s showing what nice teeth she has.

OR…..you’re a biggggg fan of Eleanor Roosevelt………


Just sayin’

I do believe that the statue’s creator, Dave Poulin, thought this would be a great tribute to Lucy considering the statue depicts one of Lucy’s funniest comic routines, her auditioning for a part in a commercial for “Vitameatavegamin.”

However, I have to agree that the statue does not capture Lucy at her best. Frankly, I think it DOES make her look like Eleanor Roosevelt. Ya think?

Which isn’t a bad thing mind you. Cept Eleanor wasn’t really that funny.

Celoron just outside of Jamestown, New York was Lucille Ball’s hometown. Which explains why the statue was erected there to honor her.  I’m sure, as many of us do, love Lucy, as in “I Love Lucy” explains why the townsfolk are so upset. They think the statue is unflattering. As I do.


Hey Celeron……how about THIS for a statue

“The Jamestown area is immensely proud of the classic television icon. Jamestown is home to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum & Center for Comedy, which hosts an annual comedy festival the first week of August.” says the yahoo article.

In a quote from the article from a fan who wished to remain anonymous, he said, “Lucille Ball was not only an amazing comedienne, but she was a stunning beauty. Her sense of humor only made her more beautiful. This statue looks nothing like the beautiful Lucy we all know. If for no other reason than that… the statue should go.”

And the fact that “I” still think it looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mr. Anonymous has also started a Facebook page titled, “We Love Lucy! Get Rid Of This Statue.”


Hmmmm…….I kinda like this one better

He also cited the fact that other statues of famous stars are quite beautiful such as the statue “Nick at Nite” created for “Bewitched,” “The Honeymooners” and Bob Newhart.


This is either the statue of Bob Newhart, or, actually Bob Newhart after someone poured paint on him

Again, another quote from Mr. Anonymous: “I think it looks like a monster. That is just my opinion,” he said. “When you see it at night, it is frightening.”

Which could also be what FDR said when running into Eleanor late at night seeing her without makeup.

Which basically means you should go to see the statue during the day if you plan on driving up to that town, lest little kiddies and the family pet become traumatized.

The Mayor of Celoron, Scott Schrecengost, (Gesundheit) said that to fix the statue it would cost between $8,000 and $10,000. Which I’m assuming would most likely be fixing Lucy’s teeth, giving her a new hairdo, and using a photo of Lucy to reshape the face rather than the one they used of Mrs. Roosevelt. My guess anyhow.


Maybe THIS is why the statue sculptor chose to show a lot of teeth in that statue

But the Mayor said that he has no interest in using taxpayer dollars to do that. Instead, a special fund has been set up to raise money for Lucy’s plastic….or, um…..metal surgery.

UNLESS…….UNLESS…….They scrap that statue completely  and make a new one.

But using what image of Lucy?



FINALLY…..My suggestion for replacing that statue. HEY! Worked for Marilyn Monroe

Yeah……that’s it. Replace that teethy Eleanor Roosevelt looking statue with a sculpture of Lucy that’s shown above in that photo above. Bet they’d be no complaints there pal. After all, everybody loved that giant statue of Marilyn Monroe that was in a shopping plaza in Guigang, China.


週凌….你該死的色狼……停止服用她的屁股的照片!!!! (translation) Ling Chow….you damn  pervert…..quit taking photos of her ass!!!


OMFG!!!! Even THAT statue got the deep six.


Yep. The Chinese sold Marilyn to the junkman

Well, just goes to show ya that you can’t please everybody. Which includes the people in Celoron, New York, The Chinese and possibly FDR.

Just sayin.’

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3 Responses to “Balling” Their Eyes Out In Celoron, New York……..Literally….well…..kinda.

  1. katydidknot says:

    That’s pretty much exactly what I’m always afraid is going to be standing over my bed when I wake up in the morning. It’s even got the evil smile down.

    That’s the worst thing to happen to statues since that Korean Spiderman with an erection.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Korean Spiderman with an erection? Geez….how’d I miss THAT one!!!!

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