Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner In A New Star Trek!!!! WHAT! Senior Trek?

Scene opens on the Starship Seniorprise:trek9

“Captain Kirk……..why aren’t you on the bridge manning the controls?”

“Cripes Mr. Spock. It’s been years since I’ve been in here and look what the hell they did! It’s a damn memorial.”

“Oh, sorry Captain. When we last left the Starship Enterprise I thought I’d make a few bucks and let my relatives put up some memorial plaques. HEY! It’s not like I thought we were gonna be using it anymore for cripes sake! How the hell did I know we might be using the ship again.”

“Ah, calm down Mr. Spock. No sense taking down all these wonderful plaques. Haven’t you got connections to that big political guy Sheldon Adelson. Surely HE can kick in some bucks for a new spaceship.”

“Oh yeah. But, um, he IS gonna want the ship named after him or something ya know?”

“Oy vey……..the Starship Adelson?”

Yep, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy might be making cameo appearances in a scene together in the new Star Trek 3 movie. Possibly as two aged seniors who got lost and stumbled onto the movie set while it was being filmed. My guess anyhow.

I mean, I completely understand the affection Star Trek fans have towards Shatner and Nimoy and their reluctance to just let go. After all, Shatner is now 83 and so is Nimoy.

Captain Kirk then

Captain Kirk then

Captain Kirk and official AARP member now

Captain Kirk and official AARP member now

Mr. Spock then

Mr. Spock then

Mr. Spock, with a touch of arthritus  in his fingers, now

Mr. Spock, with a touch of arthritis in his fingers, now

But both of them! 80 freakin’ three years-old for cripes sake!!! How long can you keep goin’ into space without poopin your pants or at least wearing depends at their ages!!!!

“Um Scotty, ya wanna beam me up to the latrine…..FAST!!!!”

“Um sorry Dr. Spock…….Captain Kirk has been in there for an hour now. Somethin’ about the space food not agreeing with his system.”


Unfortunately for Dr. Spock he had latrine duty that day too…………………trek6

Nothing has been officially finalized yet, according to the website “Badass.” Which, I assume, is run by a bunch of badass people, so ya don’t wanna bug them for any more information on this lest you piss off those badass people at Badass.

Me thinkith this is pushing the old line “boldly going where no “old” man has gone before” thing is a bit too far. (Using the word “old” for emphasis there)


Then again…..if there’s sex involved……

I can’t begin to imagine what cameo parts Shatner and Nimoy would play in a new Star Trek movie.

Now think about this for a sec. Again, they’re both 83 years-old. Now keep that in mind when you think of the last seniors that appeared in an action movie. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in Expendables 3. Arnold is 67 and Sly is 68 and they’re runnin’ around chasin’ bad guys. Yeah right!

So now let’s think about Shatner and Nimoy at 83 on the Starship Adelson. What possible cameo appearance could they do?

Remember those old Alfred Hitchcock movies where he always made brief cameo appearances in his movies. Like maybe 10 seconds at the most. AND…..you really had to pay attention to find him in those movies.

So perhaps that’s what Shatner and Nimoy will do if they indeed do appear in this new Star Trek flick.

Or, maybe, because they’re both so old, a bit of nostalgia thrown in.


(sniff) Reminds me of my days on the farm Mr. Spock

(possible cameo scenes)

1. Shatner and Nimoy zip out onto the deck of the Starship Adelson in their Scooter Store mobile scooters, discover that they’re not at a Wal-Mart, and zip outta the scene. Hence giving ancient Trekkies now in their 70’s and in rest homes some incentive to get out and actually go to a Wal-Mart too.

2. Whoever it is that now is in charge of that beaming up stuff accidentally beams Shatner and Nimoy up to the starship’s deck and says to the Captain, “Oops…..” and immediately beams them the f**k outta there. Good cameo appearance….ya think?

3. Shatner and Nimoy suddenly wander out onto the deck of the starship, appearing somewhat confused, as a lot of guys who are in their 80’s are, look around for a few minutes, and then Shatner says to Nimoy, ‘See, I told ya we’d get a good deal on an airline using “Priceline.com.”

Three good ideas for cameo appearances I would think. The only other one I could think of would be reprising that popular “Trebbles” episode and have Shatner and Nimoy appearing just for ten or 20 seconds in that cameo and, because the Trebbles, Shatner, and Nimoy are probably all the same age by now, see if the movie audience can figure out who the Trebbles are and who Shanter and Nimoy are.



Might not be able to tell the damn difference. That is if  Trebbles age as much as humans do. In which case, if they do, its gonna be very hard to tell the difference between them and Shatner and Nimoy. ya think?

So, no official word on when and if the two will actually make a cameo appearance in this new movie. We’ll just have to wait and see.

(Note to movie producers) Considering Shatner and Nimoy are both in their 80’s. Better make a damn decision pretty damn quick…..

Lest them and us old Trekkies get beamed up verrrrry soon……literally.

WHAT! Doesn't everybody in their 60's who loves Star Trek dress like this?

WHAT! Doesn’t everybody in their 60’s who loves Star Trek dress like this?

But, a cameo appearance in that new Star Trek movie or not……..keep this in mind.trekkies1

Just sayin.’

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