Why I Hate Sundays………………….Which Is The Result Of Today’s Blog


Fact 13: If you read all that, you’re hooked on this stupid blog, there’s no hope for you, so you might as well say, f**k it and finish reading the rest of this crap

Have you ever wondered how I come up with writing a lot of weird stuff on this blog?

Simple…….I’m not normal.

(this clip from “Young Frankenstein” says it all)

I used to love Sundays. Probably many of you love Sundays.

But, because I lead such a mundane life, I hate Sundays. Yeah, they were great because for most people it meant a day off from work. Yes, I know, some of you poor bastards work on Sundays, so maybe you hate them like I do.


SEE……I’m not the only one!

But that’s not the reason I hate them. When you get to a certain age there aren’t too many things that excite you anymore. Cept maybe for Linette Beaumont who does those Viagra commercials. (pant)

But, besides Linette, (pant) I look forward to three things each day. The mail, the lottery and breathing. The last one crucial to getting the mail or checking my lottery numbers.


Breathing sometimes a problem

Other than those, Sundays suck. Even the news sucks. If there IS news on the tube that is. Golf, tennis, soccer, racing, paint drying, usually pre-empt the news programs on Sundays.

Soooo…….no mail, no news, and just the lottery numbers to look forward to. And with no mail or news, I’m not too much inspired to write a damn blog. Which is when I think weird stuff, which leads to a weird blog, which usually no one reads on a Sunday because they’re too busy watching golf, tennis, soccer, racing and paint drying.


Followed by “Watching Honey Freakin’ Boo Boo Grow.”

So, what to do?

Obviously, to amuse myself while my other half watches mindless TV, (The Rising Dough Channel) I let the part of my brain that’s inoperative, (all of it) take over on Sundays and this is what happens.

A blog about some of my favorite scenes from movies. Like this next one from the movie “Young Frankenstein,” with Cloris Leachman where Dr. Frankenstein, (Gene Wilder) discovers that Frau Blücher and the original Dr. Frankenstein were getting it on.

YESSSSS!!!! He vas my BOYFRIEND!!!!!!

YESSSSS!!!! He vas my BOYFRIEND!!!!!!

Not all my favorite scenes were humorous, although, I, with a slightly demented mind, think this next one really was humorous because of the way Gary Oldman reacted when he told another cop, Manny, to get everyone, and Manny asked, “How many?”

Had I been Manny, I immediately would have beat feet….thinking, Cripes, this guy is a nut job.”

Hey pal....I resemble that remark!

Hey pal….I resemble that remark!

Oh yeah…one more classic scene from “Blazing Saddles.” Might wanna stand back while watching this one.

Not all my recollections are from movies. Some from old radio and TV shows as well. I remember watching this scene with Jack Benny and Mel Blanc.

Then there’s this guy……………………


The comedic genius of Peter Sellers in his role as Inspector Clouseau in those Pink Panther movies.

By far, besides Spike Jones, the one artist that made some of the most creative and funny recordings back when I was a mere child, was Stan Freberg. His classic “John & Marsha” was one I could always imitate on the radio. I did that specifically because my brother in law’s name was John and his wife, yep, Marsha. Bugged the hell outta them.

But my favorite Freberg recording is this next one. “Wun’erful Wun’erful” which spoofs the old Lawrence Welk TV Show.


Finally, because I’ve managed to “finally” get thru this boring Sunday, my last submission.

Growing up Catholic I could relate to the late George Carlin’s take on going to confession. He hit it right on the nail.

Geez……after that, I hope he wound up there.


Whew…..he made it

Well……as Mel Blanc would say………………………….

Thanks Mel.........

Thanks Mel………

Cripes…….is Monday EVER gonna come………………….

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5 Responses to Why I Hate Sundays………………….Which Is The Result Of Today’s Blog

  1. irtfyblog says:

    All great video clips. Sundays are nice, easy days. Nothing much happens, except for In the Kitchen with David on QVC. LOL…yes…I watch it… Pathetic…I know.

  2. in2indigo says:

    Linette Beaumont….now we know her name. That’s the most unrealistic commercial. She is not any ones wife! Mistress….concubine……every man’s dream is more like it! Not the gray haired hag sitting next to the man drooling over a TV commercial’s bull shit. Just Sayin’:)

    • misfit120 says:

      HEY! Chill out! It’s NOT unrealistic if you’re a bit younger, I “DO” realize that. However, even though we (me) and (yours, man) drool over Linette we are both content with our gray haired partners. (notice I did not touch that word “hag) I don’t not have a death wish. Also, you know I consider you and my other half extremely desirable. (Whew…..got outta that one safely didn’t I)

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