Celebrate These Special Days In November…….Yeah Right!

Ok, here it is November and once again I decided to take a look at what special days are celebrated this month. With the exception of Election Day, (4th) Veterans Day, (11th) Thanksgiving Day, (27th) and the ever popular Sadie Hawkins Day on the 13th.

Those of course are the most recognized days celebrated in the month of November. However, there are many other very important days that you might not be aware of and might wish to partake in the festivities associated with the following days this month.

So get out your schedule for the month of November and mark off these special days so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Our very first day is celebrated on the 2nd. Which is “Deviled Egg Day.”eggs3

Apparently, as far as I can determine, there are no specific activities associated with celebrating deviled eggs. No deviled egg parades. Chickens parading around in costumes. Or deviled egg parties. I guess you just make a bunch of deviled eggs and eat them. So much for that day. Might have been better to just have like a deviled egg hour or something. Hey, why waste the entire day on a freakin’ bunch of deviled eggs for cripes sake.

If you’re one of those people who continually goes around in circles, November 2nd is also “Look For Circles Day.” Usually celebrated by people who do not have a damn life. Or people who believe in UFO’s and spend their days, especially on the 2nd, trying to find the alien spacecraft that made these circles in a field.

ET! Are ya out here? Your mothers on the phone.....

ET! Are ya out here? Your mothers on the phone…..

This day can also be in honor of actor Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley in those Harry Potter films and sports big circles under his eyes. My guess anyhow.

As Grint got oler he got more and more into celebrating National

As Grint got older he got more and more into celebrating “Look For Circles Day.” Can you find his?

Do you know the Earl of Sandwich’s claim to fame? Yep, he invented the baloney sandwich. Um, well, not actually the “baloney” sandwich, or “bologna” as some like to call it. So, if you eat one you’re either full of baloney or bologna. In any event, November 3rd is “Sandwich Day.” Either in honor of the Earl of Sandwich, or the residents of Sandwich, Massachusetts who possibly eat a lot of sandwiches.

The very first ham sandwich.

The very first ham sandwich

November 6th is “National Marooned Without A Compass Day.” Most likely followed by “Up The River Without a Paddle Day,” And I’m guessing both days originated shortly after aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared. My guess anyhow.

Finally making it off of the island she had been stranded on for years, Amelia Earhart attempts to sell her autobiography to a publisher

Finally making it off of the island she had been stranded on for years, Amelia Earhart applies for position as a pilot for Southwest Airlines

The 8th is “National Dunce Day.” Anyone who spent many an hour sitting in a corner in school wearing a dunce hat should be honored on this day. You also can qualify for this honor if you have a pointed head. Or, you’re just plain stupid.dunceIf your life is constantly in a state of chaos, November 9th honors you poor people destined for the loony bin. This day is “Chaos Never Dies Day.” Unfortunately the person who got the idea for this day, Marvin Twitchberg,  finally lost it and is confined in an institution after suffering from too much chaos while he was out driving one Sunday afternoon and stopped abruptly to watch some ducks crossing the road.chaos1The 13th is, as I mentioned earlier, is “Sadie Hawkins Day,” thanks to cartoonist Al Capp and his popular comic strip “Lil Abner.” This is the day women can chase men and, if they catch them, the guy has to marry the woman. If I were being chased by Sadie, (below) I’d be runnin’ like hell.sadie1

On the other hand, if Sofia Vergara were chasing me……um….well I’m sure you can figure THAT end result out.sadie2

“Clean Your Refrigerator Day” is November 15th. Considering my monthly income consists of the paltry amount of funds Social Security figures I need to live on I never have to clean my refrigerator because it’s usually empty by mid month. So much for celebrating this day.


Um…..leg of Herman?

The 17th is “Take A Hike Day.” Most men who have been married to the same woman for over 20 years and want sex all of the time can relate to this day.

“Hey honeeee. Whaddya say we fool around a bit.”

“Ah go take a hike ya damn fool.”


However, in my house I NEVER have that problem

And finally, my all time favorite celebration day in the Month of November, “National Have A Bad Day Day,” on the 19th.

Yep, the one day I can legitimately send a “Have A Bad Day” card to my ex wives, rotten no good bosses, the IRS, and those idiots at the Krispy Kreme donut corporate office who said they’d get back to me on making my favorite donut but just blew me away. Bastards.

Hey Krispy Kreme……I ain’t EVER gonna forget that.

Oh yeah….hope you have a really Bad Day on the 19th.badday1

Just sayin.’

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