Dumb & Dumber…CBS News. AND…The Great Football Fiasco Inflation.



I think I’m losing it folks. It’s always been my thinking that if ya wanna keep something a secret you DO NOT tell anyone about your secret. This includes women, who, as we men all know, cannot keep secrets, Oh yeah, and CBS News.

Soooooo. Here’s what many of you may have seen if you watched CBS News with Scott Pelley last night. The news.

Um….besides that. Like special interest stories. Like the family in Cuba who is “secretly” building a “secret” boat in their home. Location which is also a “secret” because if they get caught by the Cuban police they will be severely punished….most likely in a “secret” place.

Soooooo, again, what does CBS News do? If you guessed that they sent a sound and film crew and a reporter to film the family, their boat, family members and what their plans were after they finished building that boat, you get the golden “WTF” award for being extremely attentive.

AND….if you said to yourselves, “WTF, now everyone, including the Cuban Police knows about this family thanks to CBS News,” you, like me, probably said, how freakin’ dumb, if not dumber is CBS News.

Hmmmm. Unless I got it wrong and that family is building a boat in Cuba, n.Y. so they can sail to New jersey and avoid the tolls

Hmmmm. Unless I got it wrong and that family is building a boat in Cuba, N.Y. so they can sail to New Jersey and avoid the tolls

But alas, it was all in the name of TV ratings. So, what the hell. What’s one family’s getting hauled off to a Cuban cell worth anyhow? RATINGS!!!! “Yes……we got to show a family building a boat on national TV…OMFG….THE RATINGS WILL SOAR!!!!”

Take that Faux News!

Great job CBS News. Perhaps ya might wanna leave your film crew there so they can film the exact moment Cuban Police break down the door and arrest the entire family. Good for another round of great ratings. Ya think?

Um......spiked our ratings?

Um……spiked our ratings?

Onward…..as long as we’re centering on dumb and dumber.

Consider this a twofer. Two dumb and dumber stories for the same price. Which, considering this blog is free, would be nothing.

Football. Yes….football. To which I will openly admit I know nothing, nada, zilch, zippo, about.

Even my cat knows more about football than I do

Even my cat knows more about football than I do

But, that said, which I just did, (pay attention here) I do know a lot about the recent under inflated football fiasco involving the Patriots and the Colts.

As I understand it, the Patriots are accused of using an under inflated ball, which we all know is illegal and carries a mandatory life sentence for any player who knowingly came in contact with such ball or whom may have been over inflated himself. (gas)


And technically they were playing frisbee

NOTE! The over inflated gas rule states that any player who willfully consumes a Mexican burrito or can of Bush’s beans prior to a game and farts during a huddle causing other players to retch and lose their concentration shall be immediately disqualified from such game: statute #1-4e530236-18 paragraph 65


Origins of the above aforementioned statute

Now here’s what I don’t get. If a football is under inflated and the team that under inflated it takes it out to the field and it’s kicked, or whatever, and BOTH teams play with the SAME under inflated ball how does this give the advantage to the team that under inflated the ball in the first place?

Would not BOTH teams be playing with the SAME under inflated ball? Unless I’m missing something here. Which IS possible considering I DID say I know squat about football.

And….unless I’m again missing something, how do you exactly play with an under inflated ball?


To ME….THIS is an under inflated ball.

Like did I miss that when the Patriots threw that under inflated ball, knowing that it was under inflated, and then, so as not to be caught using an under inflated ball,  while the ball was in mid-air, somehow changed balls so that the other ball, which WAS inflated would then be caught by the other team?

Yeah….that’s it. They switched balls in mid-air. You know, magicians use that trick all the time. The old slight of hand trick. In this case, slight of under inflated ball trick.


A clear case of Nixonitis

Ok….I now completely understand  all of this.

The Colts had the disadvantage and that’s why they lost. If the Patriots had not used the “under inflatable ball tactic” the Colts obviously would have won.

After all, the game end score was soooooooooooooooooooooo close.

45 to 7.

Um…..did I under or over inflate this story?

Just sayin.’


Ah….don’t over inflate the problem pal….

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2 Responses to Dumb & Dumber…CBS News. AND…The Great Football Fiasco Inflation.

  1. katydidknot says:

    In the old days, the news would show a dark silhouette and alter the voice of someone doing something that might get them in trouble. I guess that is the 20th century way of doing things.

    The guy had probably already posted pictures of the boat, with he and his family standing beside it, on facebook anyway.

  2. misfit120 says:

    As I said Katy…..dumb and dumber.

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