Merry Thankschristmas* *(subtitled) WTF……Did I Miss Thanksgiving?


So like my other half and I are out shopping the other day and what the hell do I hear…..Christmas Music. Oh….sorry…..for you politically correct people, that should read, “Holiday Music.” Lest I offend those politically correct nut jobs.

Anyhow, I stopped dead in my tracks because I thought I had somehow gone into a time continuum mode and missed Thanksgiving altogether. I mean, here it was the second week of November and I was already listening to Gene Autry on the store’s intercom system playing Rudolph The Freakin’ Red Nosed Reindeer!” WTF!


Gene Autry’s follow-up song

Once again our fine feathered friends in the corporate advertising world have moved up the holidays even earlier. All for the sake of making a buck of course. A verrrrrry early buck. The “Twelve Days of Christmas” should now be retitled, “The Two Months of Christmas.” Fa la la la la, la la la la.

BUT there is there a bright light to all of this early holiday shopping stuff. Besides the bright light corporate executives see when the early sales bucks come rolling in. YES…..there IS one company that is actually worth mentioning.

That would be a website called “” that IS making a difference THIS holiday season by donating a toy to a less fortunate child when you make a purchase through their site in association with the “Toys for Tots” program.

Here’s how the program works as explained in their ad:

“How is this possible? Because Regency Shop signed up for the “Toys for Tots” program and this is exactly the period when toys are collected. The program is not new and it was created by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve with the needy children in mind, giving you the possibility to do something for them without having to break the bank. You actually don’t have to add money to your purchase, not at all. We don’t require anything special from you, besides the actual purchase. Whenever the purchase is made, we automatically add a new toy to the donation basket that goes to this toy donation program”

“The last three months of the year are those when the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve gathers toys and making a purchase from Regency Shop at this time couldn’t be more fortunate than this. Usually, people who buy something from us might want to surprise their friends or life partners with well-chosen furniture. This time, you have the possibility to extend the joy towards a child who will receive a toy on your behalf, free of any charges for you.”

“Regency Shop makes sure that your purchase does not go unnoticed this way and brings hope into a child’s life, allowing him to properly develop as a valuable citizen in the future. This is why you can hit two birds with one stone: you get to purchase furniture that you enjoy and you also get to help a child that will greatly enjoy a toy. Buy today and make a child happy!”

(NOTE) No actual birds were hit with any stones.

So that’s it in a nutshell folks. No disrespect to any squirrels who may be searching for nutshells.

Regency shop specializes in furniture and clothing items, so you might want to check out their website. Might find something there you like and if you make a purchase you’ll also be making some less fortunate child very happy with their toy donation program. Again, their site is You can also reach them at 1-866-776-2680

I went to their site and found MY special toy. It’s a speaker chair, which kinda resembles a giant egg, (fine if you’re into chickens or a chicken farmer that loves music) and it comes with a built-in aux jack for mp3’s or iPods with bass and treble controls. To quote former Presidential candidate Herman Cain, it’s only $999.


If you suffer from severe claustrophobia you might just wanna buy the foot stool

But, jussssst in case you absolutely love this chair but ARE claustrophobic, (also claustrophobia is a fear of Santa Claus) the Regency store has thought of everything with this following item. Their hanging bubble chair.

Solves the claustrophic problem AND even Santa Claus can't sneak up on you

Solves the claustrophobic problem AND even Santa Claus can’t sneak up on you

For details of  the “Toys for Tots” Drive and more information on Regency Shop follow the links below for some photos as well.

Eero aarnio ball chair

Hanging bubble chair


So, get out there and get into that Christmas shopping, (holiday shopping for PC people) mode right now. Hell, after listening to Gene Autry I’m already ordering one item I found on the Internet that fits me perfectly. My own personalized coffee mug.


I figure I’ve been called a “dick” for so many years I might as well accept the fact with my own mug

In conclusion, because I myself have broken my cardinal rule of not mentioning Christmas until December, out of respect for the million of turkeys who will unselfishly give their lives this Thanksgiving, I present to you my favorite Christmas parody as a reminder to all of you how the corporate world views the holiday season.

Excluding the people at RegencyShop who DO know that even if you ARE a business you can still make a difference this holiday season by helping out less fortunate children. A tip of the ol MisfitWisdom cap to you.

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2 Responses to Merry Thankschristmas* *(subtitled) WTF……Did I Miss Thanksgiving?

  1. katydidknot says:

    Those chairs are pretty great.

    But every year, the season starts earlier and earlier and my shopping starts later and later. This year, I might just tell everyone to stop by my house on Christmas and pick up their checks.

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