If You Have A Set Of Big Balls, and Your Name Is “Cotton,” …….Watch Out…..You Know How Cotton Balls Go Rotten


No disrespect to asses……four legged kind

To set the mood…………….https://youtu.be/C4zPEmRufMU


Mommeeee Mommeeee I just sent my verrrry first letter

Ya know…..when I was a mere child many many eons ago, (BC) I was taught two very important lessons. 1. Don’t f**k with women logic. And 2. If you’re the new kind on the block, (not a member of the rock group “New Kids On The Block”) keep a verrrry low profile and do not make any freakin’ waves.

Which is why I NEVER win when it comes to questioning any woman’s logic, AND why ya never see the lowest guy on the Mafia totem pole challenge the Godfadder.mafiafish2I don’t think I need to tell any of you the biggggggggggggggggggggggggg set of balls Arkansas Senator New Kid On The Block Tom Cotton has for coming up with the idea to send Iran a letter, (SWAK) about not trusting the President of the Yew United States when it comes to negotiating a peace deal.

(Obama haters, stop reading this blog here and insert vile comments at bottom of blog)

I’m not going to go on about why this is wrong, or as I like to call it “tacky,” but I’ll just give you some food for thought.


Tacky….but non political

Let’s say a Democratic member of that foolish organization laughingly called “Congress” sent a letter to Saddam Hussein during the Bush years and told him to watch out for Bush and not to trust him.


OR…….ANY member of congress for that matter….Democrat or Republican.

Or……during World War II, and I’ll cite Republicans here only because Democrats were in power then, one of them, saaaaaay, a freshman congressman, saaaaaay like Cotton, got 47 senators to send a letter to Adolf Hitler telling him not to trust President Roosevelt.adolf4

I thinkith you get my point.

or not….depending on what your party affiliation is,

Just Sayin.’

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3 Responses to If You Have A Set Of Big Balls, and Your Name Is “Cotton,” …….Watch Out…..You Know How Cotton Balls Go Rotten

  1. katydidknot says:

    I am not someone who gets into the tall grass with partisan political issues, but this one gets me. It’s really disgusting what they did.

    Naturally, both of the senators from my state signed it. I suspect one of them might have actually been the one to write it.

    That’s all I am going to say for now, because I don’t want to blow a fuse.

    • misfit120 says:

      Ditto Katy. I actually blew a fuse myself because I believe it undermines the political process of the Chief Executive. AND…..this is purely a political ploy by the Republicans to undermine Obama and score points. However, that said, I think any reasonable person who can put politics aside and not play the “party card” knows this was the wrong thing to do. I find it sad that people will stand behind Republicans actions based on their party affiliation rather than looking at this with an open mind and knowing it was not the right thing to do.

  2. The arrogance of the ignorant rides again!

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