WTF Is The Problem With Sam Elliott?

Something is afoot here with Sam Elliott.

Now THIS is the way I think of Sam Elliott……………. he does kinda look like you know who, (God0 but that's just in this photo....I think

OK…Ok….so he does kinda look like you know who, (God) but that’s just in this photo….I think

Um…..ok….jusssssssssssssst in case I made a mistake and that photo above IS of God, here’s another one that I’m pretty sure is NOT God, but Sam Elliott……

Pretty sure THIS is NOT God

Pretty sure THIS is NOT God

So anyhow, I really like the guy. I think he’s a great actor. Liked him in that rough and tough kick butt movie “Roadhouse” starring Patrick Swayze. Really enjoyed him in the Christmas movie “Prancer” where he played a little girls dad.

And, of course, because I own a Dodge Ram, I realllllllly like his Ram commercials. Yep….we all know it’s that deep manly grab you by the balls voice that does it in those Ram commercials. Makes ya wanna go out and buy three or four Rams.

BUT…….something is afoot here with Sam Elliott.

First of all it’s his neck. WTF is wrong with his neck for cripes sake?

Observe these photos carefully as I make my point.

It started here with a slight lean to the right

It started here with a slight lean to the left

Then to the right again

Then to the right

Then waaaaaay over to the right

Then waaaaaay over to the left again

Then back over to the left

Then back over to the right

What the hell is wrong with his head….or neck? He can’t keep it up straight. Even when playing with a bunny rabbit!


Eh….what’s up with yer neck doc?

Elliott is now starring in the TV series “Justified” on “FX” and it’s quite evident that his neck problem is getting a lot worse. It’s either tilting to the right or the left, which makes it very hard to look the guy directly in his eyes when you’re talkin’ to him.

Not to mention, but I will, “I” get a freakin’ crick in MY neck just watchin’ him.

THEN…..if things weren’t bad enough, Elliott goes and shaves off his moustache, has short hair, and now, looks like this.



So when he smiles, he kinda resembles………..(thinking)





I’m tellin’ ya, put some lipstick on Sam and a little coaching from Jack Nicholson, and ya got the next Joker in the next Batman movie. Cept for that head problem.

Now if you haven’t watched “Justified” catch it next week (Tuesday) before the season is over because this IS the last season, or before they knock off Elliott, as they do with just about anyone who guest stars in this show.

Which is the main reason I personally turned down a request to star in a cameo role.

Or Sam dies from some complications related to his neck problem.

Personally, I still like the guy. But he really needs to grow that moustache back, let his hair get longer, and see a chiropracter….fast!

As far as his role in “Justifed” goes, I KNOW they’re gonna knock him off very soon.

Now if I were writing this show, in a touch or irony, I’d have Marshall Raylan Givens confront Sam, a fight break out, Sam makes a break for it, gets into his Dodge Ram 25,000,000 and a chase scene ensues.

Sam, doing 75 mph in his Dodge Ram, crashes it after Raylan shoots out one of the tires, stumbles out of the truck, looks at the Ram and sees that there’s no damage, and just before he croaks from his injuries, turns towards the camera, and says…….

“Godamn Raylan…….them Dodge trucks are Ram tough.”raylan2

Just sayin.’

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18 Responses to WTF Is The Problem With Sam Elliott?

  1. Doc says:

    The reason why he shifts his neck so much depends on the acting role he plays at any given moment…if it’s evil, he’s listening to that little devil over his left shoulder; if he’s being a good boy, then he has an ear to the angel on his right.

    Trouble is, when’s he’s not being seen, as in a voiceover or on the radio, then one can’t tell WHICH way he’s leaning. But you can guess…in a Dodge Ram commercial, his ear is bent to the right (angel). If he’s doing a voiceover for a Viagra commercial (which I desperately wish he would do), then of course, leaning left (the devil incarnate).

  2. SVG says:

    Sure Doc, I get your hidden meaning…if he’s “leaning left” that means he is evil and a Democrat? If “leaning right” an angel Republican?? What if he’s an Independent—stand straight up, smile often, and get by sounding like God??

    You know me, everything’s political, if not local.

  3. SVG says:

    WHAT?? The Viagra commercial didn’t even register on your radar? Instead, our wonderful personalities??

  4. Um. he had a stroke and can no longer smile that well with the left side of his face.. his “lean” is all about camera angle to make his smile look more “even”

    • misfit120 says:

      Hmmmm. I would have gone with permanent crick in the neck from trying to read ingredient lists on cereal boxes while shopping at grocery stores without moving the box off of the shelf.

  5. He plays in THE RANCH on Netflix and his lean to the right is bad.

  6. Susanna Warner says:

    Sam Elliott has Torticollis. And I wish he would see a chiropractor to get it fixed

  7. M T Crows says:

    love ALL the comments folks as he is one of my all time favorites and that voice even me feel all cozy lol…happy new years folks……Rok on Sam and maybe that ciropracter would worlk as I have similar issues when its rainy season and hurts like hell-thank God for canibus =)

  8. R. Bailey says:

    Watching him on Justified and he looks as if he has had a stroke. The right side of his mouth is drawn. Probably tilts his head to hid his drawn mouth.

  9. Your Nightmare says:

    What an ASSET you are. You AREN’T writing a,show much less anything worth reading or contributing to humanity; and your disgusting cruelty and making fun of a disease/condition associated with aging and genetic predispisition is simply telling of what a fuck stick you are.

    Sam Elliott is a he’ll of a lot better off then you, you nobody dip shit.

  10. negrabutler says:

    he always had that strange thing whith his neck. I’ve been wondering the same question,so google take me here. XD

    sorry bout my english,I’m workin on it haha!

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