OMFG! I’m $8.42 Cents Over My J. C. Penny Credit Limit!!!!*


With regard to today's blog: I resemble THAT remark

With regard to today’s blog: I resemble THAT remark


**********(UPDATE) There is an update at the very end of this blog.************

Yep….I almost broke the bank, so to speak. At least when it comes to shopping at J. C. Penny. You know, that store that almost went under a year ago due to poor management and stuff.

BUT…..they changed managers and began to really have some great sales along with discounts and coupons and a lot of whoop te do advertisements to get you back into their stores.

BUT…..beware. There lurks a fly in the ointment. (most likely similar to “Preparation H”)

It’s called Synchrony Bank, which lately has been scoffing up various credit accounts that people have through stores such as J. C. Penny, Wal-Mart, etc.

"Just Cash Please"

“Just Cash Please”

Soooooo. How does this work for ya. Simple. You no longer deal with the store you do business with through their credit department. Nope. You now deal with Synchrony Bank who basically knows you as a number and not a customer regardless of how many years you’ve been doing business with a store such as J. C. Penny and any relationship you may have with them.

In other words, you’re just another Joe Schmoe. Or, in my case, Joe Btfspik.

Joe Misfit Btfspik

Joe Misfit Btfspik

Which is what category I just  fell into. Actually what I fell into was a bucket of J. C. Penny/Synchrony crap. Doesn’t smell nice for consumers either.


Simulated J.C. Penny/Synchrony crap

Here’s what happened.

Because I am a good member in standing, or sitting, with J. C Penny, I have what is laughingly referred to as a J. C. Penny credit card. WHICH, allows me, graciously, to charge purchases up to an astounding $400.00.

BUT……I (gasp) ordered something on-line that was (gasp) $8.42 OVER my (gasp) credit limit, which, had J. C. Penny STILL managed their own #@!^%$#! accounts they would have approved with a call to THEIR credit department. Noooooooooooo problem.

BUT….J.C. Nickel & Dime Ya now has a biggggggggggggggggggggggg credit company, (Sin Cronie Bank….my spelling) doing their credit approvals for them. So much for that personal touch.

Although, because Synchrony Bank does shove it up your butt, perhaps that could be considered a personal touch so to speak.

Soooooo. I being not one to sit on my butt and simply accept Synchrony Bank’s determination that I was not worthy of increasing my credit limit a mere $8.42 so that I could purchase this item, I called them and asked why? Which I thought was a reasonable tactic. Ya think?

Nope. they take cats?

Um… they take cats?

“Sorry Misfit, your limit is $400 gracious dollars and even though you have been a fine upstanding customer of J. C. Penny for eons, have paid all of your bills on time, and seem like a really nice guy, just f**k off and quit bothering us because we’re not gonna give you an extra $8.42 cents to buy something. We’re not stoopid ya know.”

“Um, but you said I was never late on my payments and have been a customer for eons. Can’t ya just give me a credit line increase of $8.42. I’m NOT asking for the world here ya know.”

“Oh so sorry Misfit….but $8.42 is a lot to ask for ya know. Perhaps you could make a few payments and in a few months come back and we’ll approve your purchase.”


Never crossed my mind, BUT, might work for those of you over your credit limit with Pennys

It was at this point I specifically advised the representative at  Synchrony Bank to take my J. C. Penny credit account card and place it in a very warm place where the sun does not shine. Along with a wish for a very Happy Holiday.


Experts in where the sun don’t shine

Now folks. If any of you a J. C. Penny account beware of this bank and their compassion. Might wanna tell J. C. Penny on your next shopping trip that Misfit predicts they will be out of business within the next few years. New management or not.

With, of course, a little help from the understanding people at  Synchrony Bank.

My point here is that any business, large of small has to have that personal touch. Which obviously J. C. Penny has lost “touch” with.

I kinda look at it this way. if I go into my local “7 Eleven” and buy something that comes to, say, $8.42 and I only have $8.40 cents, the clerk reaches into a small jar and whips out two cents and says, “Hey, don’t worry, I got it.”

In J. C. Penny’s case they let Synchrony Bank decide your fate and instead of reaching into their credit jar and realize it’s only good business to show a bit of leniency and increase you that $8.42, they say, “Screw you a**hole, you’re over your limit so either pay up or shop somewhere else. WE don’t give a rats ass about your business.”

To which I would say to Synchrony Bank, J. C. Penny and any other store that has this bank as their credit source…………….

F**K You and your sales. You will not get any of my business. (cutting up J. C. Penny card)

(For an enlightening look at consumer reviews on Synchrony bank, copy and paste this entire link, paste it into your search browser, and when you get to their site  click on “reviews”)


Credit Card Circumcision

Oh yeah jerk offs. By the way. I just bought that same item I wanted on at a lower price and STILL have an extra $8.42 cents to spend.


Founder of J. C. Penny, John Cash Penny. (his middle name was “Cash” which explains it all)

Which J. C. Penny will not get and which will undoubtedly lead to their eventual bankruptcy.

One can only hope.

Revenge IS sweet isn’t it……………………

Thank  you for this thought Dick Cheney

Thank you for this thought Dick Cheney  (dedicated to Synchrony Bank and their logical minds)

(UPDATE) I did finally receive a return e-mail response from a J.C. Penny associate and she did offer me a 15% discount along with free shipping on my rejected order. WHICH, would have negated that $8.42 deficit. However, you know that old saying, “A day late, and a dollar short.” In my case, a few days late as the item was supposed to be a Christmas gift. But I did thank the associate and advised her to possibly school Penny’s on how to deal with dissatisfied customers BEFORE they kick them over to Synchrony Bank. You know…..the (gasp) personal touch.

(SECOND UPDATE) 1/2/15 – I received a e-mail from J. C. Penny’s corporate office and they apologized for what happened as well as offering me that discount and a gift certificate. I accepted their apology in a return e-mail and expressed my appreciation for that “personal touch.” I also received a personal call from Synchrony Bank and they too expressed their feelings about the incident saying that the rep I dealt with could have offered me an option, such as paying that $8.42 overage over the phone thereby allowing my purchase to go through. She told me perhaps more representative training should be in order.

Finally, I also learned that when determining credit worthiness Synchrony has their hands tied, so to speak, because they can not take one credit account, such as in J.C.Penny, and determine if, based on your credit history with them, you should be granted a credit increase. Rather it is the Federal Government’s ruling that everyone must be treated equally by EVERYONE having their entire credit history checked rather than just one account. Meaning, simply, that if you are a J. C. Penny customer and have great credit with them, BUT, you’re a bit behind or overdue on another account, THAT determines their judgement and not just the Pennys account. Along with all of the other accounts you may have.

So, thank the Feds for screwing up what I call, “the personal touch.”

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2 Responses to OMFG! I’m $8.42 Cents Over My J. C. Penny Credit Limit!!!!*

  1. katydidknot says:

    That is remarkable. It’s what happens when no one is using any common sense – which itself is usually a function of either having computers doing everything or part-time, underpaid temps.

    Bad, stupid service SHOULD lead to former customers.

    • misfit120 says:

      I agree 100% In fact, if you read my update, Pennys tried to pacify me with a 15% discount and free shipping offer AFTER the fact….like a week later. I declined the offer and told them I would not be shopping there as long as Synchrony Bank handles their credit accounts. In some research, I also discovered that two other accounts I have are also handled by Synchrony, so I will be paying down on those accounts and not shopping using those accounts either. It’s a matter of principle.

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