The BJ That Keeps On Giving, and Giving, and Giving.

Ebola, Terrorism, Elections…….you’d think one of the top stories people would be getting all bent outta shape about would be one of those concerns.


Ya know what’s getting a lot of press this week. Monica Freakin’ Lewinsky and her damn Presidential BJ.monica1

THIS TIME around Monica is blaming the media, specifically The Drudge Report for ruining her life. And, as we all know, giving the President a BJ would have nothing to do with THAT!

Now personally I for one am not standing up for the Drudge Report because in my own feeble opinion, Matt Drudge is a freakin a**hole who thinks he’s a reincarnated version of celebrity reporter Walter Winchell from waaaaaay back in the ancient days of radio.

Walter Winchell

Walter Winchell

Winchell wanna-be Drudge

Winchell wanna-be Drudge

But, in Drudge’s defense (cough) it was NOT his reporting of Monica’s knee job activity that ruined her life. If anyone, it was her and her idiot so-called friend Linda Tripp.

So now once again come out of the woodwork, so to speak, and claiming that yet another person is responsible for ruining your life is totally ridiculous.

If she’d just shut the f**k up and quit bringing to our attention the fact that she gave the President a BJ perhaps future generations might forget all about it. But nooooooooo. Let’s keep bringing it up every few months or so.monica5

You know what this does to those idiotic social media sites like “Sodahead,” one of the worse sites for idiots with no brains. It brings them out of their sewers and rat holes and gives them yet another opportunity to slam Bill Clinton as being solely responsible for taking advantage of poor little innocent Monica.

“Ohhhhhh Mr. President. I’m sooooooo enthralled by your presence. I adore you. I’d do anything for you, just ask.”

“Um, ok…how about a BJ.”

Did she say no? Whaddya you think.

Soooooo, out of the slime infested dark caverns come those who hate Clinton and start blaming him for seducing Monica, (takes two to tango ya know) and while they’re at it, slamming Hillary as well.

All thanks to innocent little Monica once again reminding us that she gave Clinton a  BJ many moons ago. Thanks honey. And we should all feel sorry for you why?


Take a hint Monica

Oh, yeah. This is for a good cause. She’s speaking in front of various groups about sexual abuse of women. Because, again, as we all know, if you volunteer to give a BJ to the President you defiantly are being sexually abused. Right?

I’m sorry folks. But if I screw up I’m gonna take the blame for my actions and not lay the blame on everyone else I can think of. AND…if I screw up, which I’ve done on many occasions, I’m sure as freaking hell not gonna keep reminding everyone in the world that I screwed up consistently

Me thinkith I’d want to lay low the rest of my life and get on with doing other things that people will comment on, like doing something else notable to show my worth rather than keep harping on my BJ experience.

UNLESS……..UNLESS……this all falls into the 15 minutes of fame category.

Maybe that BJ did not last 15 minutes and Monica feels that she’s owed the rest of that 15 minutes of fame.

I’ve never timed exactly how long a BJ lasts, but I’d bet ya it’s not 15 minutes. Unless you take a coffee break or two just to hydrate yourself. Maybe even a smoke. Who knows.


In Monica’s case… can only hope

So all in all what this latest Monica headline news is all about is once again reminding all of us that yes, she gave the President a BJ. It ruined her life. Other people are to blame for reporting that story. And, of course, remaining in the spotlight.

Whatever her cause is, standing up for women who are sexually abused, or whatever, that’s commendable. But DO NOT use giving the President a BJ as a platform for being sexually abused.

What’s that famous slogan…..oh yeah…..


UNLESS……………………….you really did wanna give the President a BJ Monica.

(scuse me…..I have to go take a “logic” pill)

And for future generations, be afraid, be verrrrry afraid. Monica will still somehow continue make the news one way or another…………..'Alright, Bill, One more time,'

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2 Responses to The BJ That Keeps On Giving, and Giving, and Giving.

  1. katydidknot says:

    I generally just want to forget most of my bad decisions of this sort.

    This reminds me of an exchange I saw on Crossfire or somewhere when the whole controversy and impeachment thing was happening:

    Republican: “If she’d been 4 years younger, it would have been statutory rape!”
    Democrat: “Yes, and if he had strangled her, it would have been murder. What’s your point?”

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