HEY! Have I Got Two Great Start Up Business Ideas!!! You’ll Make Millions!!!!!!



Ya gotta think outta the box….or bag

Everybody wants to start their own business. Which is why there’s a magazine called “Entrepreneur Magazine.” It lists all kinds of ideas for anyone who wants to go into business for themselves. If, of course, you have a few bucks to invest in getting your business off the ground.

BUT…..a lot of the businesses listed in that magazine are franchises or kinda risky. Fear not my fine feathered itching to start your own business friends. I have two great ideas for all of you.

So here’s how I came up with these two ground breaking ideas. Watching television police programs such as “Hawaii Five-O,” “CSI,” “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” just to name a few. And the other idea I got from watching CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and reciting the entire alphabet in an attempt to figure out what other letters of the alphabet I may have missed that relate to news organizations.

One of my all time favorites. "The Leprechaun Kidnappings."

One of my all time favorites. “The Leprechaun Kidnappings.”

My first idea hit me when I observed a scene that usually occurs in every single crime show I’ve ever watched.

Besides that scene where the cop yells, (from a distance of 50 or more feet) “Stop Police!” Which then gives the perp (cop talk) a head start to initiate a 5 to 10 minute chase scene.


At least till it’s time for a commercial break

Beats the f**k outta me why cops in those TV shows just don’t sneak up on the perps and tap them on the shoulder and say, “OK pal, you’re under arrest.”  Would eliminate all those tedious chase scenes. Ya think?

The correct way to catch a perp thus eliminating the chase scene

The correct way to catch a perp thus eliminating the chase scene

Anyhow, if the perp runs, he or she eventually gets away, most of the time, otherwise the show would only last 15 minutes.  So the cops eventually have to go looking for them which ultimately leads to a place they may be holed up in, which, then leads to the old, “Knock Knock!! I’m agent Hotchner from The FBI. OK Marvin, we know you’re in there, open the damn door.”

Of course any self-respecting perp is NOT gonna open the door. Otherwise , again, the show would only last 15 minutes or so. What to do?

Yep, kick in the door and grab that SOB before he gets out the bathroom window.

Ok....last chance...or ahm gonna huff and puff and blow...er...I mean kick your door down

Ok….last chance…or ahm gonna huff and puff and blow…er…I mean kick your door down

Hence, my first business opportunity. Door replacement. YES! Replacing those doors the cops always kick in. Do you have any idea how many doors the cops kick in in a weeks time? Thousands….if not millions. The perfect business for any of you with a few bucks to invest in. “Doors R Us.”

Just make a deal with your local law enforcement agency to let you know when they’re gonna kick in a door, and you’re off and running. Perhaps give each cop some of your business cards to hand to the perp. Or, on occasion when the cops kick in the wrong door, they can also hand out your business card there as well.

Is that a great idea or what. You can thank me later.

Now my second business venture lit my idea light bulb while watching television coverage of the solidarity march by world leaders this Sunday in France after that tragic event that took place there.

All of a sudden, as if out of nowhere, thousands of the following signs appeared.

As you can see, you can start your sign business in any country

As you can see, you can start your sign business in any country

So I said to myself, “Self, how in the hell do they get those signs printed so fast?” Is there like a place that waits for a major event to occur and as things are happening, such as the events in France, or Ferguson, or New York, they start printing signs so that people demonstrating can have signs to hold up?

And they appear instantly. Like these……..signs2signs5

Unfortunately this guy couldn't afford going to an actual printing place to have his sign made professionally

Unfortunately this guy couldn’t afford to have his sign made by a professional sign maker

Somewhere there are a bunch of people running sign making companies that are making a fortune on signs. By simply watching the news.

“Hey Ralph. I wuz just wachin’ da news and dis jerk assaulted a squirrel in Central Park. Let’s get some signs printed immediately.”

“Great idea boss. Whaddya want on the signs?”

“Um….how about, “Nuts to squirrel molesters.” We’ll make a fortune with all those signs being scoffed up by protestors marching in the streets in support of squirrels.”squirrel13

So there ya have it folks. Two perfect business opportunities for you to get movin’ on.

Just sit back, plop yourself into your easy chair and wait for the next major news event.

Again, you can thank me later.

Or, just send me a few bucks as a thank you for inspiring you to start your own business.

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to HEY! Have I Got Two Great Start Up Business Ideas!!! You’ll Make Millions!!!!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    You could pre-print a lot of the signs, too. Just print “I am very angry angry about this issue!” and you’d be good to go.

    Or, if you think it might be for a Tea Party rally, you could print “I am verry agri about this izzue.”

    • misfit120 says:

      Or….simply a sign that says, “HEY! I’m really pissed off!!!!” The advantage……you could use it over and over again for whatever. Thereby saving a few bucks on having to have signs made for each protest. Makes sense to me Katy.

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