Lesley Gore ………….. 5/2/1946 – 2/16/2015 Gary Owens ………….5/10/36 – 2/12/2015

gore1When you’ve spent half your life playing records on the radio as a disc jockey, you always feel a sense of loss when an artist whose records you played day in and day out passes on. Especially at such a young age. As in the loss this week of Lesley Gore at the age of 68.

“It’s My Party” was Lesley’s first hit. But, for me, it was “Judy’s Turn To Cry” that still bugs the hell outta me whenever I hear it.


I’m haunted by Judys. Literally.

When I was 17 and in the Army I hooked up with a girl I used to have a crush on when I was 15 or so, Called her when I was on leave and we dated and it got serious. So, we got engaged before I went back to Germany and she wrote me just about every day or so.

When I got discharged, the day I got home, Judy told me she was marrying someone else.

I know. You’re asking yourselves, “Cripes, why the hell didn’t she tell you before you got home?”

Because she didn’t want to send me one of those “Dear John” letters. Maybe because my name was Dick and it just wouldn’t have been the same.

Nope…….Judy didn’t cry.

THEN, years later I marry a Judy only to get divorced 18 freakin’ years later because………….um…….because……ya know…….I STILL haven’t figured that one out.

She didn’t cry either.

THEN…….I date a woman named Judy.  (ya think I would have had a clue by then)

Real nice sweet woman but she couldn’t put up with my not putting her first in our relationship because I would drop everything if my taxi boss called and asked me to drop everything, which I did, and beat feet to the cab office. This pissed off Judy and she broke off our relationship. Can’t say I blame her.

BUT…in my feeble defense, I was homeless at the time, living rent free at the cab office, sleeping on two chairs and trying to save enough money for my own place.

She didn’t cry either.

So, all in all, it was never any of those Judy’s turn to cry. But that song sure reminds me of those Judys.

Having been in broadcasting myself as a disc jockey, I felt the same sense of loss with the passing last week of Gary Owens. Not only because he was one of my favorite radio broadcasters, but, ironically passed away on my birthday, February 12th.

Most of you will remember Gary depending upon your age. If you followed the old “Rowan and Martins’ Laugh In” television show you’ll remember Gary as the announcer who appeared in quick cameos with his hand cupped over his ears. Or on the radio doing the syndicated “Soundtrack of the Sixties.” He also voiced a few cartoons characters including “Roger Ramjet.”owens1

Here’s a clip courtesy of YouTube and Wink Martindale of some of Gary’s humor on the air.

And, Gary always reminded me that one should ALWAYS pre read copy before doing a commercial live.

As you get older and people pass on that you may not know directly but have some connection to in one way or another, as I had playing Lesley’s records on the radio, or being in the same profession as Gary, although I never achieved stardom as they did, you still deeply feel that loss.

Thanks for the music Lesley. Thanks for the laughs Gary.

I guess, it’s my time to cry.

Copyright 2015 MisfitWisdom RLV


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