When You Can’t Afford To Get High On Pot……You Blog…..DAMN!

No, I’m NOT going to get sucked back into writing a daily blog every single day. But, that said, which I just did, I’ve decided in lieu of just getting stoned every day on some really good weed, which I can’t afford, I might as well get a different kind of high, (much cheaper) by writing every now and then if something enters my feeble mind.

When you're bored......this is what happens.....

When you’re bored……this is what happens…..a dumb blog

Along with the strange discovery that even though I have not written a blog since October 1st, people are still reading stuff that I’ve posted eons ago. Go figure. Boy some of you really need to get a freakin’ life if you have nothing better to do than read all of that crap I’ve written the past five years.

But..um…..thanks. Appreciate that you’re actually doing that. So, as long as you have nothing better to do than read that stuff, I figured every now and then I’d throw something new in, such as today, when I was extremely bored, along with the fact that my other half keeps bugging me to go out in the back yard and try to capture a pesky mole that’s tearing up our lawn. Writing is a perfect excuse for not getting into mole hunting.

So today what struck me was the various photos and artwork that we have in our abode. Some really nice stuff, some, not so much.

(art thieves, forget it, nothing we have hanging in our house is worth a f**k)

I’m sure a lot of you have paintings hanging on walls and a gazillion photos in frames sitting on tables and entertainment centers and every so often say to yourself, WTF! As I’ve done on many occasions.

But, it’s better explained this way. By actually showing you what the hell I’m talking about. Like the following:

This first picture that hangs on our wall is of my other half’s grandparents. Which always scares the bejesus outta me. I mean, think about it. They had eight kids! Were they a hot couple or what!!! Unless…….you factor in there was no TV back in those days and to pass the time they did what comes naturally. As we do today when the electricity goes out.

My other half's grandparents: Antonio and Hattie...um....wait....um....I think it's Hattie on the left and Antonio on the right....er....maybe

My other half’s grandparents: Antonio and Hattie…um….wait….um….I think it’s Hattie on the left and Antonio on the right….er….maybe

Yes, I’m gonna catch hell for posting her grandparents photo, so I might as well post one of my grandmother just to even the score. Here she is with yours truly at age 9 after my first communion.


I know…..she looks like an Italian hit man and I resemble a freakin’ dwarf.

After seeing both those photos, I now understand why men back then dank an awful lot. But wait!


Antonio and Hattie with their eight children which I assume they conceived when Antonio was verrrrry bored and maybe had a few drinks under his belt.

So Antonio and Hattie begot, Marguerite, who in turn, wed Mathias, and because, I’m assuming did have TV, only had one child, who is my other half, and is pictured below in 1961 holding her stuffed bunny. This photo was taken during her senior year in high school.

Yes, I know. You’re saying to yourselves, WTF, she’s in her senior year and walking down the street dressed like a 9-year-old holding a damn rabbit! According to her explanation, it was senior week and they were celebrating kids week.

Considering she still dresses kinda weird today, I didn’t buy that explanation.


Psssst! Hey little girl, wanna candy bar…heh, heh.

But eventually she did, after much therapy, manage to break the bunny addiction and dress normally. Her dad, Mathias, was a career Army Sergeant and helped whip her butt into shape. Which is why I tend to move very fast when she barks an order at me. Like take out the trash and stuff. I did manage to break her of the habit of insisting that I salute her.


This is either Alan Alda of the 4077th M*A*S*H Unit or Mathias Hoff

Anyhow, survivng her childhood, dumping that stupid rabbit, and being an Army brat, my other half evolved into a beautiful woman, which is amazing, considering those scary photos of her grandparents, Antonio and Hattie. Consequently, “I” do NOT drink. I wanna remember EVERYTHING that goes on when the electricity is out….if ya catch my drift.


Leilani a few years ago. OK…OK……maybe 20 or 30 years ago. Cripes.

