Here We Go Again. Another Question About Why We Men, (most of us) Are Into Women’s Boobs.

How it all started.....

How it all started…..the infamous “Booby Bird.”

First…..Happy Valentines Day…….ok…..on to the serious stuff here……………

Look folks, I’m a red-blooded American (Italian) male and if I said I wasn’t into ogling women’s boobs I’d be lying through my teeth. So, it was with curious interest that, when surfing my gazillion e-mails yesterday I came across this e-mail from one of my fellow bloggers and a post they had, (obviously) posted. Which is what you do when you write a blog. Post it….duh. Here’s what the blog heading was:

Men Aren’t Hard Wired To Find Breasts Attractive

Holistic Wayfarer:

Calling All Men! I’m going to keep the comment board open on my end, as I would really appreciate hearing honestly from the men. You might run by my dialogue with the BroadBlogger under her post before dropping your feedback here, as she’s already explained her position in depth. I think men are born with a fondness for breasts. Care to enlighten me? Thanks in advance for the interesting conversation. HW

So, Holistic Wayfarer posted that, and I, of course, having great experience as a “boobologist” (ogling women’s boobs) I added my two cents and a couple of cents more in response to “Men Aren’t Hard Wired To Find Breasts Attractive.”

I might add, that me, finding women’s breasts attractive, was tempted to play on that one word “hard” when it came to seeing any women’s breasts, but, I’ll leave that to your imagination as to what I was thinking.gun1

Anyhow, I disagreed, saying that most men ARE hard-wired who are of a certain age.

Mainly guys like me who had to rip off copies of “Playboy Magazine” or “Penthouse” when we were teenagers back in the 50’s if we EVER wanted to ogle a boob….um….sorry, that should read, “ogle boobs.” (they usually come in pairs)

I mean censorship was off the freakin’ wall when it came to finding photos of boobs back then. Unlike today when boobs run rampant all over the place. Most recently Kim Kardashian’s boobs, butt, and all other body parts exposed all over the place.

Which, gives me an excuse to post those photos once again.

Of course all in the name of research and enhancing my point.. Not to titillate any of you males.

(DISCLAIMER) If by chance you are a male and you do become titillated….MisfitWisdom cannot be held responsible.

Ba Da........

Ba Da……..



Ba Da............

Ba Da…………



Ya see, my theory is this. (hold on a sec……just want to look at those photos of Kim one more time)


Ok…I’m fine now.


Somethings never change

Anyhow, my theory is this with regard to the censorship back in the stone age. (50’s) Boobs were not easily accessible for us teenagers or young men. Well, at least photos. So it would be only obvious that we’d become “hard-wired” to getting “hard-wired” (among other hard things wired) if we saw a photo of a boob or actually (if lucky) actually saw a real honest to goodness boob.

Think about this you naysayers. Especially you older ones. Remember sitting in high school class, say like myself, who  sat behind voluptuous, (stacked) Gloria Flockendorfer, (your basic “brick house”) when she would wear sleeveless blouses and you’d lean over from your desk to try to catch a glimpse of her boob through that open sleeve.

Commonly referred to today as a “side boob.”

Example of a "side boob" courtesy of Emma Watson

Example of a “side boob” courtesy of Emma Watson

So that’s how some of us boys had to satisfy our curious nature about boobs. BECAUSE…other than ripping off those magazines, what else was there. Unless you were one of those kids lucky enough to cop a feel when you went parking with your date.

BUT….even then it was usually dark. So, other than the feel, you really couldn’t ogle a boob…or two.

Not to mention, but I will, cars back then had like 2 watt overhead light bulbs on the interior ceiling and ya couldn’t see squat.

But today, males (teenagers) growing up can find boobs galore allllllllll over the Internet.

Not only THAT but porno sites, boob sites, and whatever floats your boat. WTF did we have as teenagers back then. Practically nothing! Zip! Nada! Zilch! Zero!

See what I mean............

See what I mean…………

So, one of the questions also posed was what if boobs were commonplace, as in other societies……then what?

Well, if it were commonplace obviously you’d get accustomed to seeing woman’s boobs and eventually, just like seeing anything else over and over again, get used to it. As in other countries where, “Oh look….it’s a naked woman’s boobs….ho hum.”

So, in conclusion, my point is that I tend to disagree, partially, that “Men Aren’t Hard Wired To Find Breasts Attractive” That’s too broad of a conclusion. It should have read, “SOME Men Aren’t Hard Wired To Find Breasts Attractive.”

Like maybe Elton John. Just a wild guess there.

DAMN! No chance of seeing a side boob here.

DAMN! No chance of seeing a side boob here.

As for myself.

Yes….I “AM” hard…….um….sorry, “hard-wired” and do find women’s breasts attractive.

But, then again…..that’s just me.

Just sayin.’

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4 Responses to Here We Go Again. Another Question About Why We Men, (most of us) Are Into Women’s Boobs.

  1. I read it through. Glad you got a post out of this. That Kim is…egh. But I know you disagree. *looks up at ceiling*

  2. misfit120 says:

    Actually I do agree with you. She does nothing for me. I’m more of a average type woman’s body…..I find smaller women seductive. Thanks…..:)

  3. katydidknot says:

    I’m not sure about “getting used to seeing them.”

    I mean, in theory, I own mirrors, but… um…

    Yeah, I still spent a long time getting down this far on this post and I don’t remember what i was going to write anymore. Let me go back up and have a look to see if I can remember…

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