Grovelling For A Dollar. Yep….I Have Absolutely No Shame.


OMFG….he’s grovelling again

To grovel or not to grovel. That was the question. To which I responded to myself, me, being the only one in a conversation with myself, “Sure, go ahead and do some grovelling why don’t ya.”

So, today is grovel day. Gawd I love that word just about as much as I love the word “titillating.”

Um....tittilating...but not really my style

Um….titillating…but not really my style

Now as you all know at the end of each of these inane blogs, I slip in the MisfitWisdom grovelling donation link, which everyone completely ignores. Most likely because, who TF wants to donate ANYTHING to something that you can get for free.

(NOTE) Fellow blogger “Mindful Digressions,” wrote a blog entitled, “18 Types of Blogs To Avoid.” (3/10) and I read all the reasons he listed for blogs to avoid. (this “dollar blog grovelling” would obviously would be one to avoid)

I base this on the fact that #16 on his list was, “Blogs On How To Make Money By Blogging.” (or, bloggers who think they’re gonna make boatloads of money by blogging) Cripes….guess I’ll be losing him as a follower.

Yep….I would think the same way as well.


If only…………

But then I said to myself, “Hey Mousefeet, what about all those times when you’re at a store and the clerk asks you to donate a dollar for whatever cause and you whip out a buck and give it to them.” YES! One measly dollar. One hundred cents…..which actually sounds like it’s less than a dollar because we all kind of ignore pennies because they’re a pain in the ass. Like when you throw those extra pennies into that cup when you’re in a store or a jar at home.


My sign: Went blind writing on a computer

Soooo. I began to think, which I do very rarely, about grovelling for one hundred pennies from my blog readers. Sounds a lot better than grovelling for one dollar. Ya think?



Now why do I grovel? I know you don’t give a rats ass why, but I’m gonna tell ya anyhow. Because. HEY! It works for my other half all the time when I ask her a question, expect an answer, and always get the “because” response.”

Um….it’s not gonna work in this instance is it? Damn!


How my logical mind works

Ok…ok……here’s the way I see it. Basically if you just donate one stinkin’ dollar (99 cents) using the PayPal link it’s not gonna break ya. BUT….if everyone who enjoys this blog contributes, hey, it adds up and those dollars go to covering expenses such as computer ink cartridges, printing paper, tranquilizers, (I get stressed a lot writing this stuff) and my daily supply of peanut M&M’s.

Not to mention, but I will, it shows that you care enough to give the very best… hundred cents. (old Hallmark Card phrase)

Considering I only grovel once a year, ya gotta cut me some slack here for not writing my usual nonsense today. I was just in a grovelling mood. And, I’m out of M&M’s. OMFG!!!!!!!!


Thank Gawd Wal-Mart gave me this box

The good news is that if any of you actually cough up one dollar, which again is one hundred cents, and I amass a fortune, say like five or six bucks, it will really make my day, (to quote Clint Eastwood) and not only allow me to stock up on M&M’s, and possibly some printer paper and other supplies, but show me that you care enough to contribute.

The bad news. Even if no one donates I’ll still continue to write this stuff because it’s self therapy for me and saves me from having to go to my shrink every week so that he can calm me down after I cry on his shoulder because no one ever uses my donation link.

Besides, with no donations I can’t afford him anyhow.


Awwwww…..look at the cute kitty. (sniff) Lets give Misfit a dollar just for this pic. Awwwww.


DONATE & SUPPORT: The MisfitWisdom PayPal one measly dollar donate link: (Copy & Paste the link to make a donation)

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1 Response to Grovelling For A Dollar. Yep….I Have Absolutely No Shame.

  1. SVG says:

    Not to put a pin in your groveling baloon, but that’ll be 55 cents in tax per dollar.

    We are watching you….

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