#!@$%#@! SNOW!!!!



Spring is a few weeks away and the croci (more than one damn crocus) need CPR.


It’s almost time to “Spring” forward by setting the clocks ahead one hour (this weekend) and I’m saying to myself, “WHY!  Spring isn’t coming anytime soon.”

Now usually when I write a blog, I WRITE a blog………today…..I’m giving you a twofer…..(another one a bit later) this one contains a few pics of my weekly venture out into civilization, which I only do once a week.

And…on that one day….it freakin’ snows.

As it’s done just about every other day here in New Freaking England.

So…….you people who have never seen snow, consider yourselves lucky.

Here’s some snow for ya from the inside of my Dodge Ram.


(ME) $#%^#@! Snow! (Other half) But honeeeee, it’s soooooooo beautiful.  (they’ll never find her body till June)

Hmmm……….where to dump her body………………..

Where I dumped her body

Where I dumped her body

But, I DID keep her purse…………….


Foxwoods Resort Casino. Where I went after dumping her body. Hey…..I found $100 in her purse, and it was snowing, so WTF….might as well enjoy the rest of the day

My defense, should they find her body come Spring, it was justifiable homicide. Based on the fact that after weeks and weeks of home confinement due to all these snow storms I finally snapped when she said to me, in the midst of yet another snow storm…..”Oh honeeee, it’s sooooo beautiful.”


Because while she’s been sitting in a warm house watching that sooooooo beautiful snow pile up I was out shoveling that #%&$@! beautiful snow.


At the least……….with a good lawyer……I might be able to plead temporary insanity.

Ya think?


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2 Responses to #!@$%#@! SNOW!!!!

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    I feel your pain, I live in Saskatchewan Canada, we get a shit ton of snow and it’s usually minus 40 or colder for 7 freaking months of the year man!!

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