Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane. (Which is now part of I-95)

tv6 Gawd I miss that old test pattern. Um, actually I miss having 3 TV channels to choose from and THEN that test pattern at the end of the night when TV actually (gasp) stopped tving…..(my word) which means stopped broadcasting.

Yeah you people under the age of 60….TV actually used to sign off every night and all ya had to look at was that test pattern. Which is the main reason marijuana became so popular in the early 60’s. Couldn’t watch anything on the tube…soooooo, ya got high and didn’t give a rats ass.

Of course today, there’s yet another reason pot is once again gaining in popularity…………………………..

Get the weed out honeeee

Get the weed out honeeee

I not only miss that test pattern for THAT reason, but it also brings back memories of all those old TV cartoons I used to watch. I (sob) even miss the original Mickey Mouse Club. And Annette. So much so that some nights I even watch old MMC episodes. tv5Damn! I EVEN miss those old commercials.

Anyone remember Jimmy Nelson, Danny O’Day and Farfel from a 1956 TV commercial?

(sniff….I’m tearing up here) And then there was Felix the cat.

Damn I miss those cartoons. Especially THIS guy who still pops up every now and then……….tv3And the only cartoon character today that makes me laugh, better than all the other main characters in the movie “Ice Age” is this guy……….



Um…oh yeah……one more from a few years ago. Seeing this babe made me throw out all my Betty Boop pics. (Betty Boop……look her up if you said who?)

J-J-J-Jessica R-R-R-Rabbit (pant)

J-J-J-Jessica R-R-R-Rabbit (pant)

But those two are the only ones that float my boat today. If I actually had a boat to float that is.

I DID mention the Mickey Mouse Club and Annette. Who has since left us. Annette, not Mickey Mouse.

If you were a teenager in the late 50’s and 60’s Annette was, HOT! Well, at least to ME she was hot. Ok…OK……Darlene had her beat for looks BUT…….Annette was a late bloomer. And I just knew if I hung in with Annette she’d sure as hell blossom into more than just those bigggggggggggg mouse ears. If ya catch my drift here.


Sweet and innocent Annette with her mouse ears

And the blossom part………………..


Sweet and innocent Annette minus her mouse ears, but, screw the ears. Look what she traded them in for. As Frankie Avalon discovered.

And Darlene then………………………..


Sweet and innocent too

And Darlene now………………………..



Needith I sayith more?

By far, at least for me, I think every teenager’s favorite show growing up in the 50’s and 60’s was Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Rock and Roll was OUR music and it was on his show that we got to see all of our favorite recording artists. While our parents cringed in the other room. Kinda like today, when I cringe watching the Grammy Awards.

Only because I don’t have a freakin’ clue who half the artists are today. There ARE a few exceptions however. But not very many.

Little Richard was one artist that made my parents go bonkers. My favorite song by him was “Jenny Jenny” and if you watch the clip below at about 1:33 into the song he begins to lose his place with the lyrics and at 1:48 screws up but recovers.

My parents used to say, “Hey…ya call THAT music!!!!” Now it’s my turn to say the same thing….again, with a few exceptions.

I think every kid back then wanted to be a rock and roll recording artist. I was no exception. Cept I couldn’t sing worth a f**k.

However, my friend Willie Loco Alexander from Gloucester, Massachusetts could sing and he went on to record numerous albums while I went on and became a disc jockey and played numerous albums. Go figure.


(L-R) Wille and members of his band

My only claim to fame, music wise, is a song Willie wrote about the two us growing up together entitled, “Me & Dick V.”

The last time we saw one another was back in the early 80’s when he had just recorded one of my favorite Willie Loco songs, “Taxi Stand Diane.”

Willi & I back in the 80's in Mass. (I'm the short guy)

Willie & I back in the 80’s in Mass. (I’m the short guy)

I’ve posted this pic before but it’s my favorite of Wille taken in my basement back  in the early 60’s


Ahm tellin’ ya Dick ol pal….ahm gonna be a big recording star some day. What you gonna be?


Um…er……..I’m gonna be a famous disc jockey Willie……….

Ok....maybeeeee not

Ok….maybeeeee not

Well, at least my memory hasn’t gone yet.

Now, what the hell was I writing about.

Oh, yeah……remembering cartoons, TV shows and all that stuff.

The old trip down memory lane folks. See, smoking weed does strange things to ya when you’re writing a blog. Um, not that I’m smoking any weed mind you. I’m strange enough as it is.

In conclusion……(thank gawd) I’ll wrap up today’s useless nostalgia blog the only respectable way one should end a blog when writing about old TV shows, old memories, and cartoons…………..

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4 Responses to Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane. (Which is now part of I-95)

  1. katydidknot says:

    You don’t do memory lane posts very often, but I always enjoy them when you do!

  2. Teresa says:


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