With Regard To The Tragic Events In France


Time to insert my two cents, or francs, into the recent tragic events in France. I do this because of the fact that I myself write, or attempt to write, comedy and sometimes touch on subjects that on occasion piss people off.

But, that said, which I just did, regardless of what you say or do or write, you’re never going to make everyone appreciate humor. And it’s those few that always seem to raise havoc by attempting to stifle the creative efforts of people such as the cartoonists and others that lost their lives in France.

It happens each and every day whether you realize it or not. Not necessarily as tragically as what happened in France, but in other ways. Such as political corrective nuts jobs that attempt to chime in on what ever it is “THEY” feel is offensive.france

We are quickly becoming a society of “do as “I” say” and not what “you” want to say, or I’ll kill you, or sue your butt off.france2

Comedy, for me, has always been my lifeline. I use comedy wherever I go. Not only to make people laugh, but to put them at ease, as well as myself. It kinda breaks the ice when you’re meeting new people for the first time as well. Or you’re uptight about something, as in going to an emergency room because you’re not feeling too well and you crack a few one liners to get your mind off your problem. Works ALL THE TIME in my case.

Editorial cartoonists project their thoughts on events by projecting the humor in various news items as well. Yes, if you’re on the opposite side of their viewpoint, you obviously will not like their cartoons. But….that’s the nature of the beast. As a cartoonist or humor writer you can’t and won’t please everybody.

I personally am of the opinion that a small minority of people fall into that “getting all bent outta shape for nothing” syndrome. While the rest of us just look at those cartoons and shrug it off, or, get a good laugh.

But, as I said, there are people out there who want all of us to think the way that they do. Because, as we all know, THEY know what is best for the rest of us.

Now I’ve done humor going on 60 years. In school when I was a kid. (got detention) In various jobs that I worked at. (got fired) And here at home where my other half whacks me.

Again…it is a small minority of people who f**k up everything. And that’s what they live for. The entire Muslim community is NOT responsible for those shootings in France. But a handful of people who spread hate and discontent are. And that’s all it takes, a handful to incite others to take a life, or to just make life miserable. And I include anyone who subscribes to being politically correct.france3

Those people cause just as much hate and discontent as terrorists who commit despicable crimes, but on a lesser scale.

You all know by now that for years I spent much of my career as a radio disc jockey. What better way to spread humor and laughter. Which I enjoyed doing.

But, those same individuals who wield some sort of influence, on many occasions, made it almost impossible for me to bring that humor and laughter to a majority of my listeners who DID enjoy my humor.

The turning point for me to abandon radio broadcasting, because evil and political correctness won out, was back in 1988 while I was a disc jockey at a Norwich, Ct. radio station. And I’ll name them for the record because they deserve to be named. WICH.

On a Sunday afternoon I interviewed a donut shop owner from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who ran a topless donut shop. Yep, all of the waitresses were topless and people (gasp) actually patronized the shop.

Well, I thought this was a humorous story and during the interview (on radio) I asked some humorous questions. Like, “When patrons order donuts, do they order “two” of everything?” “Do patrons have a hard time looking you in the eye when ordering?”

So you get the point. Remember, this is RADIO not TV. You can’t see any topless women.

Soooooo. The next day one of the radio stations sponsors, (one of those influential people I mentioned) called and complained. Yep…one person. And the next day I was history.

Her complaint? I should not be talking to a topless waitress on a Sunday. WTF! Like, HEY….did ya see any boobs on your radio you dumb f**k?

HEY WICH Radio politically correct idiot. Take THIS and stick it in your donut hole!!!

HEY WICH Radio politically correct idiot. Take THIS and stick it in your donut hole!!!

So ya see folks, comedy is NOT appreciated by some really sick no sense of humor individuals who commit crimes such as in France. How sad. And again, political correctness contributes to this as well.

So, in conclusion, I think I’ve inserted my two cents, or, francs, and if I’ve pissed anyone off for speaking my mind, too f**king bad.

My job, if I actually got paid for writing these blogs, is to bring some sort of happiness to whoever follows this blog. THAT’S IT! As was the job of those French cartoonists and writers. Or ANY cartoonist or humor writer for that matter.

And they paid the ultimate price for trying to spread their humor on cutting edge subjects.

Welcome to the wonderful 21st century.hebdo

Just sayin.’

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2 Responses to With Regard To The Tragic Events In France

  1. katydidknot says:

    Political cartoons can be particularly aggravating because they (of necessity) over-simplify everything., And you can’t debate a one-frame cartoon.

    But in the case of this French publication, it was pretty easy: Just stay away from this low-brow, openly offensive mag. I mean, especially if you think there might be a chance you handle humor so poorly that you’ll dump everything in your life to plan a crime and then go down in a blaze of gunfire after leading police on a multi-day manhunt.

    That’s just my personal rule of thumb: “Nope. if I read this, it is going to end in my death in a hail of bullets. So maybe I just won’t read it.”

  2. misfit120 says:

    I think you hit it right on the nail Katy. No disrespect meant towards any nails.

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