Football Is F**king Up My Mindless TV Programs…WTF!!!


Can ya tell I absolutely hate football. So sue me already.

Never got into the jock game and never will. Nope just not my bag. Or ball.

Fine if you’re a football fan. Good for you. But my thing is baseball and the season is over.

That said, were ANY of your mindless TV programs late or preempted because of freakin’ baseball? NO! We’re, and are any of MY mindless programs late or preempted because of freakin’ football? YES!!!!

To which I say….WTF!

Which is one of the reasons I hate the game so much. Along with jocks who think that if ya don’t like football you’re un American. To which I would again reply…GFY.


My kinda football fan

Why the hell should football screw up my favorite TV programs? I’ll tell ya why. Because advertisers know football sells stuff so they want their products in prime time, rather than the very considerate baseball advertisers who know that if you’re gonna buy a product, who the f**k cares where or when it’s advertised and do not preempt programs. AND, as in Red Sox baseball games, WE have the NESN sports network specifically for Red Sox games.


Ok…ok….so you’re a football freak. Good for you. But not everybody on the face of the earth is. So why cram those games down our throats in prime time when we’re tryin’ to enjoy some good TV programs. Mindless as they  may be.

Speaking of mindless. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to bang your damn head against a tree in your own backyard and get a concussion and prove you’re a damn idiot rather than doing in front of a gazillion people?fb1

Yes, I know, football is America’s number one sport. Next to sex. Um….as far as us men are concerned. But ya gotta admit, sex is far more interesting and fun that sitting in front of the tube watching a bunch of guys in tight pants chasing each other over a damn ball.

Then again, a lot of those same guys chase a ball for miles after hitting it. (golf) Makes sense to me. NOT!

Why would I want to whack the hell outta a tiny white ball and then have to go after it? Much more fun throwing a ball in my backyard and having my neighbor’s dog go get it. Makes more sense too.fb6

But football! FOOTBALL!!

Do you have any idea how many times during the course of the football season I get asked, “Soooooooooooooooo….what did ya think of that game last night?”

And I always respond. “Oh ya mean THAT game that f**ked up my TV programs I was gonna watch ya damn idiot. See this “B” on my BASEBALL cap. It stands for Boston Red Sox and I wear it in the off-season so jerks like you won’t ask me about freakin’ football!!!!!”

Ya think this just might be a clue for ya?

Ya think this just might be a clue for ya?

They never get it though.

I STILL get asked about games I could give a rats ass about.

So this year I’m having a sweatshirt made up that says, “NO…I Didn’t watch “THE GAME” last night. I could give a flying f**k about “THE GAME!” I have a huge rifle in my truck and if you so much as give me any bullshit about football…’re gonna be THE GAME pal.”

It IS hunting season isn’t it?

HEY! Worked for Dick Cheney didn't it.

HEY! Worked for Dick Cheney didn’t it.


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1 Response to Football Is F**king Up My Mindless TV Programs…WTF!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I manage to avoid football culture fairly well. I did go to a Super Bowl Party this past year, but I don’t even remember who played in it. It was a lot of guys in helmets, and then there was a Coke commercial that made everybody mad.

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