Of course, among the various art and photos displayed through the house are animals. I used to be a dog person, while Lei was always a cat person for the most part. So, obviously you have to have animals photos all over the place. Such as my Beagle KID.

WOOF....and other salutations of the season

WOOF….and other salutations of the season

Now to give the “cat lady” equal time I’d have to post hundreds of cat photos and that would take up waaaay too much space. Sooooo.

This should cover it all

This should cover it all

Now for the various art work which cost us a fortune. At least $20 or$ 30 bucks.

Like this one that SHE picked out. WHY? Beats the f**k outta me.


Supposedly, Native American’s from Arizona.

Now “I” have much better taste when it comes to art. I mean, if I had a choice of staring at a couple of Native Americans standing outside of their house made of salt or something or a nice peaceful relaxing scene, as much as I love salt, I’d opt for this one…………

Native Misfit abode

Native Misfit abode

Or, better yet, this one………….


Beats a salt house….ya think!

In the basement hangs a painting of a half-naked Hawaiian girl draped in Leis. No, not anything I picked out. Yep, my other half because she spent time in Hawaii.


I DO however get to post cat cartoons all over the place. My idea of art work. Such as this one I hung up over the cat’s litter box.


Cat Fancy Magazine

And, if you’re a guy, for some odd reason you tend to save all of your old car license plates. Why? Beats me. We just do. Go figure.

HEY! Ya never know when you'' need a license plate for a get-a-way car if ya wanna pull a bank job

HEY! Ya never know when you” need a license plate for a get-a-way car if ya wanna pull a bank job

Then there are the framed photos that sit all over the house, too many to count, but a couple of my favorites. Below is my friend Tom and I after filming a TV show promoting my two big selling books. (NOT)


I’m the one on the right dressed normally

Figuring my novel, “The Covert Chamber” would be a big seller because it was about Nazis and time travel, I pleaded with Connecticut State Archeologist Nicholas Bellantoni to write the forward to my book. He actually did forensic tests on the bloodstains found in Hitler’s bunker.

OK kid...I'll write the forward to your book....but...if its a bomb.....I'm denying I ever wrote it

OK kid…I’ll write the forward to your book….but…if its a bomb…..I’m denying I ever wrote it

And, the one time I cornered Frankie Valli and took his photo back in the 60’s


Whaddya want kid? Huh….you want me to read some lyrics to a song you wrote? “Rag Doll?” Ah, forget it….it’ll never be a hit. Now get outta here and let me enjoy my coffee.

And finally, besides the photos, art work, cartoons, license plates, animal pics and stuff, there are those figurines that take up space as well. You know, the ones you just can’t resist buying. So, considering I’m still trying to find my blog groove, and did this lame blog just to amuse myself today, this is my favorite figurine……..kinda says it all for me these days…….


Need I say more…………..

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3 Responses to When You Can’t Afford To Get High On Pot……You Blog…..DAMN!

  1. in2indigo says:

    glad you’re back!

  2. santostom says:

    You know, I really miss your daily chat about nothing. It’s very interesting. I was really surprised to see the photo of the two brothers by different mothers and fathers. You and me, Thanks for that. While reading your blog, I couldn’t help myself but to look around my sty, uh room. You have better pictures than I do. That’s really sad. Anyway, when I open the computer in them morning, I really miss seeing that Misfit Wisdom in my email box. hope to see more. We need you to shed light on some of the deranged happenings in this country. You have a way of making things even more deranged. Keep up the good work, I hope you get bored more often, and it’s better than chasing moles.

  3. misfit120 says:

    Hmmmm. Really good argument for writing a blog Thomas. But, lack of readers and “likes” contributed to my decision. I HAVE however decided to write a blog now and then when something jumps out at me. However, I could also be persuaded to write daily if a benefactor contributed a few thousand dollars to the cause. (ME) We both know that won’t happen, so you’ll have to be satisfied with a blog every now and then. Just sayin.’

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