Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella and You’ll Get A Mouthful Of Rain……Stupidity Reigns


So do not call CVS looking for one

Today is, “Look at me ma, I’m a complete f**king idiot” day.

Now I’m on to this “Idiot Day” thing because it’s beginning to worry me that there are a lot of stupid people out there roaming around freely and it scares the hell outta me.


Which further proves that alien life forms are more intelligent that earthlings

That said, I’m NOT saying that I myself, on occasion, haven’t been called an idiot. But, for the most part, it was both of my ex wives who called me that. So, ya gotta take that with a grain of salt.

However, I’m NOT that big of an idiot that I go around saying stupid stuff so that the entire world knows what an idiot I am. Doesn’t bother me if my ex’s still think I’m an idiot, or, on occasion my other half, lovingly of course, also calls me an idiot, because no one else knows that. In other words, because I said or did something to be labeled an idiot, FOX News is not gonna headline that story.

So who are the kinds of people who are real idiots and continue, on a daily basis, to constantly remind us that they are indeed idiots?


Yep…for one….the lame brain media

Well, let’s start with the great “Umbrella Fiasco” a few weeks ago when OMFG, a Marine held an umbrella over President Obama’s head. And then most recently when the President saluted a Marine while he was holding a (gasp) coffee cup.

Bring on the idiots…………!!!!!!!

Yes, idiots all over the Internet had a field day with those two earth shattering incidents involving the President.

Like…..Idiot in Chief number one Sarah (if I only had a brain) Palin who was making an appearance at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. and made reference to the President’s “coffee cup salute” by saying the following:

“Our honored military when we talk about these national security issues, our honored military. On behalf of all Americans who do support you and we honor you. We respect you. On behalf of all Americans who feel like I do, to your commander-in-chief, well we then will salute him.”


Unfortunately Igor sold that “Abby Normal” brain to Sarah

At this point she should have simply ended her speech while she was ahead of the game, but alas, the idiot gene kicked in and she pulled out a styrofoam cup and waved it in the air and said, “Still hasn’t learned how to salute our Marines.”

First let me insert this photo, um, just for Sarah’s benefit, or any other Internet troll idiot who never bothers to research ANYTHING!!!!!!

Nooooooo. Nooooooo. Say it ain't so!!!!

Nooooooo. Nooooooo. Say it ain’t so!!!!

Yep, ol Dubya saluting a Marine while holding a (gasp) dog. OMFG!

BUT……..at least it isn’t a coffee cup. Ya think?

Ok….one more…..the great umbrella fiasco:


Um…lets not confuse this issue with facts….soreeeeeeee

Obviously they’re all doctored images of other Presidents having someone holding umbrellas for them……cept for the Obama one.

Hmmm……while we’re on the umbrella kick…….one more:


WTF? How do ya work this freakin’ thing?

Ok….ok….jusssssst one more……………..

О мой бог. И его палец находится на проклятой ядерной кнопке

“О мой бог. И его палец находится на проклятой ядерной кнопке!” (Translation) OMG. And his finger is on the nuclear button!”



Come to think of it…..how the hell did THIS umbrella image of a very important person get overlooked by everybody? THIS ONE EVERYBODY SHOULD BE UPSET ABOUT:


Total disrespect towards birds

Me thinkith Marines, who obviously have extensive umbrella training, are better suited to hold umbrellas for Presidents rather than Presidents make idiots out of themselves.

But back to the brainless Palin. Keep in mind that THIS is the woman who might have been Vice President.

During that speech where she saluted her audience with that coffee cup, she referred to the location of the White House as “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Yes, I know. Some of you idiots actually are saying to yourself, “Sooooo, what’s the big deal, everyone knows the White House is at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue ya damn idiot. No wonder YOU’RE an idiot too….heh heh.”

Well wrong idiot. The White House is located at 160o Pennsylvania Avenue.  So shove THAT address up your nose.

Cutting a little slack for Palin……only because it doesn’t take much to distract her…..


Point taken………….

Here’s Palins’ actual comment:

“Don’t retreat. You reload with truth, which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, anyway truth. The media’s favorite president. He just can’t stop telling lies.”

Yes…..even though 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the most famous address in the United States, next to the closest McDonald’s restaurant, not everyone remembers it. But, you’d think someone who wanted to be Vice President would remember it.

For the record, 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW doesn’t actually exist according to the AP.

1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Perhaps the wrought iron fence thru Palin off.....similar to the White House fence

1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Perhaps the wrought iron fence threw Palin off…..similar to the White House fence. Ya think?

All this stuff, the giant umbrella fiasco, the huge coffee salute scandal, and the pending outrage over the President’s helicopter landing on the White House lawn, (not one as of yet, but WAIT) are all the result of idiots running around freely completely oblivious to anything that may have happened similar to those events involving other Commander in Chiefs.

WHY! Bottom line……….because idiots don’t care Kemo Sabe.

It’s who you can get to believe that stuff. Mostly other Obama hating idiots.

And, I’ll add, if you hate Obama, fine, that’s your God-given right as a free American idiot who can open your mouth or type on your computer idiotic things.

Go for it. I myself write a lot of idiotic things as is MY God-given right as well. With one minor insignificant thing……..I, unlike a so named idiot, (Palin) check my….um….er….DAMN! What is that word I’m searching for?

Oh yeah…………..FACTS!

Lest I open my mouth or post something that makes me look like a complete idiot…..like Sarah Freakin’ Palin.


Both my ex wives will tend to disagree as to my idiot status, but, then again, I’m NOT a politician, never salute anyone, and haven’t used an umbrella in 20 years.

So ask me if I give a rats ass to what THEY think.

Just sayin.’

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1 Response to Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella and You’ll Get A Mouthful Of Rain……Stupidity Reigns

  1. It was President Eisenhower that said he didn’t believe it was proper for him to salute after being elected because he was no longer in the military. I tend to agree.

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