Who Is Linette Beaumont and Why Is She Driving Men Nutso?

Most likely you’ve never heard of actress Linette Beaumont. But, unless you’ve been under a rock, or stoned outta your tree, most men who are 100% red-blooded American males, know who she is…….kinda.

She is a British actress and the first woman to promote a very popular product here in the U.S. Need a hint as to who she is?

Ok….here it is………….


Helloooooooooo Baybeeeeee

Um, still don’t get it? Just in case some of you WE’RE actually under a rock or stoned. Here she is again along with the product she’s pushing………….


Me thinkith Linette could melt snow

Yes…..’Viagra.” The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious little blue pill for men suffering from reptile….um….sorry……that’s “erectile dysfunction.” I’m not sure if reptiles suffer from that too, but might be worth the Pfizer pharmaceutical company checking into. Hey…..selling drugs to reptiles might mean more bucks.viagra1

Anyhow, getting back to Linette. The Viagra ad is going viral because, as I said, she’s the first woman to do an ad for the product AND…….in my own opinion, is sexy as freakin’ hell.

Of course this is my opinion from a males standpoint. You know how shallow us males are. I base this conclusion on the fact that my other half thinks the ad sucks and can’t stand it. Which, I will assume will be the opinion of most women.

But, that said, it was brilliant of Pfizer to come up with the idea of using a sexy woman to promote Viagra. Hell, it catches MY attention and I don’t even use Viagra. And if I did, I’d probably OD on it. The Italian blood in my veins factor.

My point exactly.....

My point exactly…..

Or even worse…………….


No need to call in the CSI Team Harry….this is a no brainer. OD on Viagra.

Cripes, if she were selling broccoli or spinach, which I hate, I’d run out and buy it.

Sitting watching the ad on TV when I’m next to my other half and she’s talking to me, the conversation goes somewhat like this.

“Dear, what would you like for dinner tonight?”


“I said what would you like me to make for dinner tonight.”


“DAMN! Can’t you hear me. What, are you freakin’ deaf? What do you want for dinner tonight.?”

“Um, yeah, the winner tonight goes to the World Series.”

This happens because you just can’t take your eyes off of Linette as she sensually promotes the benefits of Viagra while dressed in a long blue flowing negligee and melting you with her accent and says the word, “erectile” during the ad.

Somehow, the male mind, at least mine, centers on the word “erectile” along with “four-hour erection,” coming out of those very close up lips of Linette and everything else is completely oblivious to me.

Did I mention, “very close up lips?” (pant)

I’m envisioning thousands of guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction running out to buy Viagra after seeing that ad.

Um…..just be careful if you intend to run out and fill that Viagra prescription at your local CVS. Sometimes they forget to mark the price and you know what can happen…………


Cripes….why do we always have to get in line behind a damn pervert

And the ad with Linette will spark Viagra sales more so than those other erectile dysfunction ads that show some guy working on a fishing boat and then meeting his sweetie waiting for him on a dock.

Cripes, the guy’s probably reeking from fish smell so he’s gonna need more than Viagra.

Or that guy pulling a horse trailer, gets stuck in the mud, uses his horses to help him pull his truck out of the mud, and then heads home. WTF has that got to do with Viagra.

“Hi dear, I’m home. I just popped a Viagra pill. Wanna go upstairs and mess around?”

“WHAT! You come in here all muddy and stinking to the high heavens of horse and ya wanna mess around. You just wasted a good Viagra pill pal.”

So this new Viagra pill ad is right on the mark. Screw the fish, horse and bathtubs in the woods stuff. Just show Linette romping around in her blue flowing negligee, wet sensual lips and British accent and it’s, as they say in hockey games,  SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Unless your spouse is NOT into hockey that is

Need further proof?

How well do ya think the sales of Viagra would go if they had some guy hawking that pill?

Like say Henry Kissinger for instance.

“Yes, ven I haf erectile dysfunction problems I first hide my memorable photos of Richard Nixon and take a Viagra pill and der globberstookin woodester geds hard as der rocks in my garten. Der problem iss dat I am so old and unattractive I haf no idea vat to do wid a four-hour erection. But, dey paid me to do dis commercial, so what der f**k.”

Yep…….I’d be runnin’ out to buy Viagra if Kissinger was in their ads.



When Henry mistakenly took the wrong blue pill

So a tip  of the ol MisfitWisdom hat to Pfizer ad executives who finally woke up and figured out that a sexy woman would sure as hell boost their sales.

Along with boosting many a male’s certain body part.

Where the term, "getting a woody" origianted from

Where the term, “getting a woody” originated from

Oh yeah, one more point here. I don’t need Viagra. Just watching that ad with Linette makes MY reptile come alive. (pant)

Just sayin.’

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