Social Media, Specifically “Sodahead” Has Become The “Garbage Pail” For America’s Brain Dead

trollYep, I myself subscribe to a lot of social media sites. But by far the most vile comments I’ve ever seen in my lifetime are those posted by obviously brain-dead or near brain-dead vile individuals. Otherwise known as “Internet trolls.”troll

So I said to myself, “Mousefeet, can ya find some humor in all of this?”

So, with that in mind I decided to scour, (with a realllll stiff SOS pad) some of those stupid inane comments by idiotic individuals on “Sodahead” and let you see what types of low lives who want nothing but to cause hate and discontent actually live for….which is, as I just said, to do nothing but cause hate and discontent.

Let us beginith…………

First one on the idiotic brain-dead list: A response to this question posted by Robert from South (where) Dakota on Sodahead:

Obama embraces the communist regime of Cuba . And spits in the eye of every patriot Cuban who’ve fought for freedom in Cuba !!

Posted by Republicans just outside of the Oval Office

Posted by Republicans just outside of the Oval Office

And in response to those commenters who favored Obama’s decision (52% of Americans) Robert came back with this intelligent response:



“You’ve been right since obama assumed office my friend , he really is a pinko commie fag punk !!”

Pinko Commie Punk Fag?

Geez. Where did Robert find the time to post this between all of his nightly activities of writing graffiti type slurs on bathroom and building walls.

Moving onward…………

People Magazine’s Worst Selling Issue This Year? The One With Hillary Clinton On The Cover……Surprised ?

Personally, I would have guessed this one

Personally, I would have guessed this one

That question posted by “Capice” from Florida, the no problems EVER with elections state.

My favorite intelligent response comes from this guy, (MrDog) from Poland, who obviously has not read the current polls showing Hillary beating ANY opponent. Um, can they vote for an American President in Poland?



“Butch and Bubba live in never neverland… America doesn’t want her…barkP.S. Even after she learns to prepare a cigar….Bubba doesn’t want her…ha ha”

This guy needs to find a really good fire hydrant to piss on. Like who TF cares what a guy who can’t vote in the U.S. has to say.

On a lighter note, thought I’d throw this cutting edge question someone asked:

Would You Dye Your Underarm Hair?

Why fret about underarm hair. A simple procedure solves the problem

Why fret about underarm hare. A simple procedure solves the problem

One cute response from White Roseila:

White Roselia

“No wtf O_O”

Yep….one of MY major concerns is dying my underarm hair. I would have posted that question myself but I was too busy searching for other questions as to if I should dye my pubic hair as well.

In the “Let’s Beat A Dead Horse To Death” category……this pic of Bill Clinton went viral on Twitter because he (gasp) posed with a woman and apparently had his (gasp) had on her (gasp) shoulder, which (gasp) prompted one social media concerned individual to post this question:

Twitter Explodes As Users Wonder If This Viral Photo Means Bill Clinton Is Up To His Old Ways

Yep……but they missed photos of Clinton shaking hands with other women, posing for photos, signing autographs and (gasp) doing some selfies. Clearly a sign that he’s up to his old ways.

Which prompted yet another intelligent response:

Bullet Holes


“That pervert needs to be neutered.”

Moving on…….even Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart is not immune to social media idiots:

Jon Stewart Rips Dick Cheney on Torture : Is He ‘Righteous Warrior or a Psychopath?’ Funny? Not Funny?

That Cheney....what a guy....always on the job

That Cheney….what a guy….always on the job



“John Stewart is a Psychopath. Dick Cheney is brilliant.”

Cripes…..I would have reversed that one Bessie. If you think Cheney is brilliant call me. I can link you up with some water boarding and anal feeling sites you might be interested in just in time for Christmas. Maybe you might wanna get some gift certificates for those functions for those you absolutely care for.

“Oh my Gawd Bessie. You shouldn’t have. My own water boarding kit. AND……a anal feeding tube. And both autographed by Dick Cheney. You are soooooooo caring.”

So, once again, because I’m into self punishment, I decided to post my own “troll-baiting” “brain-dead” fishing lure out there. Jussssssssssssssst to see if I could reel in more idiots who don’t have a freakin’ clue but are allowed to have computers so they can post inane comments because……they don’t have a clue and are, as I said, brain-dead and trolls.

And ya wonder you should lock your doors at night.

So, here’s what I posted on (gasp) the Sodahead site:

If 56% Of Americans, Including American Businesses Want To Reestablish Relations With Cuba, Why Are Republicans Against It?


Guessed we showed him…….

Bringgggggggggggggg on the zombies………here’s a perfect example of what I’m taking about,

  •  (comment from “jptrigen….who called me “Robert” because he was obviously really paying attention in the first place)

    jptrigen .

  • +1

    “It’s a given, even customary, a courtesy, to provide credible sources/evidence to substantiate/confirm assertions or allegations . You provided not a shred, Robert. Was that intentional?”
    “How foolish of me to watch 5 different new sources on TV today all reporting exactly what I stated. Obviously you have not been paying attention. I would NOT post such a question and make a statement regarding what percentages are along with what Republicans, IE: McConnell, Rubio, Cruz, McCain, to name a few were quoted as saying which “I” also observed on national TV.”

    jptrigen .


    “Oh, you heard it on the BOOB-Tube, did ya now? Well, why didn’t you say so, because obviously your asinine question was aimed at all the BOOBS who watch the Tube, and i wouldn’t have had to waste my time. Thanks a lot, you Putz!”
  • Richard

  • “HEY! YOU were the one troll I was looking for to highlight on my daily blog because YOU my friend made it to the Internet Troll list. Whew! Thanks, I was almost certain everyone would be intelligent in commenting, then YOU showed up. Thanks…..REALLY! BTW…I DID do MY research as apparently you did not. So who’s the freakin putz here?”

    jptrigen .

  • “Richard, why waste your time here posting nonsense, when you could be watching ‘Honey Boo Boo’ instead. Where are your priorities, man?”
    So ya see, be afraid….be verrrrry afraid. They’re out there walking amongst us freely with no one paying any attention to them. Until they go off the deep end.”
    Well, enough said. I will add that a majority of the respondents to my question were civil, actually used some logic, and agreed that it was time to ease up on Cuba.
    But….apparently, those people were putzs like me.
    Need I say more…………………..
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2 Responses to Social Media, Specifically “Sodahead” Has Become The “Garbage Pail” For America’s Brain Dead

  1. katydidknot says:

    I was at Sodahead a couple years back for about 6 months. I think that’s how I found your site.

    Even by internet standards, that place was nuts.

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