Sooooooooooooo……………….WTF Does “FREE” Mean?



It’s come to my attention that too much is coming to my attention. Normal people don’t worry about stupid stuff like I do. Which is why I’m paying too much attention to that word “free.”

Never really bothered me before this week. I mean, if something was free, then, being somewhat of an intelligent person, (cut me some slack on that one) I naturally assumed it WAS free. Ya think?

But, such is not the case. The word “free” is being molested and abused on the Internet. And crimestoppers have not noticed this. Mainly, again I assume, because using the word “free” is free, to use, if you’re actually giving something away that is free. Makes sense to me.

However, here we enter the so-called “slippery slope” when it comes to using the word free.

Is it “free” or is it not “free.” THAT is the question. ( Shakespeare quote….or something similar to that)


Wellll that too, but screw it, I’m already blogging

So anyhow, I got on this “free” rant because, as some of you know, I am well into writing another book. And, as all writers do when they write a book, especially a book dealing with a historic event, they do research. Hours and hours of research on the Internet until your eyeballs fall out and you have to change your Depends because you’ve been on the Web too long.


How I envision myself years from now and still writing

Sooooooooooo. You begin by searching for relevant information, which we all know is “free” on the Internet.


Yes, until you get to the point where the site you’ve found with exactly what you’re look for says, “Hey….goleeeeee, you found exactly what you were looking for, and we’re sooooo happy for you and if you really want this “free” information, which you just got, BUT, not really, because we kept the important critical information you were searching for in our other file, then, just subscribe to our “free” site and we’ll let ya have it.

It’s like this. “Free” is free just to get to various information sites. Then they throw you a dog bone with their “free” search engines which then give you what I call, “teaser information” which is just enough to make you drool and say EUREKA! I Found it!

Then the “hook.”

Um......noooooo, not this hook

Um……noooooo, not this hook this one

Yeah, like this one

Ok bozo, ya think we’re gonna let you search anymore for FREE!!!! Whaddya ya nuts?

Don’t believe me. Think I’m blowing smoke outta my butt? HAH! Go ahead. Go to a search site like “,” or a site that you might search for other stuff. If it’s important to you, and they think it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be on their site, they’re gonna try to get you to subscribe, OR, offer that free 7 day “free” trial, BUT……after 7 days bill you if you fail to cancel. (I don’t try that because I don’t trust the bastards and will NOT enter any of my credit cards on any site such as those)

So, really, nothing is actually “free.” Cept for this blog. Which IS free because who in their right freakin’ mind would pay for this stuff? Which, is the main reason it’s free.

It was then, as a mere child, I realized my career as a blogger was doomed

It was then, as a mere child, I realized my career as a blogger was doomed

One exception to the “free’ rule is the site “Wikipedia” which IS free because they rely on donations AND, they’re not a bunch of greedy SOB’s like those other sites.

However. And pay attention here if you are also pissed off at searching for information on the Internet and also find out it’s not “free.” There IS a place where it IS free!!!


Um, kinda.

If you don’t mind getting into your car, (truck in my case) driving a few miles, and hiking a few feet.

Ready for this……

It’s called……(gasp) THE PUBLIC LIBRARY!

How neat is THAT!

Which I have done, found what I was searching for, without the #&%$*^@! Internet, AND….yes….AND……it was, again……FREE!!!!! YES! FREE AT LAST!!!!!

From the we honor Martin Luther King on Monday

From the Internet… we honor Martin Luther King on Monday

So, in conclusion, screw you search engines and pay if ya want more information  sites.

Although the parking meter I parked my truck at cost me seventy-five cents.

Still… was worth it.

One giant step (seventy-five cents) for mankind, (me) less buckaroos for those greedy search engine sites.


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