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First of all, as I’ve stated in the past, I was brought up many eons ago as a dog person. Mainly because I had no idea what a freakin’ cat was. (I led a very secluded life)

THAT….and the fact that my parents always decided what pet we would have. AND…I never really paid any attention to cats….if I actually saw one….which I can’t recall ever seeing.

I dunno, maybe there was a ban on owning a cat in my neighborhood. Or dogs ate them. Who knows.

Anyhow, my introduction to cats, or, A CAT, happened back in the late 90’s when I was dating and this cat kept hanging around my girlfriend’s patio scrounging for food or an occasional handout or a mouse.

When we split up, my girlfriend, not the cat, she worried that the cat would be traumatized by not having a place to beg for food, or mice. So she talked me into taking that cat home and that’s how it all began. Owning a cat.

Fast forward 15 years later and I’m still, as I like to call it, “catted.”

CATS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My every morning routine. Which explains why I need spell check

Well, three of them considering at one time we had six.

Which is when my allergies began. Which an allergist determined was due to cats. Go figure.

But, if you love cats and are allergic to them, you either deep six the cats or put up with the allergies. Like being caught between a rock and a hard place. In my case, between dust bunnies and furballs.

So, we, the cats and I, try to coexist.

And, before you suggest it, I’ve tried every allergy medication known to man and none of them work.


Mainly because in THIS house, cats rule. Again….THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!

On my sofa as I’m sitting here writing. On the kitchen table bench as I eat. Staring at me when I go to the bathroom. Sitting in my lap when I’m on my PC. Walking across my pillow every night and pawing at me if I don’t pay attention to them.


Now available at Sears

Or, one of them. Which I’ve nicknamed “Dinozzo” after NCIS Anthony Dinozzo and because she constantly uses her nose to nose me. Hence, Dinozzo.

Her actual name is Olivia, but to me, Dinozzo would suit her much better.

Then there’s Cassie. She’s a petite calico that insists on walking across my pillow each night, sneezing, kneading, meowing, and on occasion, hacking up a furball. usually at 2am. Then at 5am she resumes the same routine so that I’ll get up and feed her. The others join in as well. It’s a freakin’ conspiracy to drive me nuts I tell ya.


At least its not cat butt

My other half usually ignores that because, as all women know, if they hold out long enough a man will crack and give in to the cats and they can just roll over and go back to sleep.

With one exception………………….

Which I do on occasion as well

Which I do on occasion as well

The last cat is the only one out of the three who truly is a man’s cat. Sleeps 23 out of 24 hours a day. Rarely meows unless he wants a snack. Never sits on me or walks across my computer. And is the only one who waits for me to come home when I’m gone. Even my other half doesn’t do that! Well cept for the sleeping part. And only because “I’M” up at 5am feeding the damn cats while she’s still sleeping.

But, all in all I must admit having cats is better than having a dog.


Can you say, l-i-t-t-e-r-b-o-x.

YES! While I’m sneezing my butt off from allergies, especially during the Winter months when the windows are all closed, I gaze out my window at the 5 feet of snow piled up and the 10 degree cold and see some poor bastard walking his dog till Rover decides to find the right spot and do its thing.

While I continue to sneeze, but warmly, and still in my PJ’s while my cats gingerly head down to a nice warm basement and do THEIR THING in the litter box.

No freezing MY butt off waiting for a dog to find a fire hydrant and lift its leg.lets hear it for the cat cart

So, It’s not that bad owning cats. I stock up on a lot of nose tissue, breathe strips, duct tape, (for getting rid of cat fur on my pillow) and a super Shark vacuum cleaner that scarfs up furballs in a millisecond.

As far as my allergies are concerned…………………I deal with it.

After all, I was married two times, and eventually found out I was allergic to marriage, and eventually found a cure, (divorce) and it worked out just fine.

So, either I’ll continue to hope that I’ll find an allergy medication that actually works, or, they (the cats) will out live me and I won’t have to worry about it.

Me thinkith the latter will happen first.

Just sayin.’



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