What Is Hatred? And Why Do People Love To hate?

hate4 I took a couple of days off from blog writing to contemplate the word “hate.” Now I myself have used that word myself. BUT…..NEVER when it comes to anyone I have ever known in my entire life. Honest!

Maybe that’s why I’m able to write a humor blog because I tend to look at things humorously rather than focus on the negative. Like my other half when I fall off a ladder writhing in pain and she’s laughing her butt off. I didn’t “hate” her for laughing…um….but I DID flip her the bird.

Lovingly of course, But all that said, I just do not understand all the hatred in our society today. Maybe it’s been there all of our lives and social media and six gazillion news outlets just make it more evident. As well as giving Internet trolls fuel for expressing their own hatred.hate6 Like when big Bruno Snorfenderker used to call you names in school, steal your lunch, give you a wedgie and make ya cry. Ok….so it was over and ya got on with your life. But today, if that idiot did the same thing, as I suspect still happens in school, it gets posted on every social media site and people come to that poor kids defense while idiots who are like Snorfenderker think it’s sooooo cool and praise him. Otherwise, without social media we’d never know of such an incident, and bully Snorfenderker wouldn’t get the notoriety and praise from his idiot peers.hate1 Such is the case with hatred. With social media sites we tend to make hateful comments because no one knows who we are. We remain anonymous behind screen names.

So, if ya wanna call someone an a**hole or post photos of anyone you caught doing something stupid…SHAZAM! It goes viral. And people love it.

I mentioned that I HAVE hated in the past. But, I’ve hated things like broccoli, spinach, artichokes, going to the doctor, being in a hospital. getting a traffic ticket, not hitting the lottery, and getting freakin’ old. But to say I actually “hate” someone…no! And how many times have ya seen someone holding this sign on the Internet.


Like it says…..read between the lines

Cripes, I don’t even hate any of my ex wives. I figure its water under the damn. Ya live and learn, and ya move on.

I do know a lot of people who love to hate. They absolutely love to spread hate and discontent. That’s what they live for.

Which brings me to my original point. Which is……I don’t get it. What purpose does hate or hating someone accomplish? Satisfaction? Contentment? Joy?

Take President Obama for instance. The hatred for this president is totally off the wall. I’m not one of them. Like or dislike him……you can at least be civil about it. But it just blows me away at some of the vile stuff I see every day in Internet social media posts, some media outlets, and sometimes in conversations I overhear.hate3 To me, being a logical person, I would think a point is better made using facts, presenting your case without using racial slurs or the “F” word and perhaps making yourself appear somewhat intelligent. So, will it ever change? No.

Just like there will always be Bruno Snorkenderkers bullying kids in school, there will always be those that love to spread hatred. There will always be hatred for whoever the President is. Black or white. Its the nature of the beast. Which is……hatred.


Which is why i don’t drink Gatorade today

Growing up and being raised by my grandparents from day one, I saw my mother now and then. Rarely saw my father. This of course was not the norm in the 50’s. Now a days it’s accepted as normal.

Did it affect me in any way or give me a chip on my shoulder or make me want to lash out? No. I think I turned out pretty well…..cept for being short and addicted to writing humor.

BUT…….I won’t EVEN list the number of people who may hate me. Why? Because I am a logical person and will always challenge a point……respectively, while others I have encountered will not. And if I am correct, yep, on their s**t list and they wind up hating me.

But, that said, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been hated, disowned, shunned, called various names, and actually even fired from jobs because I stood my ground, respectively, and argued a point. Goes with the territory I guess.

But if you really want to know what hatred is. Consider this. Some years ago when my mother passed away she hated me so much for living so far away from her and not being there every single day. She hated me for getting divorced and chose to take the high road, for the sake of my kids, and snuggle up to my ex and ignoring her own son. And I think she hated me for knowing how I called my grandmother “mom” because she raised me and not her.

So…….when you have THAT much hate……how do you have the final say? You write your own obituary and in it never mention that you had a son, BUT…..say you are survived by grandchildren. THAT’S HATRED UNDERLINED.

And my two kids. Yep…….they take after her. They chose to carry on my mother’s quest for hatred beyond death.

So ya see. Some people love to hate, which I still don’t get. Whether it comes to hating the President, people’s ethnic backgrounds, religions, or just for the sake of spreading hate and discontent because you love it.

What I DO get is that I thank God I never learned to hate anyone. Can YOU say that?hate7 Um……but, I must admit, I DO still hate broccoli. Gotta cut me some slack on that one.

(UPDATE) If I have time today, I will post some comments from other social media sites that prove my point:

Scott New!


Unfortunately, the president has seen fit to spend his tenure dividing people, pitting them against one another. It worked. I hate his guts.


  • Well Scott, you may be an example of the point I was trying to make.


  • Scott to Richard New!


  • Well, Richard, what point is that?
    It’s not nice to say you hate stuff – even if you do?
    Keep your dissension of the regime to yourself?
    Be a good little komrade?


  • Richard

  • Why isn’t to ok to hate STUFF? Stuff has no feelings. But people do. Are you condoning hate?


  • Scott to Richard New!


Obama doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ what anyone thinks about him. Just look at how he treats us!

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2 Responses to What Is Hatred? And Why Do People Love To hate?

  1. katydidknot says:

    I hate celery.

    With the hateful crazies online, I might be addicted to trying to speak to them rationally. It’s an illness, because I know I’m never going to be able to talk reason to them. So why do I try?

    Addiction, illness, etc.

    • misfit120 says:

      KATY!!!! Noooooooo! NEVER try to speak rationally or use logic with trolls. That’s what they want to suck you into. I know it’s hard to resist but ya gotta try.

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